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Fishing Reels - Daiwa TD Fuego Spinning Fishing Reels

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Daiwa has introducted the TD Fuego series of fishing reels. These reels are the spinning reels version of Daiwa's popular Fuego Baitcasting fishing reels. The Fuego reels are designed to offer tremendous amounts of fishing line capacity in small lightweight reels. Despite these reels having large aluminum spools to hold all of this fishing line, a rigid magnesium frame helps keep the total weight of these reels down helping fight fatigue during a day of fishing.

Fishing with the Daiwa Fuego Spinning Reels one of the first things you'll notice when you begin fishing is the smooth feel of these fishing reels when retrieving the fishing lure or bait. This is a result of the digitally designed and cut gears in these reels. A trend being introduced in a lot of fishing reels is the reels can be easily rinsed in order to get dirt and grime out of the reels after a day of fishing without forcing residue into the reels gears. Daiwa Fishing accomplishes this by providing sealed drag system on these fishing reels and a drain port system.

Daiwa Fuego Fishing Reels Features Are:

Rigid Magnesium Frames to handle any abuse the reels take when fishing.
Daiwa's Fishing CRBB super corrosion resitant ball bearing in the reels.
Digigear which is a Daiwa reels exclusive design which precisely matches gear surfaces of the reel for maximum power and provides ultra-smooth feel and durability when fishing with Daiwa Reels.
Super strong tubular stainless Air Bail on the Fuego reels which are light in weight with no protrusions to snag your fishing line.
These Fishing Reels come standard with an ABS machined aluminum spools and infinite anti-reverse on the reels.
Twister Buster II Fishing line twist reducer is also standard on these reels.

The Daiwa Fuego Spinning Fishing Reels retail for about $250.00 at most fishing gear retailers.

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