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I wasn't very familiar with Kistler’s line of fishing rods, but what’s not to like about a fishing rod weighing in at just over 3 ounce. Yes, you read that correctly this fishing rod weighs just a hair over three ounces. Kistler states the rod gives nothing away in the areas of strength and durability.

These fishing rods feature something called “graphite ampli-fibers” underneath the fingers down to the butt-cap of the fishing rod. The result is more power and sensitivity than you ever imagined a fishing rod could provide.

Kistler has also added a sure-grip split handle design to this rod. The lightweight materials in the handle will provide even more sensitivity to the lightest of bites.

They also feature something on this rod I wish many other fishing rod manufacturers would embrace. That is the no fore grip design where they’ve removed the cork in the rod to increase the feel of vibration to your index finger. It’s all about feeling the hit and with added little features like on the Helium fishing rod it is bound to be a big hit.

These aren’t you’re everyday fishing rods you can pick up at just any fishing tackle store. These are premium fishing rods with very high tech features which is why they cost a premium price of $329.99. Yes that’s a lot to spend on a fishing rod, however looking over some of the posts in their website’s forum it appears those who have bought their rods are extremely happy with them.

To read more about Kistler’s Fishing Rods visit
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