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Tree Lounge -Top 10 Advantages


Advantages of the Tree Lounge

Comfort There is a direct relationship between comfort and success in tree stand hunting. For the more comfortable a hunter is, the less he moves and the longer he stays in his stand, the greater his chances of seeing or shooting deer. This is what Tree-Lounge is all about. You are in your favorite tree and enjoying your day in the deer woods. Because you are SAFE and COMFORTABLE, you are still in your stand long after discomfort has forced others to give up. And just by eliminating the problem of discomfort, you have greatly increased your chances of seeing or shooting a deer.


There are four major causes of tree stand accidents: 1) A tree stand slips because it doesn't have enough tree holding ability. 2) A Hunter loses ballance and falls out of his stand. 3) A Hunter falls asleep and falls from his stand. 4) A tree stand breaks because of poor design or poor construction. The Tree-Lounge is designed to eliminate all four of these major causes of accidents. And, when you are out in the woods alone and climbing 20, 30, or even 40 feet high, it's mighty nice to know that you have a tree stand that won't slip pr break and that you cannot fall out of it.

The Tree-Lounge and Bow hunting adapter allows a hunter to stand or sit. When sitting, he has the safety and comfort of the Tree-Lounge sling seat. When standing, he has an excellent shooting platform.

The Tree-Lounge and Bow hunting adapter telescope into a compact unit for carrying. Tree-Lounge weighs 25 pounds. Bow hunting adapter weighs five pounds. (The Bow hunting adapter can easily be removed for gun hunting, if desired.)

The Tree-Lounge and Bow hunting adapter use a sit down, stand up method of climbing. Because of the great holding ability of the Tree-Lounge, it can be used on any kind of tree. The level of the platform can be adjusted after climbing to the desired hunting position.

The design of the Tree-Lounge is completely different from all other climbing tree stands. Instead of folding up for carrying, it telescopes. Instead of a V bar or Band that holds the back side of a tree, it has two heavy duty tree cleats which grip the front side. Instead of a wood or metal platform to stand or sit on, it has a comfortable sling seat. However the biggest difference of all is that the design of the Tree-Lounge gives the tree stand hunter the features he needs for safe, enjoyable and successful hunting.

Hunt High
Hunt High enough that the wind direction doesn't matter. When hunting 10-20 feet high, scent is often a problem. It is rarely a problem when hunting 20-40 feet high. Hunting high will also make it less likely that the deer will see you. This is especially true after the leaves have fallen or when hunting deer that have learned to look for tree stands.

Place your stand where you will have the best view of your hunting area. (in most situations hunting high will double or triple the amount of area one can cover when tree stand hunting).

Try to place your stand so the sun will be behind you. This will make it easier for you to see deer or other wildlife, but will make it harder for them to see you. (If you plan on staying in your tree all day, try to place your stand facing north. This way the sun will come up on your right, will be behind you during the middle of the day and will be to your left in the afternoon.)

360 degrees
When hunting with a Tree-Lounge, you don't have to "write off" those deer that come in behind your stand. In fact, shooting to the right rear or left rear is the easiest of all! This is another important Tree-Lounge advantage, one that can mean the difference between success and failure on a hunting trip.

Best Value
There are many different tree stands to choose from today and each one has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, the Tree-Lounge is the only tree stand made that can give you every one of the 23 features on the tree stand check list. No other tree stand even comes close!

A Rest
For most hunters, shooting with a rest aim can easily double their effective range. And, if you double your effective range , you increase the area that you can cover by 400%! The unique design of the Tree-Lounge allows you to use your knees, and the back and side rails to steady your shot- you will be able to shoot effectively in any direction for a clean, one shot, ethical harvest... If you have a rest aim, a good rifle and are a reasonably good shot, there is no reason for missing a shot out to 200 Yards. This is why we believe that having the ability to shoot with a rest aim is one of the most important of the many Tree-Lounge advantages.

Mobility Having good mobility can greatly improve a tree stand hunter's chances of seeing or shooting deer. For the hunter who has good mobility can spend his hunting time in the very best place he can find. Some of the reasons for needing good mobility are:

In most situations, a tree stand hunter will have a much better chance of seeing or shooting a deer if he will hunt a different area each day, rather than hunt the same area day after day.

Deer hunters frequently find new areas where there are considerable amounts of fresh deer signs. These may be feeding or bedding areas, or a series of scrapes and rubs.
One of the best ways to improve your chances of shooting a big buck is to get away from other hunters. A tree stand that gives a hunter good mobility makes this possible.

The Tree-Lounge offers you options like no other stand. It can be customized with dozens of accessories, thousands of different ways. Your investment goes even further when you consider that it is not only a climbing tree stand but also several different types of hunting tools. This all adds up to the Tree-Lounge being the best investment a Hunter can make in a tree stand.


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