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Are You a Minnow Murderer?-NEW! 1403 Min-O-Life Collapsible Bait Bucket


A complete portable aeration system designed for the traveling angler. Special EVA buckets collapses down, folds and bends yet retains its original shape.

Conveniently stows anywhere. Special transparent zippered lid permits easy viewing and access to bait while preventing spills and sloshing. Extra durable mini diaphragm style air pump. Use in fresh or saltwater.

• Light-weight collapsible EVA bucket.

• Large 2 Gallon capacity.

• Powers off single D-Cell battery for up to 34 hours.

• Includes air hose and high output air stone.

• Comes in handy storage bag

1402 Min-O-Life Aerator The 1402 Min-O2-Life portable aerator is an economical way to keep baitfish alive. A durable diaphragm pump and high quality micro electric motor powered by two D-cell alkaline batteries the 1402 will run for up to 80 hours. Unit conveniently mounts to almost any existing bait container or pail via a stainless steel mounting clip. Includes 30" of premium quality non-kink air tubing and a high volume micro bubble air stone. A built-in night-light provides extra illumination for rigging or baiting up after dark.

Micro Bubble Air Stone Premium Grade Air Tubing Built-In Night-Light Stainless Steel Hardware


Eagle Introduces New Intellimap 320 GPS Mapping System

Press Release

The IntelliMap™ 320 is a new world-class, stand-alone Eagle® GPS+WAAS mapping system. It's 320 x 320 high-resolution display provides fantastic mapping detail. And the IntelliMap™ 320 is so smart, it displays MapCreate, Navionics, and HotMaps mapping!


5" (12.7 cm) diagonal screen Film SuperTwist LCD High-definition 320x320 resolution Backlit screen and keypad 16-level grayscale GPS+WAAS:

12-parallel channel GPS reception with fast satellite lock-ons, precise tracking, and position updates every second Selectable on/off WAAS reception for enhanced position accuracy to 3 m (under 10 ft) at select locations Digitally record/play GPS trip details and display custom mapping with optional, reusable compact Multi-Media Cards (MMC) or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. One waterproof slot for instantly-expandable memory using a single 8MB-128MB card. All-new, built-in Eagle® background map with enhanced detail of the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

Over 60,000 critical navaids and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in coastal and Great Lakes waters Metro areas, select major streets/highways, interstate exit services details, and more inland navigation details included High-speed screen updates Optional GPS Mapping Accessories Pack with MapCreate™ CD software that:

Lets you create unlimited, custom, detailed maps on MMC or SD memory cards Includes unique, searchable database of streets, addresses, and over 700,000 Point-of-Interest (POI) to easily find/identify marinas, restaurants, airports, emergency services, and more Saves up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, and 100 routes (up to 100 waypoints/route) 10 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail 42 graphic icons to mark your favorite spots 37 map zoom ranges - from 0.05 to 4,000 miles - with easy zoom-in/out control Selectable on/off GPS alarms: Off Course, Arrival, and Anchor Compatible with optional Navionics® Charts and HotSpots™ electronic charts on MMC cards


Internal back-up memory keeps stored GPS data and settings safe and accessible for years Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments Full one-year warranty



Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA – Owners of the new Commemorative Ambassadeur® baitcast reels from Abu Garcia have a choice. They can lock it up in a safe deposit box, let it collect dust on the fireplace mantel, give it to someone they really like or spool it with some new Berkley® fishing line and go fishing. The new 5500C3 and 6500C3 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition reels are created to mark a celebration but built and priced for fishing.

Both commemorative reels are genuine Ambassadeur reels with standard C3 features including three stainless steel bearings, Instant Anti-Reverse, 5.3:1 gear ratio, aluminum spool and both left and right hand versions. The 5500C3 holds 205 yards of 12-pound test monofilament, the 6500C3 holds 245 yards of 14-pound test line.

These are fishing machines with a few little extras thrown in for the celebration. Gold, for example, is all over this reel. The drilled gold handle gives the reel a quality touch, as does the gold trim and gold accent band. The side plate has special 50th Anniversary engraving and each reel is shipped in a special windowed presentation box along with a cloth bag and Abu Garcia history.

The Ambassadeur baitcast reel is the fishing tool everyone has copied and is known as the standard for baitcasters. Now one of the most popular fishing reels ever created is available in a special limited edition offering.

The suggested retail prices for the 50th Anniversary Ambassadeur reels are $89.95 for the 5500C3 and $99.45 for the 6500C3.

To find out more about Abu Garcia products or for the nearest Abu Garcia retailer, call Abu Garcia Angler Services at 1-800-237-5539.


2003 Hoyt Matrix Riser

Press Release

Building on the best features of the legendary Avalon and Elan and borrowing key features of the top-of-the-line Aerotec, the new Matrix is the straightest and most stable FITA Barebow and IBU Archery Biathlon compliant design riser yet.

Perfectly balanced deflex design in both 25" and 23" versions, right and left handed.

25" model at 2 lbs. 12 ounces is lighter than Avalon Plus, but features the ultra stable and reliable Hoyt dovetail compatible hard lock limb alignment system- acknowledged as the most stable and reliable ever built. The 23" model is only 2 lbs. 10 ounces.

Matrix features the highly accurate and successful low-moment grip to rest relationship introduced on the top-of-the-line Hoyt AeroTec.

Maximum sight window in both 23 and 25" models with a full 0.455" of centershot overcut.

Standard Hoyt medium grip - low grip available.

NEW stabilizer/damper bushing location below grip for enhanced vibration management and custom feel control.

Managed Flex design for excellent bow reaction with reduced torque and minimum required stabilization. The flex characteristics of the Matrix riser are tailored to promote a positive, crisp shot and great follow-through.

Each riser individually serial numbered and warranted to the original owner for life.


Bushnell Offers Two New Sentry Spotting Scopes

Press Release

Overland Park, KS. — Bushnell has added two new 18-36x50mm models to its line of Sentry spotting scopes. The Sentry line of spotting scopes offers performance and value with many of the same features found on more expensive models. The new Sentry spotting scopes are available in black or camo rubber armoring.

Sentry spotting scopes feature fully coated prisms and lenses for greater clarity and light transmission. The large 50mm objectives lens has exceptional light gathering capabilities for better viewing in early or late light.

The 18-36x eyepiece make these spotting scopes ideal for birding, hunting and shooting. Both spotting scopes are lightweight, waterproof and rubberarmored for durability in the field. They come with a tripod and hard carrying case. Suggested retail for both models of the Sentry 18-36x50mm is $157.95.

Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, these new products will be available in the first quarter of 2003 at Bushnell dealers nationwide.

For more information, visit the Bushnell website at Bushnell Performance Optics is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Rick Clunn Series

Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

Rod and Reel Combos

Since I was a kid I never miss reading an issue of Outdoor Life. When I read this reel had won an award from them, I knew it was my next purchase. I figured I would put it through my own little torture test and that's jsut what I did this Summer. Don't trust my memory, but I'd say I spent about $130.00 on it back in May.

Love the reel, the rods okay. The reel has a great feel to it, and some device called a free floter which just about eliminates line drag when casting. I take chances trying to sneak my worm into places others wouldn't attempt. I look at it like each big daddy has a small area he protects much like a big buck. Well that small area is often a brush pile spilling into the lake and that might be his turf. Laugh if you want, but that mentality has landed me some nice fish on days others were just casting away.

I'm not thrilled with the rod, it has a strange feel that I'm not used to. Maybe Rick Clunn likes that feel, I'm not thrilled with it. I kind of feel most of the money went toward this jewel of a reel. We are getting close to dipping into my hunting season budget so what I plan on doing is matching the reel up to a good quality rod the way I like sometime after the first of the year.

Both the rod and reel are no doubt well made. I'm partial to the reel and will say it seems extremely well made. I will probably end up selling the rod to a friend or take it to the flea market.

Dinners ready so I have to run, my last piece of advise is see if you can buy just the reel, you'll love it. Overall it's a 5, it's the rod that I wasn't thrilled with.A 4.


Bill G.


Multi-Vision Titanium Air Elite

Tree Stands

I was cruising the web for tree stands last year when I happened across the Ol'man website. They have a really great story on there about how their tree stands came in to being and about why which reminded me of myself. You see the guy who had a Father who was old and didn't know it. He says in the story was one of the reasons he created the Ol'Man was he was sick and tired of rescuing his Father from tree stands. The moment I read that I knew this was the one for me.

My Father insists on using a climbing stand no matter how many times I offer to build him one, or even buy him a ladder stand. He also insists on bringing it in each night even though we will be back out on stand before the sun comes out. The reason the Titanium was my choice is it's lighter and stronger than steel and is easier to haul back and forth to camp. All of their stands come with a safety harness which is good since he's been using the one he has since I was in middle school.

The only thing he would change is the size of the foot platform. He's not as coordinated as he once was and I'm always worried about him slipping.

I don't worry about the construction of it. It's very well made and I doubt anyone would put a bad stand on the market with all of the liability settlements out there.

It was a lot of money for me to spend at a bad time. I know Dad would have done it for me and I thank him to this day for introducing me to hunting and fishing. I also know the two of us can't have a lot of hunting days left together and want to try to make his time out there as enjoyable as possible. If you're in Pennsylvania and see some old guy way to high in a tree, say hello to Dad.


R. Hanks

Fish Finders Hummingbird


Fish Finders

I've put a lot of stuff on my credit card since buying this last year. I am going to take a guess and say they run around $225.

It has nice read out and the directions were easy to read and understand. I love the water temperature read outs as well. You'd be amazed at the difference you can see in several different parts of a lake. Learn where they'll be and when and that's half the equation.

It's middle of the road compared to some of the more expensive models out there. I'd reckon it does it's job well. It's just that I had my eye on another more expensive model with some more features I was looking for.

It'll last a long while, amybe even longer than the old boat I have it hooked to. As with many of the fish finders I would like to see them have a little lower profile to keep taking hits which add up after a while.

A nice unit, not top of the line, not bottom of the line. If truth be told it will do the job just fine. I'd sure would have liked their deluxe model from Hummingbird or another company.


Jay M.


Trail Sense Engineering

Trail Mac Deer Camera

Trail Cameras

I looked at a couple of trail cameras in the stores and was ready to buy the problem was I didn't have a lot of confidence in any of them. I decided to do some research on the web when I ran across the Trail Mac Game Camera. After reading their literature I was sold and went all out and bought two instead of the one I originally planned on.

I'm in marketing and quickly realized this company was building their product and firm for the long haul. I'm sure lots of cameras are being bought this reason, but it won't be long until guys are sharing stories about how this one and that one fizzled out. Word of mouth spreads fast especially after a few beers. The camera was designed for being outside and not for sunny days either. The literature states the battery life is extra long and you should get a full three months out of it which for me is the scouting season. There's a quality Cannon camera inside with a flash unit that is reviewed very well on regular cameras. The units are tough and made for work, I'm very impressed with them to date.

The makers should offer bulk buy discounts in my case a little discount for buying two wouldn't hurt, but if a group of guys wanted to get together and buy them all the better this would lower the price for everyone and make more profit for them. Right now they need to get their name out there, for everyone. Also, they should nake the unit in gray, black isn't bad, but sticks out when put against a gray tree especially once fall hits.

I'm tough on my purchases. I make a lot and spend a lot and expect quality. It's only been a few weeks since I bought them and I'm already satisified with the quality. Time will tell, but for me to be impressed early is a good sign.

If you are preparing to buy look up the Trail Mac Game Camera. You'll be impressed. Camera checking day is like Christmas all over again. I grab the film drive like a mad man closer to my home where there's a one hour photo. All in all it's a lot of fun.


J. Murawski


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