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Lindy Introduces-Techni-Glo Fuzz-E-Grubs®

Press Release

The popular Fuzz-E-Grub's status as a universal top seller is now enhanced with the addition of 10 Techni-Glo colors! This jig's unique and proven design--featuring a soft plastic-wormlike body and a tantalizing untra-flexible marabou tail--becomes even more potent with the addition of Techni-Glo color options!

The Fuzz-E-Grub is well-known as the jig that "breathes on its own." Its two-color painted eyes are a time-tested plus. New this year are five electric metallic heads with Techni-Glo eyes, plus five Techni-Glo living color heads with contrasting glow eyes and glow bodies. Packaged 2 per card in 1/16sz.---3/8sz. sizes.


BuckShot Tree Stands-CenterShot


A quantum leap that is right on target, the CenterShot is an all-weld aluminum sit down / standup cable climbing treestand. The CenterShot features Swiftloc technology.

Swiftloc technology includes the Swiftloc terminal and Swiftloc keyed channel receiving bar. Also, unique to the CenterShot, are the Eccentric Guides and rigid cable technology or (RCT). In combination with Swiftloc the eccentric guides and RCT allow for lightning fast setup and a generous capacity for adjustments on trees 8-20 inches in diameter.

The Centershot's large 20*29" platform is decked out with 6 non-skid cross members, and closes the gap because each cross member is 2" wide.

The CenterShot grips the tree using the tandem blade stabilizer system or (TBS system). This system engages the tree with tandem blades, reaching further around the tree than any other climber in the industry.

A fantastic bow stand, the CenterShot is easy to backpack and simple to climb. It is available with a moveable seat (recommended) or a sling seat and it can be outfitted with a footrest, a shooting rest or bow holder.

Hunters needing the versatility of a combo stand look no further. The CenterShot transforms into a comfortable gun stand by adding the adjustable safety bar. The adjustable safety bar can be used as a backrest when facing the tree or as a rifle rest when hunting back to the tree.

The CenterShot is an all-weld aluminum sit down / standup cable climbing treestand. The CenterShot features Swiftloc technology. Swiftloc technology includes the Swiftloc terminal and Swiftloc keyed channel receiving bar. Also, unique to the CenterShot, are the Eccentric Guides and rigid cable technology or (RCT).

In combination with Swiftloc the eccentric guides and RCT allow for lightning fast setup and a generous capacity for adjustments on trees 8-20 inches in diameter. The Centershot's sports a large 20*29" platform.

The CenterShot transforms into a comfortable gun stand by adding the adjustable safety bar. The adjustable safety bar can be used as a backrest when facing the tree or as a rifle rest when hunting back to the tree.

weight: 20 lbs. with movable seat, 18 with sling seat. weight capacity: 300 lbs. MSRP $269


Martin Archery-Onza II A Standout in Design

Press Release

The Onza II will give you more accuracy than you can use. Our super stiff riser design concept has been in development for 15 years. With the use of new materials and cutting edge artistic design, the Onza II is as accurate as it is eye catching.

Patented Vibration Control We built the Onza II for you, an archer with an uncompromising demand for stability and speed. It’s been fifteen years since we first introduced the original Onza with its totally unique riser design. Now, firmly positioned in the 21st century, we’ve found a way to enhance its imaginative design.

Our patented Vibration Escape Modules and our new vibration absorbing inlay materials make the Onza II as smooth as a kitten. With this special vibration absorbing technology, you will shoot at scorching speeds with extreme power, and you won’t feel a thing.


Cobra's PR 4000 WX Radio Sets Industry Standard for Increased Range and Ease-of-Use

Press Release

Cobra Electronics Corp. (Nasdaq: COBR) today announced it was awarded Popular Mechanics' Editor's Choice Award at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for its new PR 4000 WX microTALK(R) two-way radio. The goal of the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Awards is to honor brilliant new products that will set the standards for their market categories. Of the more than 2000 companies exhibiting at CES, just 17 were awarded the honor including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp and Casio.

"We are thrilled that Popular Mechanics has recognized Cobra's market leadership and commitment to product innovation," said Tony Mirabelli, senior vice president, marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. "We are committed to providing consumers high performance features that raise the bar for a product category, and we truly believe the PR 4000 WX does just that."

Designed for the sophisticated consumer looking to take their communications to the next level, Cobra's PR 4000 WX incorporates X(3) Power(TM) technology with 3 Watts of power providing up to a 7 mile range. Several features, including a 10-channel NOAA All Hazards Alert Radio, enhanced water resistance to IP54 standards, and VibrAlert(TM) silent alert, will be particularly appreciated by fishermen, hunters and other outdoors enthusiasts. The PR 4000 WX also has an 8-point Digital Compass, Clock/Stopwatch/Alarm, 10-channel memory and selectable high/medium/low power output.

All of Cobra's two-way radios provide a fun, easy way for families and friends to stay connected and safe at shopping malls, amusement parks and sporting events or around the neighborhood. Because of their exceptional range and lightweight-yet-durable designs, these radios also prove useful for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and skiing. Moreover, the radios are ideal for car-to-car communications, allowing caravanning friends and families to coordinate rest stops or to get someone who has taken a wrong turn back on course.

PR 4000 WX

PR 4000 WX -- First true 3 Watt, 22 channel radio with 38 privacy codes and X(3) Power(TM) technology providing up to a 7 mile range (range will vary depending on terrain and conditions).

Features UHF/FM frequencies, Digital Compass, Clock/Stopwatch/Alarm, a 10-channel NOAA All Hazards Alert Radio, VOX, 10 Channel Memory, Scan Feature, VibrAlert silent call, Battery Saver Circuitry, Enhanced Water Resistance (IP54 standard), Selectable High/Medium/Low Power Output Key Lock, 10 Call Tones, Selectable Roger Beep, Auto Squelch, Maximum Range Extender, Backlit LCD, Selectable Keystroke Tones, Speaker/Mic Jack and Belt Clip/Wrist Strap.

The PR 4000 WX (one radio, NiMH rechargeable battery, battery charger and earbud speaker/microphone), is available at a suggested retail price of $79.95. In addition, Cobra offers the PR 4000-2 WX (two radios), which is available at a suggested retail price of $119.95.

About Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics Corporation (Nasdaq: COBR) is a leading global manufacturer of mobile communications products for consumers, having attained a leadership position in every market in which it currently does business. The GMRS/FRS (General Mobile Radio Service/Family Radio Service) market has been one of the fastest growing segments of mobile communications, and Cobra is a leading provider in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

In addition, 2003 marks Cobra's entry into the GPS (Global Positioning System) market with the development of the most user-friendly product line on the market. To learn more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at SOURCE Cobra Electronics Corporation Company: Cobra Electronics Corp


Springfield Armory-XD Named "Handgun of the Year" by National Rifle Association Publication's "American Rifleman."

Press Release

Springfield Increasing Production to Keep Up with Demand

GENESEO, ILLINOIS (June 4, 2003) – Springfield Armory's XD (X-treme) polymer pistol recently was named “2003 Handgun of the Year” by the National Rifle Association Publications’ Division in its inaugural Golden Bullseye Award. The XD was cited for its innovative design and exceptional quality.

The editors of American Rifleman, the NRA’s flagship publication for more than 118 years, featured the pistol in a special section of its May 2003 publication. The award was officially announced at a ceremony program during the NRA’s 2003 Annual Meetings & Exhibits, April 24-27, in Orlando, Florida.

“The Springfield XD won us over for its unique combination of modern and traditional features,” wrote American Rifleman’s Editor Mark A. Keefe IV.

“We’re very honored to receive this award,” said Dennis Reese, Springfield’s co-chairman. “We knew we had ourselves a winner and this just gives us further proof of how innovative the XD is. It was a hot-seller before receiving the Golden Bullseye. Now it’s really taking off. We are increasing production to try to meet up with demand. We can only move so fast, though, because we will not compromise our high standard of quality. We just ask our XD customers to be patient.”

“The XD marries many of the better elements of several other well-established pistols into one efficient, new design,” wrote American Rifleman. “From features like the grip safety to the dual recoil spring assembly to the accessory rail on the dust cover, the XD ends up being more than simply the sum of its parts. Combine all that with a very competitive price and the trust that is implicit with anything Springfield puts its name on, and you have a real winner.”

The entire Springfield XD line utilizes the industry’s most encompassing safety standards, including a grip safety, Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) trigger safety, and firing pin block (drop safety). Each XD features a loaded chamber indicator as well as a striker status indicator.

“With more than 100 nominations, including a number of products that may well reshape the industry in the years to come, even being considered (for the award) is an honor,” said Joe Graham, Executive Director of NRA Publications. “While we can only honor a few, the innovative, attractive and functional designs rolled out with increasing regularity clearly demonstrate the growth within the firearms industry and, ultimately, its dedication to providing the finest and safest products to the consumer.”

For more information on the entire line of Springfield products, contact Springfield, Inc. at 800-860-6866 or write: 420 West Main Street, Geneseo, Illinois, 61254. Visit the Springfield Web site at:

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


DiMage E223

Cameras & Accessories

Hey I guess I'm like anybody else and like to share my story right away with everyone so I picked up this digital camera at Ritz for around $200

I absolutely love how automatic this camera is. Just set it and forget it is always my motto. Also the 9 power zoom is exactly what I'm looking for. If my scope can catch it my camera will as well.

It's not the cameras fault, but I wish it was a little more rugged and I didn't have to be concerned about it as much. Since last season I've been taking it afield with me whenever I go and the occasional trip to the lake. I guess I'm just not used to having something delicate with me. So far it's survived the occasional fall although it hasn't taken any direct impacts.

I think it's doing fine. With some of the controls you have to take you gloves off, It's not necessarily made for being a heavy outdoor camera, but I guess if it was it would be a lot heftier and bigger which is the last thing I want is more weight.

I'm happy with it and it let's me catch shots of things I don't need to shoot in order to show off. I guess what they say is true a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks Hunting-Fishing-Gear this is the site I've been looking for. Most review sites are just pushing something. Here you get honest, common sense reviews from people using the products. It's been a long time coming.


Steve R, Oregon


Vari X III


I bought my new unit over the net at a company named scopes and more. Don't tell my wife, but the scope cost just a little over $700.00.

The lighting is incredible. I took it out to a friends farm the other night coupled with my .270 bdl and we were able to shoot almost until complete darkness.

I miss the view offered by my last scope which was a wide view. I guess the old adage is correct, you've got to give up something to get something.

It's sealed tight and I'll be real surprised if I ever have a problem with this one foggy up like some of mine have in the past.

I'm very happy with the new scope. It's placement is awesome, and the lighting is the best I've experienced in a scope I've owned.



Leuopold Scopes

Vari X III


After reading another review about the PSE Baby G we just had to write another about how great the PSE Baby G is in our words. What a nice setup. My Step-Son and I purchased them at the beginning of Summer off Cabela's. They ran about $450 at the time, but now I see them other places a little cheaper.

It's kind of like one stop shopping. Rather than spend several nights shopping for accessories and all we were able to buy them all in one place. What is most important to myself is every item was made for the bow, not some generic fitting items. It had been several years since I hunted archery and was mildly surprised at the weight of bows now days. Then I picked up the PSE baby G and was even more surprised at how light it was.

For a few extra bucks they could have hired some people to fully put them together. I felt like it was Christmas morning again putting toys together for the kids. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed every second of putting it together, but would rather have been shooting.

This a fine piece of machinery, light, well made, an 80% lket off what more do you want.

To finalize I'm sure I'd be impressed with most any of the new compounds. The PSE Baby G takes the cake. I'm shooting better with it everyday. It's a pleasure to shoot. It's light and fast, and accurate. If you're ready to buy definitely take a look at this one.


Craig W.


10 by 50


I bought them over the internet through a company called Optics plus. I've always like ordering stuff through the mail or now via the internet and then coming home each day wondering if it had arrived, or not.

No doubt I love the no fault guarantee the best. For only $10 Nikon will repair or replace them at no cost. It doesn't matter if I drop them from a building their going to take care of me much like the Craftsman promise.

According to my credit card statment the price. Even with the no fault guarantee the purchase was a stretch for me, especially with my job prospects not looking good right now.

Extremely well made no doubt especially given the no fault warranty.

Two thumbs up for this set, or in this case prarie dogs down. Good hunting all. Remember even the worst day hunting is better than the best day in the office, except of course on pay day.


Elite Hog Smacker


Eclipse ZLX

Archery Equipment

Off the net at a place called Shoot and Hunt which took me to some other place on the net to place my order. I think it was, but don't quote me on it. I paid about $670.00 for it just a few months back.

I have small hands and some bows don't suit my grip to well. This bow feels good to me and that is half of the battle. Finding a bow with the right feel was very important to me. What I like most is I shoot great with this bow. I don't know if it's the fact it's new, or just better than the old one, but I have a new found confidence in my shooting which I had lsot over the last few years.

The cost was a real stretch for me. I'll be skipping a few lunches for the next couple of weeks and going out to dinner is out of the question. I guess it's Oddles of Noodles for the next few weeks. I guess it's good to splurge on ourselves now and again. Another item I didn't like was adjusting the draw length took forever. By the time we were getting it right I was getting tired and wasn't holding the bow like I would have. If you decide to purchase this bow I would plan on adjusting the draw over a couple of days. That's my tip of the day.

Browning to me means quality. They wouldn't sell at that price if they weren't.

I'm very pleased with it. Not to repeat myself too often, it's just my confidence is back in my shooting. I've begun scouting heavily again with Fall coming on and have put the bow down for three to four days at a time and each time I pick it back up it has the same feel and the accuracy quickly comes back.


Auggie H.


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