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Winchester Super Shadow


Never before has a Winchester stock had such dramatic visual appeal: with contrasting contours, highly functional oval-dot grip textures and aggressive overall styling. But why the dramatic alteration of traditional stock design? First, these styling advantages are calculated to reduce overall weight and improve balance. Yet you still get superior strength resulting from the contours built into the stock itself and from fiberglass micro-fibers (which are actually visible in the stock). Because of the design, the stock easily fits the “lighter weight rifle” category. The fore-end has the slimness, light weight and fast handling qualities of the famous Featherweight, yet provides a more functional surface at the sling stud for mounting a bi-pod. The custom-designed recoil pad offers exceptional performance -- the best ever for a Winchester proprietary pad – and is comparable to pads costing up to $50 retail. The pad’s special internal design, along with the newest materials technology, assure comfort with WSM calibers. This new pad is available only on the Super Shadow, and without it the Super Shadow’s lower weight would not be as significant an advantage.

The new bolt design, called Controlled Round Push Feed (CRPF), offers the best combination of traditional and modern bolt design, and along with the new stock styling, represents the core of the Super Shadow advantage. The CRPF design bridges the gap between current push feed design and the proven Classic claw extractor “pre-’64” action, offering full controlled round feeding, easy single shot loading and a fixed blade-type ejector . . . all in a high value package.

Winchester Super Shadow™ Feature Review:

Calibers: Winchester Short Magnums – 300 WSM, 270 WSM and 7mm WSM. Already accepted as breakthroughs in Magnum cartridge design. Top accuracy, magnum ballistics, high case efficiency -- in a short, larger diameter cartridge package. The short action magnum configuration helps reduce action weight and shortens the loading/ejection stroke by 1/2" over long actions. As evidenced in numerous gun magazine articles, the WSM revolution is for real, offering exceptional accuracy with improved ballistics – all in a shorter, more compact, short action receiver configuration. Now available in a Super Short version designed specifically for the new 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM cartridges.

Action: Totally new "Control Round Push Feed" (CRPF) bolt design.

Grip Textures: Integrated, elevated oval style gripping surfaces. Unlike conventional checkering, they grip better without being sharp on the hands, and they offer exceptional grip with gloves -- yet are easy to clean should mud or dirt get on the gripping surfaces. Weight: Only 6 lbs. 10.8 oz. without scope. The hunting advantage is obvious – but this is fully appreciated only after the effectiveness of the new, exclusive recoil pad design is considered.

Recoil Pad: It has a newly designed Winchester-exclusive pad which incorporates a new high absorption, special composition material with a special rear gripping pattern. Recoil absorption performance is in the class of the most expensive pads . . . and no Winchester-developed pad has ever been this effective.

Magazine: Blind style, loads from top. The lack of a floorplate offers more than value. With no metal floorplate weight is further reduced. There’s never any chance of inadvertently spilling rounds from the magazine. Capacity is a full three rounds in the magazine, and one in chamber for full four-shot capacity – while still being slim and easy to hold with your hand under the receiver.

Barrel: Blued steel with Winchester type hammer forged rifling. Sporter weight contour. (Hammer forged rifling has been proven for accuracy on over a century of Winchesters.)

Introducing the New Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow™ Super Short in WSSM Calibers.

What do you get when you evolve the high performance Winchester Short Magnum concept into the realm of smaller, higher velocity bullets? You get the 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM cartridges – Winchester Super Short Magnums. They are short, stout and fast like no other production calibers ever. The case is based on the proven WSM design, but is shortened and necked for some of the best bullets ever. The cartridge case, with both new calibers, is over ½” shorter than popular “short” action calibers.

This means the steel action itself is shorter. And with the shorter action – an entirely new class of action for the Model 70 – you get a shorter overall rifle length for maneuverability and pointability. A Winchester chambered for a WSSM is easy to carry and easy to shoulder. Yet, with its advanced recoil pad design, these little magnums are tamed and easily handled even by smaller shooters.

The WSSM concept itself provides an exceptionally efficient burn, primarily because of the larger diameter of the cartridge base. This additionally increases the uniformity of the powder burn itself. Seasoned target shooters will tell you that a uniform burn equals uniform accuracy. You get the velocity of an efficient burn combined with the accuracy of a more uniform burn. No wonder the Winchester Super Short Magnums are destined to be hot for decades to come.

Like its WSM counterpart, the new WSSM calibers will be chambered in the all new Winchester Controlled Round Push Feed action (CRPF) in the new Super Shadow stock design, creating a package with ultimate ballistics, accuracy, handling and durability.

Initially, Winchester will offer 55 and 64 grain loadings in the 223 WSSM and 55, 95 and 100 grain loadings in the 243 WSSM.


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