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Fishing Reels - Quantum’s Test Lab

HFG Staff Writer

Fishing reels have advanced dramatically over the last ten years. To give you an idea the kinds of technology and testing going into the fishing reel’s of today I thought I’d do an article on Quantum’s Testing Lab. Much of this information is taken from a great article about the lab which can be found on Quantum’s website. Quantum reels are designed by Quantum and tested by Quantum. Many companies produce reels designed by another company or a reel that is is just slightly different than another companies. The Engineers at Quantum have the tools and equipment to put a piece of fishing gear through a test in a week that is the equivalent of ten years of heavy fishing use. This allows Quantum to do a lifetime of analysis on a reel before it is ever available to purchase. Very few manufacturers of fishing reels have invested the kind of money and talent into their labs and research facilities that Quantum has.

Quantum Fishing Reels Test Procedures

Obviously we can’t give you the exact details of their test, however here are the categories they test each of their fishing reels on before you ever take the reel fishing.

Endurance - All of these reels are pushed to the brink in their testing lab. Once they are put through months of heavy use they are disassembled and all of the internal parts of the reels are examined for wear. It’s through this careful analysis they are able to prevent defective parts from being placed in their reels.

Testing Acceleration – Within the lab is equipment needed to accelerate the use of the fishing reel so in a matter of days they can imitate several years worth of hard fishing. By putting their reels through extreme use via machines they can head off any potential products with a new model well before we ever get a chance to take the reel fishing. Chances are on weekend or a holiday machines continue to work these reels out as if they’re out on the lake fishing. The whole purpose of these tests is to put the reels through some of the hardest fishing use possible right in their lab and within just a few days.

Environmental Testing – Quantum also has tests that imitate years of use in some of the toughest climates possible including hot sun and salt water. How the reel will react after being dropped in the mud or in seawater is what they are out to discover. Once they discover the smallest defect they go about reingeneering the reel so the defect is eliminated well before the reel ever gets a chance to go fishing. The best part is they are also testing their competition’s reels as well to see what works on them and what doesn’t.

Feedback From You The User

Quantum listens to what you the person using their fishing reel has to say. They want to hear from the people using their fishing equipment and go out of their way to talk with people who purchase their gear to see how it works for them. In addition they use feedback from websites just like this one to constantly criticize their product and to see where they need to improve.

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