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Fizzion Power


Fizzion-Power started out based on an age old question all fishermen have pondered. How to get fish to believe that a lure is ALIVE and make that "Big Old Goodín" or "Good Old Bigín" bite on it. Anglers have always tried to build a better "mouse trap". What we have done is to develop a new "CHEESE". Anglers have always tried to get the most out of their lures by tweaking, painting and or by adding feathers etc. Fizzion now gives fishermen the ability to add scent, sound and bubbles to theirfavorite jig's &tube baits.

Mother nature designed fish to eat, breed and protect themselves by utilizing their senses. Fish were made to use these senses at every meal. They can detect prey from considerable distances, whether the prey is fleeing or hiding behind or under structure. A fish is built to see movement, detect scent, sound and even the water that is displaced by fish. Anglers always wonder after a less than fruit full trip, "What could I have done better? Now the answer is here ............FIZZION POWER .

We became a tackle company for one reason. To change and improve a fisherman's chances at success...and make a few bucks to send my kids to college and allow me to "Field Test our products"

Fizzion GEL was the first product that we made , It was designed to be applied to the outside of any lure (worms , spoons , suspending crank baits , and anything else you applied it too). Then we listened to our customers feedback. So we went back to the drawing board and developed our FIZZION paste formula. Our customers wanted more SOUND, more BUBBLES and more SCENT. They wanted to put it into the popular tube stylebaits. This wasn't an easy job. It took time and a lot of customer feed back, but we did it. Our new FIZZION-POWER paste is absolutely amazing. We now have a super improved formula with aggressive crawfish sound, a steady stream of bubbles and realistic scent thanks to Kick-n-Bass.

So keep letting us know what you need and we'll do our best to give it to you. Check back at our web site often. We are always working on exciting new innovations. Ideas to improve your chances for success.

HOW FIZZION-POWER WORKS SOUND - FIZZION-POWER produces a highly audible sound which in turn creats vibration and water displacement. The snapping sound produced by FIZZION-POWER mimics natural sounds produced by crawfish flicking their tails as they crawl across the bottom and bait fish feeding on insects and algae. FIZZION-POWER's sound can't be equalled by beads or rattles, because of it's ability to displace water while sendingd vibration through the water.

SCENT - FIZZION-POWER is enhanced with a chemically superior scent: KICK'N BASS. KICK'N BASS allows FIZZION-POWER the ability to pull fish in with natural scent as well as feeding stimulants, making fish want to feed. KICK'N BASS allows our bait to be noticed by fish from far away, thanks to the dispersing ability of the scent.

BUBBLES - FIZZION-POWER produces a consistent stream of bubbles that allow fish to find our bait in muddy water or weedy areas. It also adds a nice visual effect in clear water, were the bubbles are seen as movement. The bubbles are also an important part of permeating the water with scent.

GLITTER - FIZZION-POWER adds life sized fish scale shaped glitter which imitaes a wounded bait fish. Dispersed through the water by the bubbles, this adds a realism to the bait in clear water. Which helps trick those leery fish into taking the bait.

When strike zones are small we all need a lure that will not only sit in that zone and attract strikes, but we also need a lure that will extend itself to reach into those zones even if it sets outside of them. By extending our baits appealing qualities we greaten our chances of pulling fish in to our bait even when they really don't want to go that far. Your always going to be closer to the fish with FIZZION-POWER than you would have been without it.


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