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Martin Prowler SE


You've scouted for months. You've patterned for weeks. Opening day is here and you're in your stand. The buck of your dreams is in front of you. This is no time to doubt your equipment. If you're holding the new Prowler SE, you won't have to.

At Martin, we have come to know what you demand from a hunting bow. It has to be forgiving, accurate, fast and quiet. The new Prowler SE has all of these features built right into it.

The 8 and 3/4" brace height keeps it smooth and forgiving. Our new SE limb system, which places the limbs almost parallel to each other, keeps the Prowler SE quiet as whisper and recoil free. The Fuzion Cam keeps it fast and give the Prowler SE the tack-driving accuracy you expect. What more could you ask for in a bow?

Visit your local Martin Archery dealer, or go to for details on how to get your own Prowler SE today!


New Magellan Street-Routing and Guidance Software Extends Versatility of GPS Handhelds Used for Outdoor Adventures like Hunting, Hiking and Boating

Press Release

The same handheld GPS unit used by a hiker seeking a trailhead in the Grand Canyon or by a boater navigating Lake Michigan will soon provide turn-by-turn, audio-prompted guidance when traveling by foot or by automobile. Thales Navigation will make it possible with the Fall introduction of the Magellan® MapSend® DirectRouteTM software, the first street-routing software designed specifically for recreational GPS handhelds. This major advance in mapping software is easy to use with a wide range of Magellan handheld GPS receivers. Now many Magellan customers who use GPS technology primarily for recreational purposes can gain travel routes to city destinations, street addresses and thousands of points of interest in the continental United States and Canada.

MapSend DirectRoute is sold alone or pre-packaged with a Magellan handheld GPS unit. The software is compatible with most Magellan Meridian® and SporTrak® handhelds, including Meridian Color, Meridian Gold, Meridian Platinum, Meridian Marine, SporTrak Pro, SporTrak Pro Marine and SporTrak Color.

“We conducted extensive research that revealed more than half of our Magellan customers want to use their handheld GPS receivers for occasional street navigation in addition to pedestrian and recreational activities,” said Lonnie Arima, vice president of worldwide consumer sales and marketing for Thales Navigation. “MapSend DirectRoute provides Magellan handheld users with the option of adding improved street navigation functionality while complementing the other advanced functions built into their receiver. The addition of this software enhances versatility of Magellan handhelds like never before, enabling users to access topographic maps, marine charts and street navigation – all on a single Magellan receiver.”

MapSend DirectRoute software is contained on two CD-ROMs. It features a database with more than 35 categories of downloadable points of interest for the United States and Canada, including restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, parks, airports, tourist attractions and more.

Users have three easy, unique ways to route, either by moving the cursor to a destination on the map screen, by entering an address, or by searching points of interest by name. MapSend DirectRoute calculates the “shortest time” street route, and then provides visual guidance and audible prompts that notify the user of each maneuver. With access to the most current, sophisticated NAVTECH® map data, which is used in leading navigation systems throughout North America and Europe, users can upload any map area they choose, within the limits of the available memory in the receiver or a total of 64 MB on a memory card.

For more information about Magellan consumer GPS products, visit or call 800-669-4477.

About Thales Navigation Thales Navigation is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of positioning, navigation and guidance equipment with global operations. Thales Navigation markets its Magellan brand GPS solutions in the consumer electronics, recreation, and automotive markets, and its GPS and GNSS professional products in the survey, GIS/Mapping, and OEM markets. Through its joint venture with Hertz, Thales Navigation has developed the Hertz NeverLost® vehicle navigation system. Thales Navigation’s key innovations include the first U.S. commercial hand-held GPS receiver for positioning and navigation, and the first handheld GPS with industry standard Secure Digital Memory Card capabilities.

Thales Navigation, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with European headquarters in Carquefou, France, is a subsidiary of Thales, a world leader in professional electronics in three key markets: Aerospace, Defense and Information Technology & Services (IT&S). The Group employs 60,000 people in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and generated revenues of over $11 billion in 2002. For more information, visit



Press Release

This pump action carbine and rifle are very much a part of our history and the tradition of shooting in America.

Taurus has taken that design and improved it with modern manufacturing techniques and new technologies with the new Model 172 in .17 Hornady Rimfire Magnum. All of these feature adjustable rear sights, a bolt mounted safety and the Taurus Security System.


Mossberg® Loc-Box™A simple and unique, steel, two-piece,

Press Release

SAFETY and SECURITY - The new Loc-Box™ by Mossberg® provides you with a reliable and effective way to help prevent unwanted access to your firearm by children or other unauthorized persons. The Loc-Box also gives you an added level of deterrence against theft, helping to ensure that your firearm remains secure and safe.

EASY ACCESS - The key operated locking mechanism provides safe and secure storage of a single shotgun, while at the same time allowing quick and easy access when the firearm is needed.

RUGGED STEEL CONSTRUCTION - The Loc-Box is constructed of tough 13 gauge steel for strength and security while its interior features rubber coated components to protect the finish of your firearm.

QUICK INSTALLATION - The convenient two-piece wall mounting system provides quick and easy installation wherever you find a wall stud (A) within your home, workplace or other desired location.

The Loc-Box includes hardware for attaching the all-steel box to a wall stud. A rubber-coated steel "Muzzle Hook" is also included. The stout muzzle-hook prevents side-to-side or fore-and-aft movements preventing an unauthorized user from gaining leverage in an attempt to access your firearm.

VERSATILE - The Loc-Box safely secures a variety of Mossberg® pump and autoloading shotguns, including: Mossberg 500®, 835®, 590®,(includes A1 and DA series) HS410™, 5500™, and 9200® as well as Maverick 88™ and 91™ models and even our older private brand models such as 600, 660, 880 and others. The Loc-Box will secure other popular right-handed shotgun brands too, such as: Remington® model 870, 1100 and 11-87 and Winchester® model 1300. Other models and manufacturers may apply.

#95092 Suggested Retail $43.00 Available at your dealer or the Mossberg Service Department


Daisy Introduces Winchester 1894 Air Rifle

Press Release

The Model 1894 BB repeater is the spittin' image of an authentic piece of American history. This lever-action repeater is crafted in the style of the saddle carbine that tamed the west: the legendary Winchester 1894.

ACTION: Lever action; spring air SAFETY:
Crossbolt trigger block
CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm) BB BARREL: smooth bore steel
SIGHTS: Blade and ramp front, micro-adjustable rear MUZZLE VELOCITY: 300 fps.
STOCK/FOREARM: Straight western style solid wood.
CAPACITY: 15-shot magazine
OVERALL LENGTH: 38 in. WEIGHT: 3.4 lbs.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Bandit Crankbait

Footlose Series

Hard Bait

$3.99 each in February on the net, I think either Bass Pro or ESPN Bassmaster stores.

What I like is this is either a great bait or I'm real lucky when using them. They produce for me and I have friends who have luck with them also.

As long as they keep coming in I'll keep throwing them out.

Their taking a little bit of a beating, probably because I've had such luck with them I'm using them constantly, the only thing that changes is the color and size.

Hey if you can't tell what I think about these babies then I ain't telling. For me it doesn't get any better than these.




Kwik Draw Tackle Box

Fishing Tackle

We bought it out West in a sporting goods store I believe called Van's. Which I knew for sure, but I think I was in every store for 100 miles killing time while visiting my in laws.

Everything is right there and easy to get at. With this box you don't need to spend a lot of time fiddling when you should be fishing.

The box won't pack all your gear for you and the only way it's going be at your fingertips is if you've spent the time getting it ready the night before/

excellent, as we all know these things take some abuse over a good fishing season and to date it's not showing a lot of wear, which means I've jinxed it.

It's a nice box especially for tournaments when you want to stay in the water as much as possible.




300 X

Fishing Reels

This was my best e-bay deal ever. Still in the box for $20.00. I'm not sure why someone would sell this so cheap and didn't want to ask either. A local bait shop has them for sale close to seventy.

Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. This is one well designed reel. It's not like cranking an old engine, it's more like a good golf swing where everything falls into place. The reel gives excellent feed back. You know they sometimes pull straight out where your rod won't pick the hit up as much as a side to side hit. With this reel you know what's happening on the other end of the line.

It's too bad it didn't come with a rod attached.

This is my first Mitchell and now I know why old timers talk them up so much. Very precise feel and well made. Everything locks in to place like it's meant to be that part of the puzzle.

I got this sweetheart for a steal, oopps I better not say that to loud maybe it was. Okay, I'll shut up about my great bargain. All reels are pretty well made these days. This one just has a feel I like. You'd better check your closet to make sure your old lady didn't sell yours for on e-bay.


Prisoner 12345

Rick Clunn Series

Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

Rod and Reel Combos

Since I was a kid I never miss reading an issue of Outdoor Life. When I read this reel had won an award from them, I knew it was my next purchase. I figured I would put it through my own little torture test and that's jsut what I did this Summer. Don't trust my memory, but I'd say I spent about $130.00 on it back in May.

Love the reel, the rods okay. The reel has a great feel to it, and some device called a free floter which just about eliminates line drag when casting. I take chances trying to sneak my worm into places others wouldn't attempt. I look at it like each big daddy has a small area he protects much like a big buck. Well that small area is often a brush pile spilling into the lake and that might be his turf. Laugh if you want, but that mentality has landed me some nice fish on days others were just casting away.

I'm not thrilled with the rod, it has a strange feel that I'm not used to. Maybe Rick Clunn likes that feel, I'm not thrilled with it. I kind of feel most of the money went toward this jewel of a reel. We are getting close to dipping into my hunting season budget so what I plan on doing is matching the reel up to a good quality rod the way I like sometime after the first of the year.

Both the rod and reel are no doubt well made. I'm partial to the reel and will say it seems extremely well made. I will probably end up selling the rod to a friend or take it to the flea market.

Dinners ready so I have to run, my last piece of advise is see if you can buy just the reel, you'll love it. Overall it's a 5, it's the rod that I wasn't thrilled with.A 4.


Bill G.


Basser Kit Lures

Hard Bait

Dunham's Sporting Goods had a sale on for $21.99 for all six of them. That was the beginning of Summer, but I'm sure they'll be on sale throughout the warm months.

Maybe we should ask the Bass what they like about them. There's bound to be something they like in this pack. I usually start with the Black Fury and work my way down the color spectrum from there. Too many of my fellow fishing buddies discount spinners to fast and turn to them as a last resort. For me their the best thing going and the first I turn to.

I wish they offered these a little smaller in size. It's my belief that Bass quite often aren't interested in the larges item on the plate, just something with a good presentation as if it will taste good.

Mepp's are well made and believe me when I say you'll lose them to a snag before this lure gives out on you.

Great lures at a great price. I like how they picked the selection for me using their research rather than me always hunting and digging for different styles and colors. I wish all lure manufacturers offered different assortment packs like this. I'd be a lot richer and if I was catching something I'd be happier to and in the end those two are all that matters.


Paul Jacksonville, FL


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