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Eagle Introduces New Intellimap 320 GPS Mapping System

Press Release

The IntelliMap™ 320 is a new world-class, stand-alone Eagle® GPS+WAAS mapping system. It's 320 x 320 high-resolution display provides fantastic mapping detail. And the IntelliMap™ 320 is so smart, it displays MapCreate, Navionics, and HotMaps mapping!


5" (12.7 cm) diagonal screen Film SuperTwist LCD High-definition 320x320 resolution Backlit screen and keypad 16-level grayscale GPS+WAAS:

12-parallel channel GPS reception with fast satellite lock-ons, precise tracking, and position updates every second Selectable on/off WAAS reception for enhanced position accuracy to 3 m (under 10 ft) at select locations Digitally record/play GPS trip details and display custom mapping with optional, reusable compact Multi-Media Cards (MMC) or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. One waterproof slot for instantly-expandable memory using a single 8MB-128MB card. All-new, built-in Eagle® background map with enhanced detail of the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

Over 60,000 critical navaids and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in coastal and Great Lakes waters Metro areas, select major streets/highways, interstate exit services details, and more inland navigation details included High-speed screen updates Optional GPS Mapping Accessories Pack with MapCreate™ CD software that:

Lets you create unlimited, custom, detailed maps on MMC or SD memory cards Includes unique, searchable database of streets, addresses, and over 700,000 Point-of-Interest (POI) to easily find/identify marinas, restaurants, airports, emergency services, and more Saves up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, and 100 routes (up to 100 waypoints/route) 10 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail 42 graphic icons to mark your favorite spots 37 map zoom ranges - from 0.05 to 4,000 miles - with easy zoom-in/out control Selectable on/off GPS alarms: Off Course, Arrival, and Anchor Compatible with optional Navionics® Charts and HotSpots™ electronic charts on MMC cards


Internal back-up memory keeps stored GPS data and settings safe and accessible for years Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments Full one-year warranty


Unparalleled Polarized Technology Added to Serengeti® 555nmTM Lens

Press Release

Overland Park, KS – Serengeti, manufacturer of the most advanced sunglass lenses in the world, has combined the darkest lens in its portfolio, the Serengeti 555nm, with its superior polarization technology to create the ultimate gray/green lens. The Serengeti 555nm Polarized lens is available in the Argosy, Iliad, Epiros and the new Lucca.

“The Serengeti 555nm is a lens that optimizes vision at the center of the color spectrum at 555 nanometers providing clearer vision and a relaxing, cooling sensation for the wearer’s eyes,” said Paula Humo, Serengeti product manager. “Combining this technology with Serengeti’s superior polarization creates an even more remarkable sunglass.”

Serengeti polarization, also referred to as Strata, is achieved by placing the highly technical and efficient polarizing film between the Serengeti 555nm lens and an ultra-thin piece of UV 400 glass, so the film never wears off or wears out. The polarizing film allows optimum parallel light waves through the lens, while blocking glare-inducing perpendicular waves.
The Strata 400 lens also blocks and filters 95% of blue light, a natural phenomenon occurring in fog, rain, snow and overcast conditions. The lens virtually eliminates blue blur and eyestrain.The unseen science behind Serengeti lenses is the most advanced in the history of eyewear.
As with all Serengeti lenses, the 555nm polarized lens is engineered with photochromic properties and Spectral Control® filters. The photochromic technology activates the lens to constantly adjust to changing light conditions, seeking optimum transmission while the Spectral Control filters are selectively blocking and filtering light waves to improve contrast and reduce eye fatigue to create a remarkably crisp and clear view of the world.
The newest frame style added to the Serengeti 555nm family is the Lucca. This six-base stylish frame comes in gunmetal with shiny black temples and has spring hinges to enhance design and fit. All frame styles featuring the Serengeti 555nm are available at a suggested retail price of $199.99 at sunglass specialty stores and other fine optical retailers. Call (800) 548-0446 or visit the dealer locator feature at www.serengetieyewear.


G.Loomis-Mag Bass Rods

Press Release

When it comes to performance and all-around fishability, the Mag Bass rods are our pride and joy.

These rods, originally designed for pitching jigs and worms for largemouth bass have been discovered by walleye anglers, smallmouth enthusiasts, pike chasers and even light-duty saltwater folks. Pitching is an underhand casting method that allows you to put a bait around visible cover with a nearly splashless entry.

When the fish are spooky and a big splash sends them scurrying off and you just can’t get close enough to flip, this is the best approach, but these Mag Bass rods are far more versatile than just this one dimension. They’re fast-action rods with a powerful, magnum butt-section that gives you increased casting range, more effective hook sets (especially in deep water) and superior fish-fighting control.

Fuji reel seats, with our “mag touch” exposed blank near the trigger gives you superior sensitivity as well as better casting control. You’ll find yourself using these rods for everything... spinnerbaits, jigs, plastic worms, topwater baits, soft jerk baits and buzzbaits.

They are available in a wide range of lengths and powers, plus the more popular models come in all four graphite performance levels.


Federal Ultra•Shok

Press Release

Ultra-Shok High Velocity - extra speed, more impact, quicker to target.

Ultra-Shok Heavy High Velocity - bigger shot payloads, increased pellet energy, more pellets on target.

Zinc plated shot for corrosion resistance. Three water-resistant seals at crimp, wad and primer.

High density shot cup prevents pellets from contacting bore surface.

High output 209A Primers for instant ignition and consistent ballistics at all temperatures.

Water resistant packaging.


Bushnell Offers Two New Sentry Spotting Scopes

Press Release

Overland Park, KS. — Bushnell has added two new 18-36x50mm models to its line of Sentry spotting scopes. The Sentry line of spotting scopes offers performance and value with many of the same features found on more expensive models. The new Sentry spotting scopes are available in black or camo rubber armoring.

Sentry spotting scopes feature fully coated prisms and lenses for greater clarity and light transmission. The large 50mm objectives lens has exceptional light gathering capabilities for better viewing in early or late light.

The 18-36x eyepiece make these spotting scopes ideal for birding, hunting and shooting. Both spotting scopes are lightweight, waterproof and rubberarmored for durability in the field. They come with a tripod and hard carrying case. Suggested retail for both models of the Sentry 18-36x50mm is $157.95.

Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, these new products will be available in the first quarter of 2003 at Bushnell dealers nationwide.

For more information, visit the Bushnell website at Bushnell Performance Optics is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Buck Wing

Porta Roof Magnum

Field Accessories

If there's one thing I can't stand is getting wet while hunting. When I saw this thing I couldn't believe I had never thought of it. $24.94 and it's one of the best buys I've made in the past few years.

I haven't had a lot of time to hunt starting a family and all and everytime I do get the chance it seems like I'm cursed to rain or sleet. I stand hunt from before daylight until evening I try not to move once, with the exception of those things you have to do. The bad thing about this is once you get wet for the day it's gonna be a long cold day until you dry off. This little thing does a great job of controling much of the rain that follows me around.

It' not the cure all as we all know a good rain often comes sideways and there's not much you can do about that. I also wish it could be a little more quiet when getting hit with a heavy rain. Maybe that's being picky.

Very well built for an oversize umbrella. I definitely tuck it away though when going through heavy brush and forest.

Pretty great device. If I haven't mentioned it also doubles as a small frontal blind for hunting turkey, or for that matter any other concealment. They might want to consider offering other options on the style of camo, mine is Woodland and may not match your climate.


Dark Cloud


Scent Shield Power Pro 2


I've been hunting in heavy brush for the last few years and by the time you see them their up close and personal. Without a good mast or coverup you'll miss half of them that come close. I think the price was about $20.00.

I used to use the red fox urine but for some reason the last few years it seems as they raise their level of awareness even though they don't run off they do seem to be on edge. I'm looking to take me out of the equation all together and this stuff is doing it.

There is no magic cure you have to use this stuff on anything that might give you away. Since hunting is my life I won't even step into the garage with my hunting gear. I keep it all separate away from any oils or chemicals in the house. I wish this stuff was good enough to allow me to wear anything, but science hasn't reached that point yet.

This stuff works, in fact I recently saw on their website that they won the Readers Choice award from Bow Hunting Magazine.

It works, it doesn't smell like anything or make them want to love you, it just takes your odor out of the woods. Without movement I have yet to spook either a buck or a doe. Definitely worth the price of admission. I've already bought the large bottle to take to camp to spray everyone down, no sense other hunters making them weary.


Norm T.

Shakespeare Fishing Rod

Intrepid IM-7 Graphite

Fishing Rods

I laid down $29.99 for the rod and then another $65 for a nice Shimano reel to go with it. That was just as everything was going on sale about this time last year as Fall starts to set in.

I bought the 5 foot 6 inch light action. I didn't want to go with the ultra-light for the fact that every now and then I like to do some Carp fishing on a stream and needed the little extra umppphhh. I like the twist lock reel system as I often change strategies in mid stream, pardon the pun and switch lines. The Shimano reel came with an extra spool which made doing this simple especially with the twist lock real system.

The action of the rod may still be a little light for my taste. A question I will pose for all to read this is what's to say an ultra light in New York is an ultra light in Florida. NY has a lot of small streams with small fish whereas Florida has a lot of bassing lakes. Just something to think about.

It's okay I think the guides may come loose eventually, then again who knows.

It's middle of the road all the way. Certainly not the best and it's not the worst either. Doing a review is tougher than I thought.


Go Yankees

Strong Built

15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand

Tree Stands

My camp pulled our money and put six of these guys up last week. We paid 99.00 each at Cabelas. Thankfully a friend of mine got us a deal on the freigh charges. With the six up early it will give the deer a chance to get used to seeing the ladder. One guy wants to put a couple of dummy hunters in the stand to get the deer used to seeing them also. I don't think I'll be going that far. These six plus our fixed stands will give us plenty of choices on our 99 acre site.

When buying six you have to like the price of $99 dollars. There were a couple out there cheaper, but I pushed everyone toward this because of the swivel seat. The moving seat will help with seeing the deer and most importantly for those of us with sore backs. I also like the fact rathcet straps came with them. Once that ratchet is tight you don't have to worry about them going anywhere when you're in them.

As with anything these days you'd better have it chained down or someone is going to take it. Most of the locals around our camp are good people. Unfortunately there are a few sleezebags around that I just don't trust. Here's a good time. Have someone weld in ID in three different spots on it. We did and hopefully that will deter punks from taking them.

With the ratchet and straps on she's solid. I doubt much is going to bend the squar tubing. If we paid a lot more I'm sure she would be stronger and maybe more comfortable but we have plenty of time to make them more comfortable if we like.

It's hard to beat the price and will save us a lot of time from building permanent stands that only last a year before you start wondering how solid they are. See if the guys in your camp want to do the same as we did.


P.J. Titusville, PA


Shotgun Micro Cleaning Kit

Shooting Accessories

I paid around elleven for it at a gun show at the local VFD last year.

Like alot of hunters in the past I've been guilty of using a twig to clear my barrel after a fall. I guess dear old Dad taught me that, but I knew it wasn't always the safest thing to be doing. I've even seen people do this with a loaded gun, just plain stupid. What I like is it's compact enough to take in the field without adding bulk. As long as one of us has one we're good to go.

Not enough cleaning patches are supplied. I guess this is how they hook you in. Don't they know you can cut your buddies shirt and it'll work almost as well.

The rod is well made and very flexible. There isn't a lot to it, so I don't have a lot to say.

This is a great device to take into the field. If I'm cleaning my gun at home I want to use a rod, but when you don't have a choice this little kit is the way to go especially if you take young hunters into the fields who have a tendency to fall a lot. You can never be to safe in this area.


Clogged Barrel


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