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Game-VU Digital Trail Camera System Frequently Asked Questions

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If there's no film, how does the Game-Vu camera work? With Game-Vu's digital technology, the camera's 64 image capacity is reminiscent of a continuous roll of film. Once you reach the maximum of 64 stored images, Game-Vu continues to work - no worries about "running out of film."

However, starting with the 64th image it will delete and overprint earlier unlocked images. For example, if your first five images are unlocked, then the first five images past 63 would replace your original images 0 through 4.

How does Game-Vu compare to traditional 35mm scouting cameras? Game-Vu is designed to provide instant information rather than photo-quality pictures. In-the-field viewing of images, even from multiple cameras, is a major plus. Unlike 35mm cameras, Game-Vu cameras are more compatible with an array of 21st century technology and modern viewing systems, including television, VCR, video recorders, computers, and various monitors.

The reach of Game-Vu's Infrared lighting is less than that of a traditional camera flash, but it also cannot be detected by passing game or trespassers. Because of Game-Vu's stealth quality - no film advance noise, no visible flash, no spooking - you will not alter the activity patterns of game.

How long can I leave a Game-Vu Camera in the woods? Leave it strapped to a tree in the woods, or at some other monitoring site, for up to a week with its AA batteries in moderate temperatures. The camera's "sleep" technology allows operation in the Capture mode for up to 150 hours. That figure increases considerably with a 12-volt power source. Expect 100 hours per amp when using a 12-volt power source.

How does Game-Vu know when to capture an image in the daytime? Game-Vu is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor which detects body heat. When it senses a moving target it captures an image and stores it in an IntelTM Strataflash memory chip.

How does Game-Vu capture images in the dark? The Game-Vu Camera contains 16 Infrared lights. An ambient light sensor measures the amount of available light and determines the needed amount of illumination. Unlike the flash of 35mm trail cameras, Game-Vu's infrared illumination is invisible. The subject never knows it's being photographed.

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Game-Vu....”lets me see what I'm hunting right now instead of having to take film into get developed, it certainly played a big role in me shooting this bear.” - Eric Kamieniecki, Alberta, CA How far can Game-Vu "see" to capture images?

Game-Vu detects a moving target and captures images up to 25 feet during the day, and up to 15 feet at night. Is it ever too cold or too hot for Game-Vu? Game-Vu operates in temperatures ranging from 0 to 120 degrees F.

Suppose an animal or an intruder repeatedly moves around in Game-Vu's field of view. Can one deer or one thief use up all of Game-Vu's image capturing capacity? You can eliminate worry about "wasting" too many quick shots on one target (like the same deer). Game-Vu features an adjustable picture time out setting, allowing the user to choose longer or shorter delay periods between pictures. By simply turning the DELAY/Minutes dial while in the SETUP mode, one can instruct the camera to wait from one minute to an hour between image captures. Longer time delays help prevent the same subject from repeatedly triggering the camera and occupying too many images.

What happens if the battery goes dead? What do I lose?
Images are not lost. All captured images, locked or unlocked, are held in memory if batteries fail. If the user visits a camera site and discovers the batteries are dead or failing, he can be sure that all captured images are retained. Simply insert new batteries and the images can be reviewed. Time and date must be reset when new batteries are installed.
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