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Steiner Peregrine and Senator Binoculars


Steiner-Germany has developed the new Peregrine binocular, a new record in light transmission that allows faster discovery and location of wildlife hidden in foliage or shadows.The Peregrine binoculars will allow you to penetrate darkness better than any other roof-prism binocular. With their compact shape, you’ll be able to take them anywhere and discover wildlife that will otherwise have gone unnoticed.

The Optics With Steiner’s new Peregrine, a new level of brightness and natural color balance is achieved by use of a new dielectric prism coating, by which over 40 layers of titanium oxide and other rare minerals are alternately applied to the glass surfaces. This Broad-Band Coating (BBC) results in superior light transmission performance over a broad range of colors. The Peregrine is also phase corrected for sharpest possible, distortion free images.

10x42 Peregrine Power plus the superb color transmission. This is one of the brightest 10 power roof prism binoculars available. Recommended mostly for distance glassing in mountains, prairies or across bean fields. The Peregrine will also allow you unbelievable close-in viewing, since the focus goes very close.About The Peregrine The optics of the Peregrine measure higher in spectral light transmission across the entire visible light range, on average, than all of our other closest performance competitors. This means you see colors more vibrantly and you can discover and identify species in more difficult settings and situations. The optical glass is manufactured at our new state-of-the-art roof prism glass production facility in Bayreuth, Germany. (See the graph below)


The focus is our rapid close-focus system with left hand diopter adjustment. The precise central focus wheel will go from a close focus of less than 6 feet out to infinity in just one full turn. Any less - the focus would be to sensitive and not precise enough. Any more – the focus could be too slow. The focus of the Peregrine was designed to give you this perfect balance of speed and precision.Models The Steiner Peregrine is available in 8x42 and 10x42 models and will maintain its peak performance at any temperature and under any conditions. Its rugged, UV- resistant armored body is impervious to dust, moisture. The Peregrine’s dark-green, light absorbing matte exterior finish blends in with natural surroundings, providing an advantage when glassing for easily spooked game.


We’re not just saying it, we practically invented it! As you may already know, Steiner has been in the binocular business for over 55 years now, and has developed numerous innovations which makes binoculars last longer in unfriendly conditions. Early on, we pioneered the use of rubber armoring, and most recently we developed a dry nitrogen purging and pressurization system that absolutely prevents binoculars from fogging internally. We built this purging/pressurized dry nitrogen system into the Peregrine binoculars. They meet and exceed the US government’s waterproof /shockproof specification (Mil Std 810 E).

Senator High-Powered Binoculars

For hilly country, open plains, prairie or mountainous terrain, choose either the 15x80 or 20x80 Senator. As powerful as a spotting scope in 15 or 20 power only much brighter and the ability to use both eyes. Keeping both eyes open not only adds comfort but adds depth and dimension to the image. Spotting will be easier on your eyes especially in dim light conditions or inclement weather.

The optics start as the highest grade optical glass including Bak-4 prisms and feature a full multi layer optical coating on all lens surfaces which provides not only contrast, but also breathtaking brightness.

At only 56 ozs. they are incredible lightweight for their size and performance. 20x80 Senator Whether you’re glassing to the next ridge, down city streets, or in any other situation when you want to "let your optics do the walking." The 20-x Senator puts you at an effective distance of less than 100 yards from one mile-distant wildlife or other objects. Many hunters and outdoorsmen are discovering these high power binoculars are easy to use, give them a better view and offer a lot more comfort during extended use than spotting scopes. And the 80-mm objective lenses, combined with Steiner’s legendary optics, deliver far superior low-light performance. Although the Senators include a tripod mount, they are light enough to be hand held. Depth of field is 60 yards out to infinity once focused for your eyes.

About the Senator

Built identically to the Steiner 15x80 and 20x80 Military binoculars, the Senators are guaranteed waterproof and are exceptionally shockproof for a high powered binocular. They include a tripod mount, objective lens caps, rain guard and strap. A case is available also (Item no's. 615 or 978). The Senators fit easily into a saddle bag or small pack. We recommend them especially for glassing elk, antelope, mule deer, and caribou. The Senators also work very well in coastal plains conditions for migratory and shore birds. Warranty: 30 year limited warranty. Olive-drab green rubber armor.


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