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Steiner NightHunter Low Light Binoculars

Product Spotlight

Dawn. Dusk. In the shadows…or even in nearly total darkness… you’ll see what others miss with Steiner Nighthunters – binoculars that deliver unparalleled low-light performance. It’s cold and dark in the November morning drizzle. You’re glassing a Montana ridgeline and everything just looks a murky shade of dark gray. You raise your new Steiner 10 x 50 Nighthunter to your eyes and see things in a whole new light; bright, colorful, with plenty of power. Suddenly …

The Nighthunter High Definition (HD) lens coating makes them literally the brightest binoculars made anywhere. Do you want to see what others missed? Do you want to see better in the dark? The Nighthunter is for you! Nighthunter technology sets a new standard in brightness to let you see in almost impossible light conditions.

A new stray light prevention system in the barrels of the binoculars combined with our new Sports Auto-Focus puts everything from 20 feet to infinity in focus at the same time. This, combined with Nighthunter’s low-light optics, give you unrivaled game-finding power in the darkest cover or deepest shadows.

All Nighthunters are built for several lifetimes of rugged use, constructed to U.S. mil spec standards for shock, fog, and waterproof performance, and include a 30-year warranty.

Steiner´s Nighthunter binoculars feature a unique combination of precision crafted optical glass, coated with our exclusive "HD" High Definition broad band lens coating, built into a high performance and rugged body that is especially made for high light transmission.

The internal stray light reducing baffle system makes the binoulars brighter than any other binoculars. The above simulation isan example of the Nighthunter's light gathering power. With our one time Sports Auto-Focus system, you won't have to worry about focusing in low light: everything will be in focus once initially set for your eyes.

12x56 Nighthunter The 12 x 56 Nighthunters are the highest power low-light binoculars available, perfect for finding big country game under low light conditions or stretching out another half hour of viewing time on the edge of a bean field. In addition to the ultra-bright Nighthunter optics, the 12 x 56 has tremendous long distance "reach-out" power. At 41 ozs. it’s lighter than other comparable binoculars, while being hefty enough for a more stable image at 12-x magnification. Tough enough for mil spec performance. 30-year warranty.

8x56 Nighthunter The 8 x 56 the gives you the advantage of a more powerful glass combined with spectacular low-light performance. Perfect for finding winter deer or other game in the pre-dawn darkness – or extending your day into the dusk.

10x50 Nighthunter The Nighthunter 10 x 50 is the ultimate combination of brightness and power, giving you the double-digit power you need in open country, with the low light performance you’d expect from larger, heavier binoculars. They’re built to mil specs for toughness and waterproofing, and actually exceed them for brightness in all levels of available light.

7x50 Nighthunter If you need extremely stable and steady performance under poor light conditions, the Nighthunter 7 x 50 is your choice. These 7 x 50s feel amazingly stable, are mil. spec-tough, and will help you find game in the most adverse conditions of light and weather. The perfect choice for those fall New England evenings, glassing the thick, shadowy fringes and tree lines. You’ll be amazed by what you see! Extra long eye relief.

8x30 Nighthunter The most versatile binocular in the Nighthunter series gives you light weight, power and superb brightness in a small package. The Nighthunter 8 x 30 is small enough to travel anywhere, and delivers the low-light performance of larger binoculars. When you need the best, and only want to carry a little more than a pound of binocular, there's simply no better choice. Steiner Germany - over 50 Years of Success and Innovation!

About Steiner

With a true passion for business, optics pioneer Karl Steiner establishes Steiner Optik GmbH in 1947. Despite the difficult economical post-war situation the newly found, innovative company grows from a one-man factory to a more than 50-employee company within 6 years.

Offering products from small cameras to binoculars and special lenses, Karl Steiner soon realizes that the company’s future lies within the production of professional high-quality binoculars. This revolutionary idea set high standards within the optics industry and Steiner Optik soon becomes the world-leading quality binocular manufacturer. It is the year 1973 when father Karl steps down and his son Carl Steiner continues to run the family business.

Putting his heart into further developing his father’s innovative product ideas, Carl Steiner manages to strengthen the company’s position and Steiner Optik becomes the world’s leading company in binocular production with products available in over 45 countries.

Since the beginning, Steiner has always focused on creating new optics technologies. Many revolutionary innovations were not only developed by Steiner, but set the standards for future products with all binocular manufacturers.

Steiner innovations include rubber armoring, the first binoculars ever with an integrated compass, the first binocular with special optical coating to protect against harmful UV radiation, the pocket-size binocular, and the new Predator lens coating to increase contrast of animals against wooded backgrounds.

Faithful to the traditions upon which his father founded the company, Carl Steiner held on to his commitments of unsurpassed quality, to keep the production location in Germany, to create new jobs and career opportunities for his employees, expert training of his staff of now approximately 300 and a constant investment in research and development.

Today, Steiner manufactures binoculars for the military, marine , hunting, outdoor, birding and leisure activities. The name Steiner stands for performance optics.

From its humble, post-war beginnings, the company has made it into the league of the largest manufacturers of high-quality optics. Generations of devotion resulted in the highest level of technology, for a lifetime of dependable performance!


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