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PSE Archery's 2006 Mach X

Bow Hunting Gear

PSE Archery Product Development has tracked the trends of the bow hunting industry and pushed them to the extreme with this remarkable new hunting bow. The PSE Archery Mach X™ is a remarkably compact hunting bow with the aiming and shooting characteristics of a target bow. The PSE Mach X has large wheels, vertical limb movement and vibration damping devices combine with cutting edge technology to make the Mach X™ the best feeling hunting bow on the market. At 33" axle-to-axle and 7 1/4" brace height the Mach X™ has the geometry every hunter is looking for.

The foundation of the PSE Archery Mach X™ is the extra long, nearly straight riser design. At 28 ˝", the Mach X™ is the longest riser ever produced by PSE Archery. With the new B.E.S.T. (Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat) grip and nearly straight geometry this riser is unbelievably stable and forgiving for a hunting bow. In addition PSE's patented centerflight design and multiple sight mounting holes allow the archer to optimize their setups to match what works for you. A stainless steel stabilizer bushing and centershot alignment mark are just a few of the details incorporated into the Mach X Hunting Bow from PSE.

The compactness of the Mach X™ is built upon the new ultra-short split limbs. Industry leading engineering analysis combined with cutting edge manufacturing techniques allows this limb to be possible. Stress optimized by size and manufactured to the tightest tolerances possible using CNC technology, these new limbs are raising the standard for performance and reliability.

The Mach X™ limb is well beyond parallel at full draw for totally vertical limb travel. The nine inch split limbs on this hunting bow are controlled by independently adjustable pivoting limb pockets that allow the adjustment of cam attitude. This unique new feature adds a whole new dimension to bow tuning.

The new X 1-Cam™ features an oversized, smooth draw design with the first ever two track module. By incorporating the second and third tracks into the module PSE Archery is able to optimize nock travel for each draw length setting. String posts to adjust draw length are combined with a sliding draw stop to customize the Mach X™ for fit and feel. The X 1-Cam's let-off is infinitely adjustable within the range of 80% to 65% with a soft wall option in the 80% setting by removing the draw stop completely. The X 1-Cam™ idler wheel combines dual sealed ball bearings, a 4 ˝" diameter and an asymmetric string groove for the ultimate in feel and performance. The asymmetric string groove reduces friction and allows the removal of the idler wheel serving for a remarkable gain of almost 10 feet per second.

Bow feel and built in damping have become key features in high-end bows in today's market. The PSE Archery Mach X™ responds to this demand with eleven damping devices installed at the factory. The Mach X™ starts at the source of vibration by placing damping devices at the tips of each of the four limbs. An additional damper is placed on each limb bolt. A damper on the end of the cable guard rod and Top Gun™ String Chubs™ installed in the string eliminate what little vibration is produced by the unique design of the Mach X™.

The Mach X™ Hunting Bow from PSE is available in 60 and 70 pound peak weights and has a draw range of 27" to 31". With its durable Mossy Oak® New Break Up® finish and a speed range of 308-312 fps the PSE Archery Mach X™ is a must for the serious bowhunter.

The PSE Archery Mach X is available as a hunting bow only or as a package with a free dozen Carbon Force™ Radial X Weave™ Pro™ arrows worth $120.00. Find your new 2006 PSE Mach X™ at your local dealer and take part in the next evolution in compound Hunting bow technology.

For more information, or to request a 2006 catalog, contact PSE Archery at (520) 884-9065 or visit:

About PSE

With humble beginnings in a 700-square foot building in Mahomet, Illinois, PSE was one of the first five companies to obtain licensing under the Allen Patent for compound bows. Of the original five, PSE is the only company still manufacturing compound bows.

Look for reviews on PSE Mach X coming to Hunting & Fishing Gear Review in the near future.


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