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Wireless Trail Cameras - Moultrie Game Management System

HFG Staff- Wireless Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras continue to improve by leaps and bounds each and every year. Not only are these cameras becoming smaller in size, providing better battery life, but they also provide better picture quality. This next improvement Iím about to tell you about is going to revolutionize trail cameras further by making them that much easier to use. Imagine receiving your trail camera pictures delivered right to your home computer or better yet right to your cell phone. Thatís right Moultrie has come out with a complete Wireless Game Management System which will allow you to deliver your deer camera pics right to your cell phone without you having to hit the trail to retrieve your pictures.

Wireless Trail Cameras

For those of you who visit Hunting & Fishing Gear Review regularly you know I love my trail cameras and from September through January they take up a good bit of my free time. My primary hunting area is an old farm owned by one of my closest friends. The bad part is the farm is close to two hours away and three quarters of a tank of gas when all is said and done. If I plan on retrieving my trail camera pics once a week Iím losing at the very least a weekend morning. Now this isnít a bad thing as often Iíll get in a morning hunt or just combine the retrieving of my trail camera pics with some scouting. What Moultrie is offering is going to change how you retrieve the images from your trail cameras.

Moultrie Game Management System Ė Wireless Trail Cameras

The Moultrie Game Management System allows you to connect your trail camera via a cellular link to your account on the Moultrie Game Management System Website. Here are the details on how you can retrieve your trail cameraís images wirelessly.

Purchase one of the compatible Moultrie Game Cameras which are models I-45, I-65, M-45, M-65.

Purchase a Moultrie Game Spy Connect Cellular Module. Estimated Cost is approximately $150. This is the device which will actually transmit your pictures and plugs into the bottom of your trail camera. Note: you will also need to buy a data plan in order to receive your wireless trail camera images. A chart of the data plan costs are listed below.

Register your private account at Moultrie where you will be able to select a data plan and view images. Images taken are automatically stored and titled with all relevant information such as date, time, and moon phase. Pictures from your trail camera are automatically uploaded to your account at the time you choose. The system is very simple and everything is done for you so you donít have to worry about setup or daily maintenance.

Wireless Trail Cameras Data Plans.

There is a cost for the wireless connection data plan. The lowest plan Moultrie offers is $29.99 per month which allows you to transmit up to 400 low resolution pictures. The Guide Plan is $39.99 per month and allows you to transmit 800 low resolution pictures from your trail camera, the Ranch Plan is $49.99 per month and allows you to transmit up to 1600 images a month from your scouting cameras.

What about the off season?

Moultrie will allow you to make your camera inactive three months of the year. This lowers your cost down to $12.99 per month.

Also, it should be noted you can take pictures from your trail cameras in high resolution and then have them transmit in a lower resolution so as not to take up as space in your data plan which equates to saving money.

The Moultrie Cellular Module will work on any compatible Moultrie Trail Camera so if you have several Moultrie Trail Cameras compatible you can move the Wireless Module to another unit. Please not the Wireless Module only works on one unit at a time.

Wireless Trail Camera Ė Moultrie

Iím going to take the plunge and buy one of these units in the next few weeks so look for a complete review on these awesome trail cameras within the next couple of months. The Moultrie Wireless System for Trail Cameras will actually send a text to your cell phone when thereís been activity around your trail camera so you know to check your account. Another plus is as we get closer to the season you wonít have to disturb your hunting area as often as you walk the trails to check your cameras. Although Moultrieís Wireless Trail Cameras will require you to spend more than you do currently on your trail cameras you may be able to justify the cost with spending less money on gas and more time on the job rather than driving to check the results of your trail cameras.


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