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When it comes to fly-fishing, there are not too many things better than watching a rainbow take your dry fly off the water's surface. And right now is the time of year to experience it. Trout season is open - or soon to be open - in most areas.

To help you out while on the water, the fly line experts at 3M Scientific Anglers have been busy over the winter designing the new Mastery Series Trout Taper fly lines. Designed to be the ideal fly line for serious trout anglers, the Mastery Series Trout taper lines have a mid-length head with a concave compound front taper. According to Bruce Richards, fly line product engineer for Scientific Anglers, "this makes the lines turnover well even in moderately windy conditions, and still maintain a delicate delivery. They also feature a convex compound rear taper for good mending and casting properties without adding unnecessary weight."

Richards notes that the combination of the front and rear taper design provide fly anglers with ideal balance of distance and control. "Our whole approach is to provide a fly line designed primarily for use with dry flies and small nymphs - one that will excel at traditional trout fishing presentations."

The Mastery Series Trout Taper fly lines are formulated with Advanced Shooting Technology (AST), Scientific Anglers' patented 'dry-slick' coating process. Unlike other slickness additives and surface treatments, AST is integrated into the coating and is not a fluid that can leach out or wear off, remaining permanently slick," notes Scientific Anglers' Del Kauss, who along with Richards is credited with the 3M patent on AST. "Because AST lines do not have an oily kind of silicone slickness, they don't attract dirt and algae that robs a line of its floatation and shootability. They stay cleaner, float high and shoot farther for more on-the-water performance." Simply put, AST is one of the biggest advancements in fly line development since the introduction of our Mastery Series fly lines more than 10 year ago.

These new fly lines are offered in both WF 3 through 7 weights and DT 2 through 6 weights - in both a dark willow and fire orange colors.

Have the itch to try out a large arbor fly reel? Scientific Anglers is offering the new System 2LA reels, available in three sizes for line weights from 4 to 10. They each are machined from barstock aluminum and are true large arbor reels - not just the spool. An anodized finish provides for excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, plus they have a 'No-Tools-Needed' feature to easily change them from right- to left-hand retrieve.

For trout fishing action, check out the System 2LA 456 with its smooth single-caliper disc drag and the capacity to hold 80-yards of 20# backing with a WF-5-F fly line. If it's steelhead or bonefish you're after, Scientific Anglers also offers the System 2LA 678 - 120 yards of 20# with a WF-7-F - and the System 2LA 890 - with a capacity for 160 yards of 20# with a WF-9-F. These reels feature a heavy-duty stainless-steel caliper disc drag with carbon-fiber drag pads.

If you're just starting out in fly-fishing, or if you want to help someone experience the fun you have with it, pick a copy of Scientific Anglers new brochure - An Introductory Guide to a Balanced Fly Fishing System - available from fly shops and sporting goods stores where Scientific Anglers products are sold. You can also view the brochure on the Scientific Anglers web site by clicking here (PDF 3,082K).

There's more help in getting started with fly-fishing by visiting It's all part of what leading manufacturers in the fly-fishing industry are doing to introduce more people to the sport. Through the site, you can request a free Fly Fishing Tactic instructional book.


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