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Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker


Browning A-Bolt rifles receive their name from the block "A" formed by the top of the receiver. Here is the best bolt-action platform for long- or short-actions, and it just got better for 2003 with the introduction of the new super-short magnums — the latest, hottest calibers in the new shorter-than-short action A-Bolts. All new A-Bolt rifles are shipped with a free padlock (or equivalent device) to assist in the safe storage of your firearm.

With a 60? throw, the bolt utilizes a non-rotating bolt sleeve that runs the entire length of the bolt. When unlocked, three guide ribs on the bolt sleeve align with the three locking lugs to allow the bolt to slide smoothly. When locked, these three lugs provide massive bolt strength.

The A-Bolt feeds very smoothly because of its unique, patented cartridge depressor. This cartridge depressor stays in position, independent of the bolt rotation, as the bolt slides gently over the cartridges in the magazine. The bolt face is recessed, completely surrounding the cartridge base.

The barrel is free floating and glass bedded at the recoil lug and rear of receiver. This maintains the proper spacing around the barrel and provides consistent accuracy. The muzzle is recessed. Barrel lengths are 26" in magnum calibers and 22" in standard and short action calibers. Micro Hunters have a 20" barrel, except .22 Hornet, 223 and 22-250. All rifles in the WSM family of calibers utilize a 23" barrel.

To give the A-Bolt a personalized touch, the owner’s name may be engraved on the bolt sleeve or body of the rifle. For engraving information, please call 800-333-3288.

The A-Bolt features a chrome-plated trigger sear for cleaner, crisper trigger pull. It is screw adjustable and pre-set at approximately 4 pounds.

The safety is a top-tang, thumb-operated and can be actuated using the thumb without changing from a shooting grip.

The magazine has a hinged floorplate with a detachable box which makes it simple and fast to load a spare magazine.

Magazine capacity in standard calibers: four in magazine, one in chamber. Magnum calibers including the WSM family: three in the magazine, one in chamber. Micro Hunter: three in the magazine, one in chamber. Capacity of 223 Rem. is up to five rounds in the Micro Hunter and up to six rounds on other models.

Sights: A-Bolt rifles feature drilled and tapped receivers for the installation of scope mounts. Open sights are included on the 375 H&H (including BOSS models). On the Medallion and White Gold Medallion, 1" deluxe sling swivels are furnished. All other models have Michaels post-type swivel studs, swivels not included.

The BOSS System: (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) is optional on all A-Bolts except the Hunter, Varmint and Micro Hunter models. It is standard on A-Bolt Eclipse models.

The BOSS-CR: This accessory is included with all BOSS-equipped rifles and offers all the accuracy advantages of the original BOSS without the muzzle brake feature


A-Bolt Composite Stalker, WSSM Super-Short Action Not just a modified short-action, the A-Bolt WSSM is a super-short action rifle. Chambered for the hottest, shortest new calibers on the market - 223 and 243 WSSM. Composite stock and matte blued metal surfaces. Available in BOSS. A-Bolt Composite Stalker Non-glare, tough composite stock and matte blued metal surfaces. Stock features a slight palm swell for precise finger-to-trigger positioning.(Scope not included.)

A-Bolt Composite Stalker with BOSS In addition to the muzzle brake BOSS, all BOSS-equipped rifles also include a BOSS-CR (Conventional Recoil), offering the shooter standard recoil and muzzle blast while maintaining optimized accuracy.(Scope not included.)


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