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Mossberg's New 935 Magnum Autoloader..The Workhorse! It's New, it's Awesome and it's Available


If we had any input on mother nature's designs, we would have requested that big honkers and streaking divers not be so darn hard to bring down! Unfortunately, she never asked. But, like mother nature, we're pretty good at our own designs. That's why we've created some "bad medicine" for those who dare to skirt your spread or even think about checking things out. We're talking the latest in 12 gauge 3-1/2" stopping power. We're talking the new Mossberg® 935™ MAGNUM autoloader... THE WORKHORSE™.

Sneak previewed and range-tested by hundreds of shooters, shooting thousands of rounds at the 2003 Ducks Unlimited Greater Outdoor Festival, held recently in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

#81035 935™ w/ Mossy Oak® Break-Up® camo, 28"bbl... MSRP $601 #81037 935™ w/ Mossy Oak® Break-Up® camo, 26"bbl... MSRP $601 Introducing the new Mossberg 935™ MAGNUM autoloading 3-1/2" chambered shotgun. Its pedigree is downright legendary, and its price and performance, well, they speak for themselves.

Whether it's the cupped wings of a flock of canadas or the streaking fly-bys of big water ducks that make you tick, we want you to go home with your game bag full. That's why we worked so hard to bring you an autoloader that will help you do just that. We're not talking about some fancy show gun that spends the hunting season on display, we're talking about a hard-core, special purpose shotgun designed to send out the hard-hitting 3" & 3 1/2" loads - the kind of medicine it takes to put meat on the table.

#81000 935™ MAGNUM w/ black matte finish, 28" barrel... MSRP $538 #81001 935™ MAGNUM w/ black matte finish, 26" barrel... MSRP $538

The new 935™ MAGNUM autoloader takes its cues from the legendary 835® Ulti-Mag® pump action - the original 3-1/2" chambered,12 gauge shotgun. When you first shoulder the 935 MAGNUM you'll appreciate the sleek, natural feel of the stock and forearm, seamlessly integrated into the receiver and barrel. The perfectly angled receiver provides instinctive eye-rib alignment for instant target acquisition - a feature you'll depend on when your hours of cupped-wing anticipation becomes a multi-target reality. You'll also appreciate the fiber optic front sight in low light action, and a magazine quick-unload button for when the day is done.

935™ waterfowl models are equipped with three interchangeable Accu-Mag™ choke tubes for the ultimate in pattern performance with lead, steel and other non-toxic loads.

For the absolute ultimate in pattern performance, each 935™ MAGNUM waterfowl model is equipped with three interchangeable Accu-Mag™ choke tubes - the same choke tubes that helped make the 835® Ulti-Mag® the number one selling 12 gauge 3 1/2" chambered pump-action shotgun in the world. This time tested choke tube system is perfect for lead, steel and other non-toxic factory loads. 935 Overbore (.775) vs. Standard 12 gauge bore (.731) For superior pattern performance and reduced felt recoil, each smooth bore 935 barrel (left) is overbored to 10 gauge dimensions.

For soft-shooting reliability, the new self-regulating gas system vents excess gasses to aid in recoil reduction and eliminates stress on operating components. It's also one of the most reliable gas systems available, with minimal moving parts and no O-rings or manual adjustments to spoil the action.

The new 935™ MAGNUM is available just in time for this waterfowl season. You can select your 935™ waterfowl model with 26" or 28" barrel lengths offered in a weather-beating black synthetic model or Mossy Oak® New Break-Up® pattern

SIMPLICITY EQUALS PERFORMANCE The gas cylinder, dual gas-vent system and piston remain attached to the barrel, reducing cleaning maintenance and ensuring easy assembly/disassembly. And for those whose life revolves around the turkey hunting seasons, our line-up will be just as impressive. Turkey models feature 24" or 26" overbored barrel lengths and include our high performance Accu-Mag™ extended turkey tube. An impressive selection of the latest camo patterns from Mossy Oak®, Advantage®, and Realtree® will be available to help conceal you from those prying eyes. 935™ MAGNUM Feature Review: Developed for use with 12 gauge 3" and 3-1/2" factory loaded shotshells
24", 26" and 28" barrel lengths available
Padded nylon sling attached
TRUGLO® FAT BEAD™ fiber optic front sight on waterfowl models
Windage and elevation adjustable fiber optic sights on all turkey models
Simple, reliable, easy to maintain gas system (no "O" rings or manual adjustments to spoil this action)
Overbored barrels
Accu-Mag™ choke tube set (IC, Mod, Full) included with waterfowl models
Choke tubes interchangeable with 835® Ulti-Mag® barrels
Custom stock spacers
Uni-Line stock and receiver for quick target acquisition
Quick-empty magazine button
Ambidextrous thumb operated safety button
Cocking indicator
Wide ventilated rib
Includes firearm cablelock
935™ Magnum Specifications
Capacity.............. 5-shot w/ 3" (4+1), one less with 3 1/2" shells
O/A Length........ 49" w/ 28" barrel
Weight................ 7lbs. 14 oz w/ 28" barrel
Stock/forearm... Synthetic only
LOP .................... 14-1/2" DAC .................... 1-1/2" DAH .................... 1-1/4"


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Cabela's: Mid-Winter Sale, Save up to 65%

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