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Mojo High Performance Weight Systems-The New Rock Hopper


The NEW PATENT PENDING Rock Hopper weight design developed by Mojo Lure Co. was specifically designed for fishing rock structures. Its unique design allows this weight to be nearly Snag free.

The Rock Hopper excels in Snag less fishing when being cast and retrieved in areas heavily blanked with vast amounts of rock. The Mojo Rock Hopper performs admirably in these weight snagging areas: Rip Rap shore lines (Rocky), Dam Walls, Retainers with pilings, Rock bottoms, isolated hard bottom structures, heavy cover (including Trees and Limbs) and major erratic unforgiving hard bottom where other weights don’t stand a chance."

The Rock Hopper weight is computer designed with a cross-casted line bore at one end of the long cylindrical weight with a small angle incorporated into the bore. The line bore is also strategically placed in an ideal position at the cone end of the weight. Thanks to this design, it allows the Rock Hopper to glide over solid bottom debris.

The weight stands in a straight up, near vertical position while dragging this rig through the worst cover and structure. Its design also allows the fishing line to lift the head of the weight over obstructions without any frontal contact of the sinker.

The leader line and rigged hook, with your favorite offering, develop enough resistance to assist in holding the weight in a vertical position and compliment the cross bore rigging method. This weight is designed to pivot and adjust its degree of camber angle for ultimate performance, while it is pulled through various obstructions.

The Rock Hoppers design allows this New weight to be versatile in all bottom composite fishing conditions and situations. The design makes it very difficult to get the sinker snagged and hung permanently, causing the rig to be broken off. Since it stands up vertically, if it does snag, you have a real good chance of freeing the weight by shaking your fishing rod vigorously with slack line. Also because it's mounted vertically instead of horizontally, (inline) like most sinkers on the market today, the weight is forced up and out of the snag, instead of into to the snag, allowing the weight to be released from the obstruction. The weight can be Carolina rigged by use of a #10- 30 lb swivel as the sinker stop, allowing the weight to slide. It can also be pegged with Mojo’s Sinker Stop tool and rubber, allowing the weight to be slid on the line to give the angler desired leader length, without damage to the line. Two or three individual strands will be sufficient depending on weight and line size.

The Rock Hopper system is also extremely efficient in Texas rigging, when fishing where the old bullet constantly snags. Preferably as a sliding sinker, but it can also be pegged when needed thanks to Mojo’s Sinker Stop Tool and rubber kit, for applications such as, pitchin' and flippin' tree limbs and rock cover.

The Rock Hopper is ideal for using in front of a floating or neutral buoyant crankbait that just won’t get to the depths where the Big Boys reside. The Rock Hopper can be pegged on the line with rubber or you can use a small swivel as the weight stop. You can play with the leader length between the weight and the crankbait to obtain desired results. Mojo recommends using a Luhr Jensen Patent Pending KlawDad, a crawdad design crankbait, which is ideal for this fishing method in rock and cover. The KlawDad wiggles and makes plenty of noise that resembles the Real Deal. Luhr Jenson offers these baits in some realistic crawdad, fish-catching colors along with a variety of other productive hard baits that they produce and market.

The Rock Hopper has been creating numerous testimonials from all anglers that have purchased and used this New weight system. Its effectiveness is incredible! The ratio of casts and retrieves over most other weights available today, in this bottom environment is 75/1. Yes, seventy-five casts, One loss on an average, without loss of the weight over the current weight you are using. Unless of coarse, it’s a MOJO. Testimonials also revealed include, I USED THE SAME WEIGHT ALL DAY! (Unbelievable). Become a BELIEVER. Give it a vigorous work out! Its Guaranteed!

Stop re-RIGGIN' and keep on FISHIN'!


MITCHELL® COPPERHEAD® MCH220-Lightweight reel with heavy weight performance

Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - There's a fishing reel made for every situation on the water and every size and species of fish that swims there.

The new Mitchell Copperhead® MCH220 spinning reel accommodates a wide range of freshwater fishing actions, from the scrappy panfish to the hard pulling northern pike. The new Copperhead MCH220 weighs a mere 9.1 ounces but is big enough to hold 155 yards of 10-pound test monofilament line.

The balanced black and copper colored spinning reel has four bearings for a smooth performing drive train. Easy handling, the MCH220 features instant anti-reverse for quick, solid hooksets and a smooth oversized front adjustable drag system to handle changing fish fighting situations. The gear ratio is 4.8:1.

Each reel has a skirted aluminum spool and the handle can be switched to right or left handed cranking. The rugged aluminum frame and reel seat stand up to tough fishing punishment. The suggested retail price of the Copperhead MCH220 is $34.95 Match the Copperhead spinning reel to that favorite high quality Abu Garcia, Berkley or Fenwick spinning rod to complete the ensemble. For more information about the Mitchell Copperhead spinning reel or other Mitchell fishing tackle products, call Mitchell Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482.


Henry Repeating Arms-Golden Boy .22LR & .22 Magnum

Press Release

We were honored when the readers of Guns & Ammo magazine selected the Henry Golden Boy as “Rifle of the Year” in 2001. It was the very first time a rimfire rifle won this prestigious award.

Whether you choose one chambered for .22 LR or .22 Magnum, the Henry Golden Boy is a masterpiece of fine crafted gunsmithing. Any shooting enthusiast who closely examines one is immediately impressed with the excellent fit, finish and overall visually elegant design. The Golden Boy’s awesome 20-inch blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass buttplate and gleaming Brasslite receiver will transport you back to the wild and wooley days of America’s Old West, when our company founder Benjamin Tyler Henry designed the original Henry lever action rifle.

Small game hunters and plinkers will appreciate its substantial 63/4 pound heft. It balances well and makes for highly accurate offhand shooting. The smooth action associated with Henry rifles opens and shuts with the effortless slickness lever-lovers long for. Get one in your hands and take aim. See what a natural pointer it really is.

Adding to the historic authenticity is the adjustable buckhorn-type rear sight. The .22 LR version holds 16 rounds. The Magnum holds 12. Both will provide a whole lot of shooting pleasure before it’s time to reload their tubular magazines.

The Henry Golden Boy is one beautiful .22 that’s affordably priced so you hombres won’t have to rob a stagecoach to own one. All we ask is that you mosey on down to your local gun shop and ask to see the Henry Golden Boy. You’ll definitely agree it’s the rifle that brings out the West in you.


The Niff-T-Seat® is ideal for hunting deer or turkey with a bow or gun.

Press Release

One NTS-4 Niff-T-Seat will sit the four (4) elevations you see on this page. Easy to carry into the woods and setup is quiet too. At 5 inches the Niff-T-Seat weighs a mere 1 lb., 10 oz.

This is the perfect solution for turkey hunters. Close to the ground with easy, quiet swiveling ability. The 11 inch height adjustment gives you added versatility and at this height the Niff-T-Seat only weighs 2 lbs.

Sturdy and steady with easy swiveling so you can hunt all day in comfort. Raise the seat a bit higher to 16 inches for more elevation and a better view of things around you. At this height the Niff-T-Seat only weighs 2 lbs., 3 oz. Raise the Niff-T-Seat to its full height adjustment of 22 inches. It only weighs 2 lbs., 10 ozs. and gives you full visibility, great comfort and easy mobility. All four heights with just one Niff-T-Seat.

Available from


Eagle Claw is proud to introduce LAZER LINE

Press Release

This new premium monofilament is available in two types of line, Lazer Tough and Lazer Smooth. Lazer Tough (green) cuts through the heaviest cover. It combines a very high abrasion resistance with super knot strength which gives it a true advantage over other premium lines available.

The Lazer Smooth (clear) combines strength and very low memory making this highly sensitive line perfect for long, accurate casts while resisting line twists.

Enhanced design and superior technology gives both styles of LAZER LINE the leading edge when it comes to fishing under normal or extreme conditions!

Each type is available in 4lb. to 30lb. test.


LAZER LINE offers $5.00 worth of free fishhooks (by mail-in rebate) with the purchase of every spool. Something no other line company can do -- offer a premium monofilament along with free hooks. Both are "Made in the U.S.A."

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Smart Cast Fish Finder

Smart Cast

Fish Finders

This was gift from my wife on our 20th anniversary. What a great gift it is. I saw them at one of the larger tackle websites for just over 150 dollars. She didn't get me the boat I wanted, but just about the next best thing.

At first I wasn't sure what to think about such a device. When I saw it was a fish finder my first thought was, I don't have a boat to use it, but that is the beauty of this device. You actually attach it to your line and cast it into the water. It broadcasts the water's floor and anything swimming around it,to a small screen you keep next to you on the bank. You don't even need a boat! I think these things will be the next big thing for all fishermen this time.

I love it and don't often say anything bad about it, one little concern is the chance the sensor device get's wrapped around something and I lose it. Other than that what a neat device.

It's very well made and seems somewhat water resistant as well even though I put it back in the truck the first time it started raining on me a few weeks ago. There was a warning that it's not for use in the cold weather which goes hand and hand for anything with batteries.

Thanks to my gift I now know the details of a small farm pond I've been fishing for years. I'm pulling in more than I've ever pulled from the pond. I have to warn you when you go to a public place you'll get some strange looks at first and don't be surprised if several people come up to ask what it is. I wish I had a mess of them to sell myself.


Newly Hi-Tech Fisherman


Auto Recoil Multi-Tool Knife


This was a gift from My Girlfriend's Brother Marc for Christmas. He didn't know what to buy me, but knew I loved the outdoors so he thought this would be a good gift. He's a lot like me and shops at the very last second.

This is something I would never buy myself, but always wanted. I see them at differnt places on the net for around $60.00. What an awesome tool, everything is right there. I only get a few days to hunt a year and certainly can't waste anytime with not having a tool on me, or in the car. This jewel does it all. From opening the occasional after hunt beer to tightening up my gun in the field. I travel 2 hours from the house to hunt and rarely if ever have tools with me. This is the solution.

It won't handle everything that comes along and some jobs are meant for real honest to goodness tools.

It appears to me Gerber makes a great product capable of withstanding a lot of punishment. I also like the fact it's stainless steel which will stand up to the occasional harsh conditions of a hunting or fishing trip.

I'm very pleased with my gift. It's something that will help me keep my sanity when things go wrong in the field, or boat. Providing you don't lose it you'll have it for year to come.


Jack W. Houston, TX

Shakespeare Fishing Rod

Intrepid IM-7 Graphite

Fishing Rods

I laid down $29.99 for the rod and then another $65 for a nice Shimano reel to go with it. That was just as everything was going on sale about this time last year as Fall starts to set in.

I bought the 5 foot 6 inch light action. I didn't want to go with the ultra-light for the fact that every now and then I like to do some Carp fishing on a stream and needed the little extra umppphhh. I like the twist lock reel system as I often change strategies in mid stream, pardon the pun and switch lines. The Shimano reel came with an extra spool which made doing this simple especially with the twist lock real system.

The action of the rod may still be a little light for my taste. A question I will pose for all to read this is what's to say an ultra light in New York is an ultra light in Florida. NY has a lot of small streams with small fish whereas Florida has a lot of bassing lakes. Just something to think about.

It's okay I think the guides may come loose eventually, then again who knows.

It's middle of the road all the way. Certainly not the best and it's not the worst either. Doing a review is tougher than I thought.


Go Yankees

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits

Yamamoto Pro Starter Kit

Hard Baits

I bought the Pro Starter kit frowm the Yamamoto website. It cost $19.95 plus shipping and handling. I bought the kit because I have heard so much about the Yamamoto Senko Worms, that I thought this starter kit would be a good buy. It came with nine 3 1/2 inch Ika's, twenty-one 5 inch Grubs, four 4 inch Senkos, eight 5 inch Senkos, five #5 Gamakatsu splitshot hooks, three barrell swivels, two 1/0 Sugoi hooks and two 3/0 Sugoi hooks, plus a plastic box that will fit in my soft sided tackle box.

I like everything about this Starter kit, especially the price. Most stores will charge around $6 for 10 Senkos and this starter kit came with a whole lot more for only $20.

This kit doesn't really have a drawback. It even comes with instructions on how to rig the baits.

These are some of the best soft plastics baits that I have seen. Their construction and quality are unmatched.

If you haven't ever used a Senko or any other Yamamoto bait before, or a just getting into fishing, this is a great buy. Also, I had the product with a week's time.


Kevin Klun

Bass Pro Shops

Line Stripper

Fishing Misc Equip

I had a few dollars left on my Bass Pro gift certificae so I needed something small before I lost track of the card, thus I bought the line stripper for $6.95

I often switch my line mid-day of a long outing and get sick and tired of pull-pull-pull. I'm a big believer in having fresh line makes all the difference in presentation. If this unit holds up it will be a nice little tool and time saver.

How well can something be made for $6.99 or should I say how long will something that is 6.99 last? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

I already said I like what it does, but just how long will this thing last is my biggest question. I guess until it gives up on my I can't question it.

I'm half tempted to just leave it on until it dies in order to have some confidence in it. I'd pay a lot more if I knew one of these were better made. For right now it's doing it's job well and that's all I can ask.




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