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Press Release

Browning Archery is proud to introduce upgrades and improvements to the technology that makes the Split-Harness system even better. The new Tri-Idler system enhances this unique design by utilizing the patent-pending Split-Harness system into the counter-rotating idlers- improving balance and stabilizing the limb tips of both ends of the bow. This provides the pinpoint accuracy of a two cam into a single cam system. The Cyber ZX cam has been refined to provide straight and level nock travel with a 5" draw length adjustment range without requiring a bow press.

Models incorporating the new system are the Eclipse ZLX and the Mirage ZX. The Eclipse ZLX is 35 1/4" axle to axle with a 7" brace height. The Mirage ZX is 32 3/4" axle to axle with a 7 1/4" brace height.

All Eclipse ZLX and Mirage ZX models will begin to ship with this new system installed effective July of 2003.


Okuma-Titus Gold Series

Press Release

Okuma designed the Titus Gold for those anglers in search of the strongest, fastest fish in the ocean. Powerful fish such as tuna, and speedsters like wahoo were the primary targets for designing the Titus Gold. The side plates and one-piece frame of the Titus Gold are machined from T6-6061 aluminum. This offers precision alignment of the forged aluminum spool for the smoothest free spooling around.

The castability of the Titus Gold is further enhanced by five stainless steel ball bearings. The internal strength of the Titus Gold originates from the stainless steel main gear and pinion gear. Both of these gears were engineered with angled teeth and oversized for the strongest possible gearing available. To compliment the strength of the new Titus gears, Okuma equipped the Titus Gold with the smoothest most powerful, oversized composite and stainless steel, sealed drag washers. The loud clicker is also designed with an all-new stainless steel pawl. The aluminum frame is available in two models--an open face, one-piece frame for fisherman who want to increase their casting distance and a level-wind model featuring a top bar for down rigging and bottom fishing.

Quality workmanship can be seen throughout the Titus Gold. The tension control knob for drag adjustment and the drag lever itself are both forged aluminum. The construction of the handle is stainless steel with a machined aluminum tubular handle knob to match the reel's gold finish. The finish of the Titus Gold is polished anodized aluminum gold and complemented with etched cosmetics. Introducing the Titus graphite lever drag reels


Trailmaster's Active Infrared Trail Camera


TrailMaster’s TM1550 is a Second Generation two-piece active infrared trail monitoring system which uses an invisible infrared beam across the trail between the transmitter and receiver. (150 ft./45 m. range)

The infrared energy is transmitted as a wide beam from the transmitter, and received in a small 3/8" diameter window on the receiver. The only part of the transmitted beam which is sensitive to being broken is the narrow 3/8" beam which is received by the receiver. See Figure 1 below. By setting the beam at the chest height of the animal you wish to monitor, and controlling the length of time the beam must be blocked before it registers as an event, you can count only the animals you want, and ignore other animals or objects which pass through the beam.

This patented TrailMaster system provides a monitor which is easy to align, but one with selective sensitivity to allow you to monitor for movement of specific game. The TM1550 Second Generation two-piece active infrared trail monitor and its accessories are the standard by which all other trail monitors are measured.

Two piece Active infrared technology sets the standard in trail monitoring technologies. Each time an animal passes through the infrared beam, the event is recorded by date and time to the minute. This event information is stored in the TM1550’s non-volatile memory. If the optional TM35-1 Camera Kit is attached, the TM1550 system can also take a photograph of the animal as it breaks the beam.

The TM1550 lets you record and store more than 1000 events. With the TrailMaster TM1550 you can collect event information and take photographs which will show patterns of game movement and prevent drawing incorrect conclusions based on a small number of events.

Uses an invisible active infrared light beam

Can be easily set for specific game

Records date and time to the minute of each event

Can store over 1000 events

Distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to 150 feet (45m)

Non-Volatile memory *

Password protected *

Advanced camera controls *

Operates 8 month to a 1 year on C-cell batteries*

Compact, rugged, and easy to set up

Accepts optional accessories (TM35-1&camera kit, TM Multi- CameraTrigger II,TM24 Portable printer or TM Data Collector and TM StatPack for data analysis

Weather-proof (Temp. range: -40°F / -40°C. to 130°F / 55°C)

Receiver 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.1 inches (10ounces**)

Transmitter 4.75 x 3.25 x 1.8 inches (17ounces**)

* NEW FEARURES ON THE TM1550 **Without batteries


Terminator Titanium Spinner Baits Introduces Quad Blade

Press Release

Quad Blade. Introducing the Quad Blade. The direct result of demand from our loyal consumers to build a multi-bladed spinnerbait.

Four premium quality blades combine to look just like a small school of baitfish moving through the water. And to make sure they're all spinning, Terminator goes beyond ordinary and tweaks the very tip of each blade to make sure our valued customers experience superior performance.

Of course, at it's heart and soul is Terminator's patented nickel-titanium SnapBack frame. Plus, it features our easy-to-change QuickSkirt, making it a cinch to change skirt colors quickly and easily when patterning fish... another feature found only on Terminator Titanium Spinnerbaits.


Lindy Introduces-Techni-Glo Fuzz-E-Grubs®

Press Release

The popular Fuzz-E-Grub's status as a universal top seller is now enhanced with the addition of 10 Techni-Glo colors! This jig's unique and proven design--featuring a soft plastic-wormlike body and a tantalizing untra-flexible marabou tail--becomes even more potent with the addition of Techni-Glo color options!

The Fuzz-E-Grub is well-known as the jig that "breathes on its own." Its two-color painted eyes are a time-tested plus. New this year are five electric metallic heads with Techni-Glo eyes, plus five Techni-Glo living color heads with contrasting glow eyes and glow bodies. Packaged 2 per card in 1/16sz.---3/8sz. sizes.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Ugly Stik

Fishing Rods

My Son found this one by the river we fish. It's in almost new condition. I took it off his hands one day and never looked back.

I've been using an Ugly Stik since the early 90's. These things are incredible. I do a lot of Carp fishing and if you've ever caught a big you know they are putting up a fight. I never miss a night of fishing in the Summer months and these things stand up to the use and abuse better than any I've had before.

What happened to the old cork handles they had years ago. These foam handles are on everything these days. All they do is collect grease and smell.

Other than that handle there this one seems really well made. I just couldn't resist the other night after getting a snag I just about bent it in half just to see what it would do and it held stronger than a pitbull.

I don't know a lot about other rods and reels anymore, but these are really tough rods that will stand up to about anything. Buy something for you and you'll never be sorry.


Willy Sr.


Sniper Bow Sight

Archery Equipment

Right after buying my bow this spring I invested in the Extreme Sniper bow site. I paid about 100 for it, and right away I will tell you it's worth every penny.

My shooting has improved dramatically. Believe it, or not on my last compound bow I didn't have a site on it at all. I did everything by instinct. Even though I was a good shot, I could never match the accuracy day in and day out of my shooting partners. The peep has made all the difference in this world. I like the ability to bring the sight in closer to my eye where some were fixed. This has made a big difference in my comfort.

It took me a little while to get used to the peep sight. It's a lot like my Dad's old 03a3 30-06 which I wasn't good at using the peep either. It comes in time and when it does you have it for good.

I'm not used to the site sticking out and find myself very concerned about bumping it. I'd like to buy some sort of guard to protect it all year long, especially when targeting.

I think it was Mel Gibson in Braveheart who said "aim small miss small". That's been my motto to my shooting partners who can't believe how consistent my accuracy has become. sites are the way to go and you won't do wrong by the Sniper at Extreme Archery.


Bullseye Bob


Multi-Vision Titanium Air Elite

Tree Stands

I was cruising the web for tree stands last year when I happened across the Ol'man website. They have a really great story on there about how their tree stands came in to being and about why which reminded me of myself. You see the guy who had a Father who was old and didn't know it. He says in the story was one of the reasons he created the Ol'Man was he was sick and tired of rescuing his Father from tree stands. The moment I read that I knew this was the one for me.

My Father insists on using a climbing stand no matter how many times I offer to build him one, or even buy him a ladder stand. He also insists on bringing it in each night even though we will be back out on stand before the sun comes out. The reason the Titanium was my choice is it's lighter and stronger than steel and is easier to haul back and forth to camp. All of their stands come with a safety harness which is good since he's been using the one he has since I was in middle school.

The only thing he would change is the size of the foot platform. He's not as coordinated as he once was and I'm always worried about him slipping.

I don't worry about the construction of it. It's very well made and I doubt anyone would put a bad stand on the market with all of the liability settlements out there.

It was a lot of money for me to spend at a bad time. I know Dad would have done it for me and I thank him to this day for introducing me to hunting and fishing. I also know the two of us can't have a lot of hunting days left together and want to try to make his time out there as enjoyable as possible. If you're in Pennsylvania and see some old guy way to high in a tree, say hello to Dad.


R. Hanks

Hunter's View

Hawk Climbing Tree Stand

Tree Stands

It came yesterday from I don't recall exactly what it cost since I bought a new safety harness and a few lures, Somewhere close to $99.00.

I had a real old loggy without a seat on it. I purchased a strap on seat, but I'm tall and it didn't give me the best support especially when bundled up for one of the colder days of the year. For this one the seat is part of the unit and pretty comfortable compared to others I've tried. The straps are generous in size as well compared to my old loggy whose straps were nothing more than carrying handles.

It's not completly camo'd. The base is a gray that will probably blend in well enough, but I would rather not take any chances. It's to late to paint it and not have to worry about scent so I will probably buy a couple of rolls of camo tape and then spray it down with scent shield real well in addition to leaving it under the shed.

For $100 I didn't expect miracles, but it's pretty solid. I go a little over the weight limit of 300 with a full pack of gear, gun and knapsack so I'm alway think about that in the back of my mind. I also wish it were a little quieter when climbing, but I'm sure after a little use it will work out.

For $100 some dollars I think I did well. I don't have to worry a lot about losing it like I would with a high end stand and it is very comfortable, especially with the padded armrest in the warmer months. I'll give it a three out of five.


Bill Hemlen Sr. Boise, ID


Sealite 1 million candlepower

Fishing Tackle

It was a gift from my wife. I'm sure she probably picked it up at Wal-mart, or K-mart or the like. I think she wants me to stay out fishing longer giving her more time to shop.

It's great for finding stuff in the trunk. I'm not too keen on dropping electrical wires into 20 foot of wire. Maybe this is just another plot for her to get rid of me.

I'm not too keen on dropping electrical wires into 20 foot of water. Somehow I keep hearing my Father give me the lecture about dropping the hair dryer in the tub as a kid.

It had better be good otherwise I can see a lot of disatisfied customers floating around out there.

Like I said I'm not too keen on dropping wire into water, not to mention what my pals will say when they see me hooking it up. That might be worth the price of admission alone. I may just regift it as this type of fishing just isn't for me. Whatever happened to just good old natural fishing.


Not Sparky


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