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Colorite Bait Coloring System Worn Dye


WORM DYE is a transparent, penetrating dye used for altering lighter colored baits, or for dying clear, glow, white and pearl baits. WORM DYE will also color hard plastic baits, skirts, feathers and flies. We currently offer 21 colors of worm dye, available in either Game Fish or Garlic scent. Worm dye works similarly to paint in that you can combine colors to create new colors.

Instead of carrying a small arsenal of different colored baits (and never being assured of having the right color for that day and conditions), Colorite allows the angler to quickly color his favorite style of bait while on the water. Or perhaps you cannot find your favorite bait in the colors that work for you. Well now you can make your own.

Soft Plastics For soft plastic baits, simply dip into the bottle and remove. The product dries in only six seconds! The shade of a color can deepened by simply dipping additional times. To achieve a lighter shade, simply thin down the worm dye with our thinner. When combining colors, we suggest dipping lighter colors before darker ones.

When creating a multi-colored bait, we suggest applying the product with a cotton swab. For example: You want a chartreuse bait with a green back and an orange tail. First paint the top of the bait with blue (Electric Blue or Blue Ice), then similarly paint the bottom with pink (Pink Watermelon or Pink Grapefruit). Finally, dip the bait in Chartreuse. Blue and yellow make green; pink and yellow make orange.

We suggest you experiment. With 21 available colors, you can create just about any colored bait you can imagine.

Hard Plastics When coloring hard plastic baits, we recommend applying with a cotton swab. Or if dipped, rinse with water immediately afterwards to set the dye Company Profile Colorite Bait Company is dedicated to bringing anglers the edge in artificial lure coloration and presentation.

How many times have you gone fishing only to discover that the color the fish are biting that day is the one color missing in your tackle box? How many styles / colors of baits do you take on a fishing trip? One tackle box full? Two? Get tired of having to carry around that arsenal every time?

The Colorite Bait Coloring System is a complete system for fishing with soft plastic lures, and components of the system can also be used with hard plastic lures and metal tackle. With Colorite you can take whatever styles / sizes of your favorite plastic baits and color them on the spot while fishing. All of the components apply in one minute or less. Now you will always have the right color! The Colorite Bait Coloring System

includes: Worm Dye - A penetrating dye for altering colored baits or for dying clear, glow, white and pearl baits. Dries in only 6 seconds. 21 colors available in 2 scents. Mix just like paint to achieve infinite color combinations on soft and hard plastic baits. Tail Dip - A coating colorant for brightening tails and other parts of baits, or for simulating injuries on baits. Drys in only 40 seconds! 5 colors - 3 available in GLOW!

Quick Coat - A metal coating powder paint which applies easily with a disposable lighter and dries in seconds to a beautiful car paint finish. For use on jig heads, spoons, egg weights, sinkers and other items of metal tackle. 33 colors in all!

Glow Master - The cutting edge in glow technology. Day-Glow / Night-Glow, super-bright, long glowing pigments - 9 in all! Available in Tail Dips, Metal Coating Powder Paints, and Premium Super Glow Baits.


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