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Rifle Cams Mount To Your Rifle Scope To Tape The Action

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I just received this media release and have to share it with our Readers. How many of you have taken some nice trophys and wish you could share the story with your friends as vividly as it happened? Well now you can with this invention called the Rifle Cam. Here's the complete media release. I think rifle cams are going to be a big hit and who knows maybe in a few years everyone will have one attached to their rifle scopes.
Rifle Cams Media Release
Perhaps the only thing more challenging than making that perfect shot is describing the thrill of the hunt to friends and family when you get back home. Unless they could somehow see what you saw — that noble 8-point buck slowly emerging from the brush and stopping to sniff the air just long enough for you to draw a bead — words alone rarely do the scene justice.

Now words alone don’t have to tell the tale! Long-time big game hunting enthusiast Larry Holmberg battled with this same problem for years — which is precisely why he invented the innovative, patent-pending Rifle Cam™. This unique camera mount is designed to work with any standard riflescope, allowing sportsmen to record their hunts exactly as they unfold. Rifle Cam works with all modern “handycam” style film or DVD recorders from popular manufacturers like Sony®, Panasonic®, JVC®, Canon®, Samsung® and others. When you use Rifle Cam, your hunts are recorded for posterity so you can share your successes — and even those heartbreaking misses — with family and friends for years to come.

Record Your Hunt With Rifle Cams

Today’s lightweight, rugged and easy-to-use Rifle Cam is the result of years of development, as Holmberg has been working to perfect filming big game hunts through a variety of means since the 1990s. Over the years, he tried everything from duct-taping cameras to rifle barrels to tripod-mounted cameras in tree stands — yet nothing seemed to produce the results he was looking for.

As a student of engineering, Holmberg realized that success would come through mating two existing technologies — video cameras and riflescopes. As video cameras became progressively smaller and more compact, Holmberg realized that with the proper engineering, a camera could be attached to the side of a scope. This would allow the hunter to line up their shots unencumbered and ensure that the camera filmed where the scope was aiming.

Ingenious in its simplicity, Rifle Cam ensures that no detail of your favorite hunting moments will be missed. In addition to video cameras, Rifle Cam can also be used to easily mount laser range finders to existing riflescopes. Knowing the precise distance between you and your target will help you become a more accurate and effective hunter and the Rifle Cam mount makes it easier than ever.

The Rifle Cam sells for the affordable list price of just $49.95 — yet this is a valuable piece of equipment you’ll use for many hunting seasons to come. Holmberg is not resting on his laurels, however — watch out for several innovative new products spanning other hunting applications from the makers of Rifle Cam that will be launched soon!

For more information visit the Rifle Cam Website at


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