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Ben Pearson- Diamondback


Ben Pearson Archery offers the Diamondback VX for 2003. The Diamondback VX has proven itself time and again in the field as one of the hottest short axle to axle bows ever offered.

The Diamondback VX features the VIB~X® (patent pending) noise and vibration reduction system, coupled to the 20° slant bio grip machined in the riser. It also features a new one-piece laminated wood grip with enhanced thumb groove.

The arrow rest shelf has the velvet antler finish for quiet shooting when you need it most. The Diamondback VX has been improved for 2003 with the new Laser cam and Accu-Trac idler wheel, and both have been upgraded with ball bearings for smooth shooting. Best of all, the Diamondback VX proves dynamite comes in small packages. At only 31 3/8" axle to axle it's more maneuverable than you can imagine.

The Diamondback VX features 14 1/2" quadra-flex split limbs that have proven dependability shot after shot. The Diamondback VX comes with Pearson's new Lifetime Guarantee. Take a close look and see if your next hunt wouldn't be better if you were hunting with the Pearson Diamondback VX!



Press Release

Building upon its reputation for bringing adventurers closer to nature, Steiner Optics has developed a line of high-performance binoculars specifically designed for birders and outdoor enthusiasts. Named after the small, swift and skilled hunting falcon that uses keen eyesight to track prey, the Steiner Peregrine is a compact, roof-prism binocular that offers excellent light transmission and exceptionally sharp optics.

Working closely with its championship birding team and experts at the American Birding Association, Steiner engineered the Peregrine to deliver exactly what serious birders and nature lovers want – a lightweight, comfortable binocular with a precision close-focus system that resists the elements and allows for uninterrupted, extended viewing.

“With input from a panel of birding experts, we worked with our optical engineers to create a binocular especially made for bird observation and all-purpose outdoor use,” said Sven Harms, vice president, sales and marketing for Pioneer Research, U.S. distributor for Steiner Optics. “The Peregrine has all the features that serious birders and nature observers demand.”

Since birds are often visible for only seconds, observing their true colors in bright contrast and clearly identifying the most subtle color difference is extremely important to birders, according

to Steiner’s studies conducted with amateur birders and ornithologists in the USA and in Europe. To help achieve a new level of brightness, Steiner equipped the Peregrines with a dielectric prism coating, through which over 40 layers of silicon and titanium are alternatively applied to the glass surface. This “Broad-Band Coating” (BBC) results in superior light reflection over a broader range of colors, compared to binoculars without the coating. The Peregrines are also phase corrected for sharpest possible, distortion-free images.

The Peregrine features a large, fast and very smooth center-focus wheel that focuses from 6 feet to infinity with just a touch of the finger tip, an important feature for quick bird identification. With the lightest weight in its class and soft, non-slip rubber armoring, the Peregrine is comfortable and stable to hold. The comfort level is further enhanced by soft, face-shaped eye cups that feel good and prevent side light from entering and disturbing the image.

Steiner-Germany is the world’s leading specialized binocular manufacturer, with a particular expertise in lens and prism manufacturing and lens coatings that are “tuned” to the observed target object. Steiner’s hunting binoculars favor the color of game at dusk and dawn, its marine binoculars reject blue haze and water reflections and its military binoculars reject enemy lasers and allow observation in near-darkness. The company’s new binoculars are adept at helping users quickly identify subtle true color differences of birds and other wildlife against the shade of dense foliage. Also, in the Steiner tradition, these new binoculars are waterproof and rugged and maintain their sharpness for many years.

Available in 8x42 and 10x42 models, the Peregrine is shockproof, fogproof and Mil.-spec waterproof, maintaining its peak performance at any temperature and under any conditions. Its rugged, UV- resistant rubber armoring is nearly impervious to dust, moisture and even rough handling.

The Peregrine’s dark-green, light-absorbing rubber body blends in with natural surroundings, providing an advantage when glassing for easily spooked species. And, with close-focus ranges as low as 5.5 feet, the Peregrine helps users detect color variations even in unexpected nearby encounters with birds.


Abu Garcia- Ambassadeur Eon Pro

Press Release

Finest in Abu Garcia design and materials for superior preformance Cast, control and retrieve your lure in a way that you've never experienced.

Planetary gears deliver strong, smooth retrieves, and the in-line brake system makes adjustment easy. Features the unique Abu Garcia InfiniSpool system for the ultimate in casting control and distance.

To ensure virtually frictionless rotation, each precision bearing meets tolerances of .0002 inch.


New Winchester Super Shadow™ Model 70

Press Release

The all-new Winchester Super Shadow rifle is unlike any other Winchester Model 70 ever . . . taking “The Rifleman’s Rifle” into new territory. Upon examination, few can deny that it possess a level of raw visual appeal and inherent functionality that is uncommon among any firearm, ever. From every angle – top, bottom, right, left -- it instantly stands out from all others. This, combined with the all new Controlled Round Push Feed action design (CRPF), puts it clearly on the cutting edge of high-performance features, reliability and accuracy.

Never before has a Winchester stock had such dramatic visual appeal: with contrasting contours, highly functional oval-dot grip textures and aggressive overall styling. But why the dramatic alteration of traditional stock design?

First, these styling advantages are calculated to reduce overall weight and improve balance. Yet you still get superior strength resulting from the contours built into the stock itself and from fiberglass micro-fibers (which are actually visible in the stock). Because of the design, the stock easily fits the “lighter weight rifle” category. The fore-end has the slimness, light weight and fast handling qualities of the famous Featherweight, yet provides a more functional surface at the sling stud for mounting a bi-pod. The custom-designed recoil pad offers exceptional performance -- the best ever for a Winchester proprietary pad – and is comparable to pads costing up to $50 retail. The pad’s special internal design, along with the newest materials technology, assure comfort with WSM calibers. This new pad is available only on the Super Shadow, and without it the Super Shadow’s lower weight would not be as significant an advantage.

The Super Shadow is balanced by design. It comes to the shoulder quickly, feels natural in your hands as you align for the shot, feels comfortable (and stays snug) against the shoulder upon firing and stays comfortably balanced in hand as the bolt is worked for follow-ups. All the result of the unique styling.

The new bolt design, called Controlled Round Push Feed (CRPF), offers the best combination of traditional and modern bolt design, and along with the new stock styling, represents the core of the Super Shadow advantage. The CRPF design bridges the gap between current push feed design and the proven Classic claw extractor “pre-’64” action, offering full controlled round feeding, easy single shot loading and a fixed blade-type ejector . . . all in a high value package.


Eagle Claw is proud to introduce LAZER LINE

Press Release

This new premium monofilament is available in two types of line, Lazer Tough and Lazer Smooth. Lazer Tough (green) cuts through the heaviest cover. It combines a very high abrasion resistance with super knot strength which gives it a true advantage over other premium lines available.

The Lazer Smooth (clear) combines strength and very low memory making this highly sensitive line perfect for long, accurate casts while resisting line twists.

Enhanced design and superior technology gives both styles of LAZER LINE the leading edge when it comes to fishing under normal or extreme conditions!

Each type is available in 4lb. to 30lb. test.


LAZER LINE offers $5.00 worth of free fishhooks (by mail-in rebate) with the purchase of every spool. Something no other line company can do -- offer a premium monofilament along with free hooks. Both are "Made in the U.S.A."

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Foggy Mountain

Total Season Deer Lure


I bought this on the net directly from Foggy Mountain. I have a small archery shop and am selling it for jsut over $20.00 a bottle/

As on their advertising it's true a deer will know when the rut is a lot sooner than we will. I thought about this and it does make a lot of sense. I've used it three times in my pre-season trips and to date I've had a few nice ones come in to me and they appeared curious about the odor. One note is make sure you don't put it right behind you, as this will have their focus directly on you, I wasn't thinking and made this mistake.

You always wonder if this stuff works or not. I wish there was a lot more reviews on this stuff. Hopefully this website will add a category for reviews of buck lures to cut through the crap so I'm not wasting my money and will know what will sell.

Nice big bottle and they tell you to lay it down just like a deer would, lots of it.

It certainly isn't scaring them away so I'm gonna give it two thumbs up. A couple of guys in the store the other day said they've used it as a masking scent and it worked well for them.


Sportsman Shop



Fishing Reels

Paid about $30 I believe. It was roughly 20 years ago at a local K-Mart (yeah, imagine that) when they used to have the nice outdoors section in their stores. I was looking for a light weight reel to use with an ultra-light rig and this one was a proven performer.

The smoothness of the reel is real bonus. Flawless operation and few snags or other issues really make this unit a joy to own. Plus, as an added bonus, it's very light and works well in an ultralight rig.

The drag adjustment can get a little iffy sometimes, but overall it doesn't take away from the reel.

Construction and quality are first rate. I should have bought 10 of these when I had the chance. I probably wouldn't have needed them, though, as they last forever.

If you can still find one, get one. It's a timeless reel that will provide years of enjoyment, and many coolers full of fish!


Old Uncle Alvin


Scent Shield Power Pro 2


I've been hunting in heavy brush for the last few years and by the time you see them their up close and personal. Without a good mast or coverup you'll miss half of them that come close. I think the price was about $20.00.

I used to use the red fox urine but for some reason the last few years it seems as they raise their level of awareness even though they don't run off they do seem to be on edge. I'm looking to take me out of the equation all together and this stuff is doing it.

There is no magic cure you have to use this stuff on anything that might give you away. Since hunting is my life I won't even step into the garage with my hunting gear. I keep it all separate away from any oils or chemicals in the house. I wish this stuff was good enough to allow me to wear anything, but science hasn't reached that point yet.

This stuff works, in fact I recently saw on their website that they won the Readers Choice award from Bow Hunting Magazine.

It works, it doesn't smell like anything or make them want to love you, it just takes your odor out of the woods. Without movement I have yet to spook either a buck or a doe. Definitely worth the price of admission. I've already bought the large bottle to take to camp to spray everyone down, no sense other hunters making them weary.


Norm T.


Square Wire 2.0


Paid $175 on ebay for these glasses. I never thought I'd get a pair of sunglasses for fishing but my friend Darren turned me on to them. Darren even wears them out to the clubs at night. He's a little strange, but he gets the girls so I figured I'd give them a try. Just won't tell the wifey poo why I REALLY bought them..

They're attractive for starters. They feel very light and you hardly notice you are wearing them except for the great polarization qualities. I can basically cut the glare off the water and see those little buggers swimming around on all but the most overcast days.

There's not much to not like except the price. I always thought these things were overpriced, especially Oakley and Nike, but if you want a good quality pair of glasses, you've got to be willing to ante up.

Construction is a little flimsy, but quality is great. If that makes sense consider this: You're not paying for a pair of mil-spec glasses here. You're paying for the name, the look and the lenses. If that's ok with you, you'll be more than pleased.

Again, a little expensive but a great looking product with great lenses. I looked at some of the other brands out there, but none of them were ME as much as these glasses.


Studley Stan

Rick Clunn Series

Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

Rod and Reel Combos

Since I was a kid I never miss reading an issue of Outdoor Life. When I read this reel had won an award from them, I knew it was my next purchase. I figured I would put it through my own little torture test and that's jsut what I did this Summer. Don't trust my memory, but I'd say I spent about $130.00 on it back in May.

Love the reel, the rods okay. The reel has a great feel to it, and some device called a free floter which just about eliminates line drag when casting. I take chances trying to sneak my worm into places others wouldn't attempt. I look at it like each big daddy has a small area he protects much like a big buck. Well that small area is often a brush pile spilling into the lake and that might be his turf. Laugh if you want, but that mentality has landed me some nice fish on days others were just casting away.

I'm not thrilled with the rod, it has a strange feel that I'm not used to. Maybe Rick Clunn likes that feel, I'm not thrilled with it. I kind of feel most of the money went toward this jewel of a reel. We are getting close to dipping into my hunting season budget so what I plan on doing is matching the reel up to a good quality rod the way I like sometime after the first of the year.

Both the rod and reel are no doubt well made. I'm partial to the reel and will say it seems extremely well made. I will probably end up selling the rod to a friend or take it to the flea market.

Dinners ready so I have to run, my last piece of advise is see if you can buy just the reel, you'll love it. Overall it's a 5, it's the rod that I wasn't thrilled with.A 4.


Bill G.


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