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The Best Broadheads For 2007

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Broadheads are sometimes an overlooked piece in the bow hunter’s arsenal, but broadheads play the most important part in any shot from your hunting bow. Everyone likes the broadheads they use the best so I’m not going to get into any arguments as to which of the 2007 broadheads are the best. Instead I’ll cover some of the options for broadheads out there, along with allowing you to read our broadheads reviews submitted from our readers for you to make your decision.

Broadheads For 2007

Aftershock Maniac Broadheads

Aftershock’s Archery Maniac Broadheads are sure to be a hit in 2007. The one piece hardened stainless steel tip and main blade is .040” combined with a one piece hardened steel .020” bleeder blade make these broadheads lethal. Best of all Maniac broadheads can be shot as 2 or 4 blade and these 100 grain broadheads have a 1-1/8th” cut.

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Rage Broadheads

I’m nothing but impressed with Rage Broadheads. It’s easy to see why Rage Broadheads are gathering so much interest from the bow hunting community. These are broadheads designed to kill. Rage Broadheads offer a Rear Blade Deployment System that gives you guaranteed full blade deployment, no loss of kinetic energy and eliminate deflection. Rage Broadheads fly at a ¾” flight diameter before deploying allowing these broadheads to fly like a field tip until impact at which time the rear deploying blades fully deploy before reaching the hide. The 2 inch cutting diameter can best be described as devastating.

Magnus Broadheads

Magnus broadheads are simple yet effective. Magnus has put extra effort into making sure the design of their broadheads makes them fly just like field tips with the same deadly accuracy. Included in this line of broadheads is the Magnus Stinger and the Magnus Buzzcut Broadheads. The Magnus Buzzcut Broadheads have serrated edges much like a saw of sorts. The results are excellent penetration and tissue damage leading to quicker kills. All Magnus broadheads are spin tested at the factory to make sure their flight from your hunting bow will be true to aim.

Muzzy MX-3 Broadheads

These 100 grain broadheads are Muzzy’s latest introduction. The Muzzy MX-3 is more compact than standard Muzzy 100 Broadheads. These short broadheads have a 1/16” wider cutting diameter than the Muzzy 100 broadheads. Muzzy states the blades on the MX-3 are thicker and stronger than the Muzzy 100. It appears Muzzy is trying to make their Muzzy 100 broadheads even better by introducing the MX-3 which makes a better fit for today’s lighter arrows and faster hunting bows.

Grim Reaper Broadheads

The Grim Reaper Hades is one of the hottest new broadheads on the market. These fixed blade broadheads have number of features including the back edges of the blades are sharpened so they cut coming and going. Grim Reaper Broadheads feature Maxx Edge SS blades. These blades start at a strong 0.35” and gradually go down to 0.20”. What Grim Reaper has done here is made a blade that is strong enough to stand up to the initial impact and sharp enough to slice like a scalpel. The Hades like other Grim Reaper Broadheads is sure to leave some of the largest entrance wounds in the industry.

Conclusion 2007 Broadheads

There you have some of the more interesting options in broadheads for 2007. I invite you to read over our broadhead reviews and make the decision for yourself. You can have the best hunting bow and the best arrows, however without a good shot and the proper broadheads you’ll have just another story to tell.

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