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Smith&Wesson-Parents Can Add Child Safety Kit to 'Back to School' Checklist

Press Release

Smith & Wesson Kid Safe Kit Helps Parents Empower Kids to Protect Themselves SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- In this back to school time, Safe-T-Line, a licensee of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (Amex: SWB), is encouraging parents to evaluate their children's safety needs by asking important questions to determine if their children are prepared to handle themselves if approached by a stranger.

Safe-T-Line, makers of the Smith & Wesson(R) Kid Safe Kit, developed a Kid Safe Quiz to help parents determine if their child knows what to do in a dangerous situation by asking:

* Does my child know how to recognize the lures used by "tricky" people? * Does my child know how and when to say "NO" to an older person? * Does my child know that an adult asking for directions is usually a sign of danger? * Does my child know how or what to yell in a dangerous situation?

"We believe asking these simple questions will help parents gauge their children's awareness of potential safety concerns," said Brian Manthey, product manager for Safe-T-Line Corp. "Educating and empowering children with information could make all the difference if they ever are faced with a difficult situation. It's critical that kids feel confident that they can make the right decision when the wrong people approach them."

The Smith & Wesson Kid Safe Kit is the latest personal safety product offered by Safe-T-Line Corp., a licensee of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, which is the parent company of the legendary 151-year-old handgun maker Smith & Wesson Corp.

The Smith & Wesson(R) Kid Safe Kit is a complete child protection and educational kit that provides parents with the resources and information they need to help keep their children safe. It includes an award-winning Yello Dyno(R) educational video that teaches children to recognize dangerous people and situations and tools to help empower children, such as a personal safety alarm to alert others for help.

The Smith & Wesson Kid(R) Safe Kit is a brand new item that product developer Brian Manthey believes should be added to every child's list of back to school supplies.

"As children go back to school and are on their own more often, many parents experience anxiety about the safety of their children," said Manthey. "The Smith & Wesson(R) Kid Safe Kit helps parents empower their children with the ability to identify dangerous situations and how to react in that situation to avoid being harmed or abducted."

The Smith & Wesson(R) Kid Safe Kit includes:

* A Yello Dyno(R) "Can't Fool Me!" educational video that teaches children how to recognize "tricky" people and guard themselves against abduction or harmful situations * Safety Rules Poster highlighting Yello Dyno's 8 Safety Tips * Personal Security Device (PSD), a 110-decibel alarm that can clip to backpacks * An inkless do-it-yourself fingerprint kit and identification card * A parent guide outlining steps to take if their child is lost or abducted

The suggested retail price for the Smith & Wesson(R) Kid Safe Kit is $19.99. Families with more than one child can purchase additional individual alarms for the suggested retail price of $7.99. The Smith & Wesson(R) Kid Safe Kit is available at Walgreen's stores throughout the country and on the Smith & Wesson Web site at . It also is available at all Albertson's and Jewel Osco stores.

About Safe-T-Line Corp.

Headquartered in Mequon, WI, Safe-T-Line Corporation was founded in March, 2003 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DHI Acquisition Corporation which also owns Today's Design House and Accents Unlimited brands. Safe-T-Line manufactures and distributes Smith & Wesson consumer placed home and personal security products including state-of-the-art home surveillance cameras, entry alarms and motion detectors. For more information regarding Safe-T-Line and their product line, please call 1-888-809-9888.


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