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Morgan's Turkey Callers THE MORGAN CALLER


THE MORGAN CALLER U.S. Patent 3722133 (1973). The MORGAN CALLER was the FIRST tube type of caller to be patented and remains unique in its accuracy of producing realistic turkey tones. It was patterned after the ol’ time snuff can caller and after much experimentation, the right diameter, length, and composition of this amazing cylinder was discovered. Makes all the turkey sounds well, but turkey hunters will find the Morgan Caller unequaled for Lonesome Hen yelping, and gobbling like jakes, mature toms, and old monarchs. Will call gobblers when nothing else will. Comes with complete instructions and extra diaphragms.

The 2004 models are made in the original patented style (Round with grooves). This tube turkey call arguably creates the most realistic gobble of any and will reproduce hen talk of all kinds. Our standard wood is Mahogany and the inner cylinder is galvanized tin… this gives the caller is “ringing” effect that turkeys hear at long distances even when operated softly. I have personally bagged over 200 gobblers with this caller.

Caller comes with complimentary Instructional Video (One per Order.)

OUR MISSION Make custom turkey callers that make you sound exactly like a wild turkey, and to help you be the best turkey hunter you can be.

Why Kenny Morgan's Callers Are So Effective:

1) Kenny has made his own callers and hunted turkeys for 47 years, having over 500 gobblers to his credit as a hunter and guide.

2) He has custom built turkey callers for 31 years beginning in 1972 when his patented tube caller was first offered to the public.

3) His callers are unique, his own ideas, made by him personally, and are tried and true.

4) Kenny has a genuine interest in his customers, and a desire to see fellow hunters maximize their enjoyment in the art of turkey hunting.

When Kenny Morgan was 10 years old he bagged his first gobbler, using a switch cane caller of his own making, near his family's farm in Jackson, Louisiana. Kenny's sideline as a hunting guide began in that same year, 1956, when he took his first "sport" afield in quest of the abundant game found throughout the area.

Morgan has continued to make his own turkey callers throughout his hunting career, which to date has resulted in over 500 gobblers to his credit as a hunter and guide.

It was only natural that Morgan, while pursuing an intense desire to discover the secrets of the great wild turkey, and studying biology and physics in his curriculum of education at LSU, would develop, perfect, patent, and market the original tube turkey caller. This "Morgan Caller" has sold over 8,000 since it was first offered to the public in 1972. Even Morgan's competitors agree that no other caller can produce a gobble as incredibly realistic as does "The Morgan Caller." (See Products.)

In 1987, after over 30 years of observation of the wild turkey, Ken Morgan authored the book, Turkey Hunting - A One Man Game. As Kenny puts it, the book deals primarily with "the matters concerning killing of mature wild gobblers in the spring." He further reveals that the book will "lay out some scientific facts and... a sprinkling of small doses of modern day management techniques. The main course, however, will remain an exercise on how to get the drop on the wily wild gobbler." (See Products.)

Kenny's incredible wealth of intuition and knowledge of the ways of the wild turkey are evident upon reading any one of fifteen great chapters. (See this month's Book Excerpt.)

In the spring of 1999, Morgan added another carefully created caller to his offerings, making The Frictionwood Turkey Caller available to the hunting public. This all wood caller has received rave reviews from users from all parts of the country, from seasoned hunters to novices alike, concerning its ease of use, and beautiful clucks, purrs, and yelps of both hens and gobblers.

Unique to the Frictionwood is the ability to make "the quaver," the sound of the young hen that will cause gobblers absolutely to throw caution aside, and the Frictionwood is the only caller that makes this sound perfectly. (See Products.)

Kenny is pleased to have been one of the callmakers featured in Earl Mickel's recent book, Turkey Callmakers, The Rest of The Best. Earl Mickel produced a fine book and resource in this classic edition. (See News for information on contacting Earl Mickel.)

Kenny has a genuine interest in people, fellow hunters, and especially younger hunters, every year always taking time to guide and call up gobblers for young hunters. Kenny Morgan is of course a seasoned call demonstrator, legendary story teller and turkey hunting seminar speaker, and is available for such events, upon request.


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