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Ruger Centerfire Bolt Action rifles


When you choose a Ruger Centerfire Bolt Action rifle, you have a wide range of options. There are 25 calibers to select from and barrel lengths ranging from 16 1/2" for the easy-to-carry Compact Rifle to 26" for the supremely accurate Target Grey® M77 MKII Target Rifle. Material choices include blued alloy steel or stainless steel, and American Black Walnut, laminated hardwood, or All-Weather synthetic stocks. In total, Sturm, Ruger offers over 150 top-quality centerfire bolt action rifles to meet your exact needs.

Ruger centerfire bolt action rifles also meet your needs for reliable, accurate and convenient scope mounting. You will never have to buy traditional separate scope mount bases, because all our centerfire bolt action rifles are produced with Ruger's patented integral scope mounting system. Ruger scope rings attach directly to the receiver's machined mounting surfaces, eliminating a potential source of looseness and inaccuracy in the field. Ruger scope rings are included at no extra cost, a $60 value. No other American rifle maker offers this system, but you get it free with every Ruger bolt action rifle.

Ruger's proven bolt action design includes a one-piece bolt and a non-rotating Mauser-type controlled-feed extractor, the most positive case extraction system ever invented. The fixed-blade-type ejector positively ejects the empty cases as the bolt is moved fully rearward. All Ruger centerfire bolt action rifles also feature our easily accessible three-position safety, which allows the shooter to lock the bolt, or to load and unload, with the safety engaged.

Since its introduction in 1968, the Ruger M77 has been recognized as a leader in the field of Centerfire Bolt Action rifles. Its diagonal front-screw bedding system firmly anchors the receiver into the stock inletting more effectively than any other system devised. Its one-piece bolt has proven to be one of the strongest on the market, standing up over the years to such magnum cartridges as the .375 H&H and .416 Rigby.

Today, Ruger M77 Mark II Bolt Action rifles are available in both right- and left-handed configurations, and in calibers ranging from .223 Remington to .458 Lott. M77 Mark II rifles feature a patented floorplate latch that is mounted flush with the front of the trigger guard. This secures the hinged floorplate against accidental dumping of cartridges, yet allows quick unloading of the magazine well by simply pressing from the outside of the guard.

M77 Mark II Standard Model Rifles: Ruger M77 Mark II Standard Model rifles are suitable for a wide variety of shooting requirements. The M77 Mark II Standard offers classic features including checkered American Walnut stocks, sling swivel studs, blued alloy steel components and your choice of sighted or unsighted models.

M77 Mark II Compact Rifles: For hunters who trek far into the wilderness for their game, we offer the 5-3/4-lb. M77 Mark II Compact. Ruger Compact bolt action rifles have shorter barrels and stocks, making them convenient for hunting over large areas. In spite of their size, Ruger Compact rifles offer real stopping power - including five popular calibers from .223 Remington to .308 Winchester.

M77 Mark II Magnum Rifles: For those who confront the largest and most dangerous game, the Ruger M77 Mark II Magnum rifle will fit the bill. Ruger Magnum rifles offer deluxe features including heavy barrels with machined integral ribs and Express sights, and premium grade Circassian walnut stocks. Ruger M77 Mark II Magnum rifles are offered in .375 H&H, .416 Rigby and .458 Lott - for the ultimate stopping power.

Target Grey® M77 Mark II Target Rifles: For long-range target shooters, the heavy-barrel, supremely accurate Target Grey® M77 Mark II Target Models with target triggers are the rifle of choice. Ruger Target Grey® M77 Mark II models feature 26" hammer forged barrels, low glare stainless steel components and weather resistant laminated wood stocks.

M77 Mark II Left-Handed Rifles: Ruger offers nine left-handed centerfire bolt action rifles including five blued models with American Walnut stocks and four stainless steel models with laminated wood stocks.

M77 Mark II All-Weather Rifles: M77 Mark II All-Weather rifles offer the ultimate solution for hunting in rough weather. There are over twenty models available for a wide range of uses and your choice of sighted or unsighted versions. Weather proof Zytel glass-filled nylon stocks and stainless steel components ensure reliable performance, whatever the weather.

M77 Mark II Sporter Rifles: Ruger M77 Mark II Sporter rifles offer weather-resistant laminated wood stocks with sling swivel studs and grip caps, and stainless steel actions and barrels.

M77 Mark II International Rifles: Ruger M77 Mark II International rifles offer full-length checkered American Walnut stocks with grip caps, blued alloy steel components and hammer forged barrels.

M77 Mark II Ultra Light Rifles: Ruger M77 Mark II Ultra Light rifles offer the ultimate combination of reduced weight in a full-sized rifle. Ultra Light rifles feature reduced contour stocks and barrels to save weight without compromising performance. In general, Ultra Light rifles are one-half to three-quarters of a pound lighter than equivalent standard models.

77/22 Hornet & 77/44 Rotary Magazine Centerfire Bolt Action Rifles: Unique among bolt action rifles, Ruger 77/22 Hornet and 77/44 rotary magazine centerfire bolt action rifles incorporate Ruger's patented detachable rotary magazine, plus the three-position safety of the Ruger M77 Mark II. The 77/44 is chambered in the powerful .44 Magnum cartridge, a proven brush and timber caliber for whitetail deer-sized game. The 77/22 Hornet is an ideal choice for varmint and small game hunting or target shooting.

Ruger's 77/44 rotary magazine centerfire bolt action rifles offer you the choice of either a checkered American Walnut stock and blued alloy steel components or a synthetic stock and corrosion resistant stainless steel components. Both models are equipped with a sporting-style butt pad, grip cap, and sling swivel studs, and both feature 18 1/2" barrels and sights.

Ruger's 77/22 Hornet rotary-magazine centerfire bolt action rifles are available in your choice of either the 77/22 Hornet in checkered American Walnut stock with blued alloy steel components and a 20 inch stock or the Target Grey® 77/22 Hornet which features brown laminate stock and corrosion-resistant stainless steel components with our proprietary low glare finish and a 24 inch barrel. Both models are equipped with a sporting-style butt pad and sling swivel studs.

77/22 Hornet and 77/44 rotary magazine centerfire bolt action rifles feature accurate hammer forged barrels and solid, heat-treated steel actions with right-hand turning, 90-degree lift bolts and ultra-fast lock time for added accuracy.


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