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Adirondack Hunting Lures & Scents


Hunters: My deer lures and hunting scents are carefully formulated of only the finest & freshest natural ingredients available. All of my products are thoroughly field tested and have been used successfully by hunters for years. My quality products are custom-made right here in the Adirondack Mountains, not mass produced in a factory like many of the products on the market today.

I'm in business to help you succeed. Buy your hunting scents with confidence. Over 20 years of hunting, trapping and animal lure making experience goes into every product I sell. Good luck afield.

Adirondack Buck Lure
Pre-rut * Rut * Post-rut * The Original Adirondack Buck Lure that many try to imitate but never duplicate. A proven combination of natural deer secretions and expensive musks that is very attractive to deer all season long. An excellent all around scent. Triggers an intense curiosity response. Also very effective for covering human odor. A top notch, time tested, all season product that will increase your chances of success. Exceptionally effective during the rut. 1 oz. glass bottle $5.95

Formulated from pure whitetail doe urine & secretions taken at the peak of the does estrus cycle. Blended into our special base to slow evaporation and boost the lures carrying power. Far superior to plain urine. Most effective during the rut period. Use at scrapes, stand location or as a trailing scent. Best used pre-rut and rut. 1 oz. glass bottle $5.95

Tarsal Gland Plus
Pure whitetail tarsal gland tincture taken from Northern Adirondack Bucks in FULL Rut. Spiked with just the right amount of pure buck urine. Triggers an intruder territorial response in resident bucks. No phony artificial scents or musks in this formula. Use 8 to 10 drops at active or mock scrapes or as a positioning or trailing scent. One of the deadliest deer scents known and quickly becoming our top seller. No other scent on the market smells more like a real buck than this one. Best used during or just prior to full rut period. 1 oz. glass bottle $5.95

Trails End
A blend of interdigital gland and natural deer secretions specially formulated for laying a scent trail. All deer will follow this scent. Special base to hold odor low to the ground and make it last longer. Use with boot scent pads to lay a trail to your stand area. Best used pre-rut and rut. 1 oz. glass bottle $5.95

All Adirondack Deer Lures are packed in glass bottles to retain quality and freshness and include a dropper cap for easy application.


We Guarantee Everything We Sell! We Guarantee Everything We Sell! If for any reason you are dissatisfied simply return the product in it's ORIGINAL CONDITION within 1 year for a full refund, less shipping and handling. If a product is defective or we made a shipping error we will refund purchase price plus shipping.

Taxidermy Mounts, Furs and Specimens may be returned within 10 days for credit or refund minus any shipping charges only if item has been authorized by us for return. Item must be in resalable condition and not soaked or worked on in any way. Item must be shipped back according to our instructions when authorization is given.

No returns on shipments outside the USA for any reason.


Please allow sufficient time for the carrier to deliver your order. Most orders should be received within seven weekdays after shipment.

About Adirondack Outdoor Company Welcome to the Adirondack Outdoor Company's online catalog. Here you will find one of the largest selections of quality trapping and outdoor supplies available anywhere.

I make my living from trapping, guiding, taxidermy, and other outdoor related pursuits here in the Adirondack Mountains, so I know first hand the value and importance of quality outdoor equipment. My animal lures, baits, and deer scents are made of only the best ingredients and have been used with great success for years by trappers and hunters throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Your complete satisfaction is my number one priority. We have a large inventory and most of our orders are shipped within 24 hours, many the same day they are received.

Every item I sell has my personal guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with anything for any reason, just return it in it's original condition and I will exchange it or refund your money.

Good luck in the woods and fields and remember to support your State and National Trappers Associations and other conservation organizations. They work tirelessly so that we can continue to enjoy our way of life, and they need our help more now than ever. Also remember to bring a kid along with you trapping, hunting, or fishing. He or she will appreciate it more than you know and you'll be helping to start a new generation of sportsmen and women off right.

The future of our outdoor heritage depends on YOU!


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