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Laser Magic™ Bore Sighter


Setting a new standard for easy, accurate bore sighting. Save range time, pounding recoil, and expensive ammo. Simply replace your bolt with the Laser Magic - align the laser beam through the bore by rotating the twin eccentrics - adjust your scope or iron sights to the laser dot - and you are bore-sighted...ready for the shooting range!

The maximum intensity laser (650nm, 5mw) is capable of projecting a dot at ranges of 100 yards and more. However, we recommend bore sighting at 12 1/2, or 25 yards/meters, as these ranges will easily put you "on the paper" at 100 yards/meters.

The Laser Magic Bore Sighter is designed to fit bolt action rifles and replaces the bolt in the firearm's action. The tapered nose cone snugly mates with any chamber size, from .17 caliber to .416 caliber. The action collar and threaded brass pin lock the Laser Magic securely into the action – just like the bolt. The standard action collar (furnished) fits all popular actions including Remington, Ruger, Winchester, Savage, Browning, Stolle, and others with standard .695" diameter bolts. Optional collars are available to fit Sako and Weatherby MK5 actions.

With Laser Magic you'll know the beam is properly aligned, as you will align the laser beam, directly through-the-bore, onto your sight-in target. To align the laser, simply rotate the eccentrics and/or the laser module until all reflections from the bore are eliminated on the target. Proper alignment is visually evident, as the rifling reflections disappear and a small, tightly focused dot remains as the laser is centered in the bore. The furnished 4-A batteries provide 8+ hours of continuous use. "Lasers can be used indoors or out and on most any light (reflective) surface. However, at periods of very bright sunlight or for long-range use, it is recommended that you view the laser dot from directly behind the light source. In bright daylight, direct the beam into a shady area, or use a reflective sign or license plate. Stoney Point offers an 8 1/2" x 11" reflective target for this purpose."

While lasers can be used to bore sight at ranges of 100 yards or more, these ranges are not recommended, as it is unlikely your shots will be perfectly "on the dot" anyway. This is largely due to barrel vibrations and barrel "whip". To be practical, keep your bore- sighting efforts at ranges of 12 1/2 or 25 yards/meters, with aim points of 1.0" low at 12 1/2 yards, and "dead on" at 25 yards. This will provide a shot that is close to the point of aim at 100 yards, regardless of caliber. Then proceed as normal to adjust your sights to perfection." Jerry Dengerud Operations Manager.


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