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Product Spotlight specializes in building quality products for the outdoorsman that takes pride in what he is....a Hick! We build feeders and hog traps that are essential to your very being. If our stock products don't suit your needs drop us a line and we will build that custom gadget that is going to make the difference in your outdoor experience.

If you need a cargo carrier for your pickup or some other custom accessory Hickbuilt can do that too. Hickbuilt also sells and promotes quality hunting scents for attracting the BIG ONE!

Hog Master frames are made of 14 gauge 1" tubing. The top and sides are covered with 4 gauge Cattle Panel (6" x 8" squares). Hog Master traps can be ordered with a bottom as well. If you would like your trap with the sides covered with 6 gauage Utility Panel(4" x 4" squares) there will a $15.00 extra charge from the listed price. This will enable you to keep even the small piglets inside the trap once the door falls.Traps can be customized to suit your needs and prices vary with modifications.

Hickbuilt Door Types Hickbuilt offers 2 types of Trap Doors: Guillotine and Push Up Doors. Hickbuilt traps and trap fronts are available with either of these 2 door styles. The Guillotine trap front frames are 5' wide and 5' high and covered with 4" x 4" Utility Panel to keep little pigs from escaping. The Push-Up door trap fronts are 4' wide and 4' high and covered with the same 4" x 4" Utility Panel. All Hickbuilt Traps and Trap Fronts are UNPAINTED unless you would like them painted and we will adjust the price accordingly.

Hickbuilt Guillotine Trap Front

These Trap Fronts are 5’ x 5’ and the main frame is made from 1” square tubing and covered with 6 gauge Utility Panel. The door is made using 1 1/4" Square Tubing and covered with Utility Panel as well. The door measures 3’ x 3’ and slides in steel channels that have a locking mechanism that keeps the door closed once it falls so the hogs can’t lift the door. The entire Trap Front weighs approx. 90 POUNDS. The trigger for the door is located at the top of the trap front where you tie off your trip wire. Once you get the Front tied off to a couple of "T" posts you can make the trap what ever size you feel is necessary. Adding 5’ High Utility Panel to this Trap front and making a big circle pen type trap is most common. Once this door falls it can not be lifted anymore like some of the other types of trap doors available for trapping hogs. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us or give us a call.

Standard Hickbuilt Guillotine Trap Front: $175.00 (Shipping not included) Hickbuilt Hog Master Traps


These push up door traps are easy to use and have a trip wire and a trigger mechanism to set them off. The door falls when the initial hog hits the trip wire in the back of the trap. HogMaster traps can catch just one or multiple hogs even after the door has fallen. The other hogs on the outside of the trap just root the door up and enter the trap with the hogs that are already captured. The design of the door and bracing around it do not allow the captured hogs to open the door from the inside.

. When I sell a trap to some one that has never used one of these style trap doors there are a few KEY instructions that I give them.

** Set the trap in an area that you have active hog sign in and that you know hogs are visiting.

** Try and place the trap where it might have some natural shade from trees or cover in the area your wanting to trap in.

** If your trap does not have a bottom be sure to use at least 4 "T" posts to stake it down (one in each corner) I would suggest 6 posts, one on each corner and one in the middle of the sides of the trap.

** If your trap has a bottom I would still suggest to put at least ONE "T" post at each end so when they charge the end and ram the trap it will not be 100 yards from where you set it or even worse in the creek or pond near where you set the trap.

** When you set the trap for the first time make sure the door is tied or wired OPEN.

** In the first picture posted below you can see a black feed / water bucket in the area nextto the door(THESE DO NOT COME WITH THE TRAP). This 2' space is a great spot for a water source for the hogs especially in the heat during the summer months.This will allow you to check your trap every 2 days instead of every day if you didn't have water for the hogs.Be sure to tie the bucket to the panel in at LEAST 2 points or the hogs will knock it over. You can also put a piece of tubing or rebar over the bucket and tie that off to the trap somewhere. What ever method you find that works use it.

** Bait the trap with what ever you plan on using. I would suggest just plain corn or Horse Sweet feed works well. Some folks use SOURED CORN but that seems to attract the varmints like coons,possums and skunks.(JUST MY OPINION) Use about 25 to 50 pounds of corn and pour all over in the trap from the back corner where the trip wire runs across the trap about 12" off of the ground and leave a trail coming out of the trap as many feet as possible away from the trap. If there is a well used trail near the trap than make a trail of bait to the trail so they can find it easier.

Leave the trap baited and the door tied OPEN for a few days or until you have POSITIVE sign of hogs going in the trap ie, corn is completely devoured and there is rooting every where patience is very important. It might take a couple of weeks.

After you have good sign and feel that the hogs are going inside the trap every night than it's time to set the door with the trigger mechanism mounted on the top of the trap.

** Once this is done all you have to do is check the trap the next morning. I would strongly suggest checking your trap the day after you set it.Hogs will not do very well in direct sun and without water for very long. They will die from stress and dehydration and you don't want that. Not to mention the longer they stay in the trap the other hogs that may visit them from the outside will figure out real fast that your trap is a bad place to be and will become trap smart and the odds of catching them in the future are slim.

** Once you have the hogs in the trap you can load them into a trailer and haul them off alive. This is so you can take them to the market to sell them or back to your holding pen to butcher at a later date. The other options are to shoot them , jump in with them and tie their legs together or to just let them free.Shooting them is ok if thats your only option. Many times after I had shot hogs in a trap the other hogs in the area would not go into that trap for a good while.As well I have had them go into the trap with fresh blood on the ground the very next night. This happened on ranches that were very over run with hogs and they were really fighting for food.

Setting them free will only help educate the entire herd of hogs and make any trapping in the future a much greater task than you want to deal with.

Hog Master 8 - $295.00
Hog Master 6 - $265.00
Standard Hickbuilt Guillotine Trap
Front: $175.00 (Shipping not included)


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