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Streamdance GLX and Metolius - New Concept in Trout Fly Rods from G.Loomis

Press Release

With the goal of addressing the company’s mission - “To make every day you spend on the water memorable” – G.Loomis announces a new concept in trout fly fishing with its now available StreamDance fly rods. Offered in 26 GLX and Metolius models, with Presentation, High Line Speed and Max Line Speed actions – and a 13-foot-4-inch ‘trout spey’ rod, the G.Loomis product development staff “spent hundreds of hours and traveled thousands of miles talking and listening to serious fly anglers, guides and fly shop owners about what makes a great trout rod,” said Gary Schaefer with G.Loomis.

“It was very evident from our discussions with these anglers that they had an extreme passion for fly-fishing – the StreamDance rods reflect this passion and without their input and without us listening, these rods would have never come about.”

From everything the G.Loomis staff learned, it was then in the hands of rod designer Steve Rajeff and his team to develop the most definitive trout fly rods G.Loomis has ever made.

Rajeff and staff took into consideration all the various trout fishing available to fly anglers. “Whether you fish out East, in the Midwest, the Rockies, small streams, large spring creeks, fast water – no matter your preference – Steve and his team have created StreamDance rod actions to meet the demands of fishing conditions found coast to coast,” Schaefer said. “Plus with two performance levels, either with our exclusive GLX blanks or the Metolius rods with our proprietary graphite blend blanks, there’s a StreamDance that can make the day on the water memorable for any fly angler.”

Throughout the StreamDance series, anglers will notice the performance and technology that is expected in all rods that bear the G.Loomis name, notes Rajeff. But with StreamDance, “our emphasis was on the tapers, the design concept and looks and components of each finished rod,” Rajeff said. “From all our research into these rods, a recurring thought among anglers is they are most interested in how a rod casts, how it looks, how it feels – they already know they can count on G.Loomis for the high-tech materials and formulas we use. That’s what you see in the StreamDance rods.”

According to Rajeff, a majority of trout fly fishing conditions can be described under the headings of: Small Spring Creeks and Brooks; Medium Spring Creeks and Small Streams; Large Spring Creeks and Slow Water; Small Streams – Fast Water; Medium Streams – Fast Water/Large Spring Creeks; Large Rivers and Lakes; and Strong Wind and Distance Casting. “We designed specialized tapers to suit these conditions and satisfy the anglers style of casting by offering three actions,” said Rajeff. “They include Presentation, best for softer and delicate casts; High Line Speed, an action which offers control over a wide range of casting styles and water/wind conditions; and Max Line Speed, best suited for rapid fire casting from drift boats and when long distance and powerful casting is the norm.”

Presentation actions have a softer flex and load easily. When using a slower, smoother power casting stroke for accurate casts with super light tippets and tiny flies, “these will be the rods for consistent success,” Rajeff notes. G.Loomis offers seven 3- and 4-piece GLX presentation rods in two, three, four and five weights. They range in lengths from 7-feet-9-inches to 9-feet. Metolius presentation rods include 3-piece, three weight 7- and 8-footers.

High line speed action StreamDance GLX and Metolius rods are moderately stiff with moderate-fast tapers. “These rods are all about versatility – powerful enough for extended distance, good control in windy conditions, yet light enough in the tip to cast tight loops when making short, accurate casts. You really feel the rod load at all distances,” explains Rajeff. The ten GLX versions are offered in a 3-piece three-weight, and 4-piece four through six-weights. Lengths range from 8-foot-3-inches to 10-feet. There are five, four-piece Metolius versions. Four-weight and five-weight rods are available in 8-foot-6-inch and 9-foot lengths, plus there’s a six-weight 9-footer.

While the assortment of presentation and high line speed StreamDance rods handle most needs and situations, the GLX Max Line Speed rod and Metolius Trout Spey rod are designed for specific type of anglers, specific conditions, and very technical fly rod challenges, Rajeff notes.

“Aggressive casters demanding fast casting cycle time, such as casting streamers out of a drift boat, and those wanting the extra power to punch out large indicators and split shot, and still have the power to set hooks during extended line drifts and have power to hook set will look to the StreamDance GLX Max Line Speed rod,” said Rajeff. “It’s a 4-piece, 9-foot five weight for maximum distance and maximum lines speed.”

Rajeff adds the growing interest for using spey rods in the trout venue is also addressed in the StreamDance series. “At 13-feet-4-inches and best used as a two-hand rod, the Metolius ‘trout spey’ it is light enough to be cast one handed, and safe with 4X tippets,” Rajeff said. “A 14-inch trout puts a major bend in the rod, and it’s just a hoot to use.” While salmon and steelhead anglers have learned the advantages of two-handed rods, trout anglers can now have both casting efficiency and line-mending control. A 3-piecer for five and six weight lines, this StreamDance rod is for big-water trout fishing where conditions won’t allow a long back-cast.

The StreamDance GLX rods feature GLX graphite blanks – the first graphite developed specifically for the use in fishing rods, and REC Recoil striper and snake guides that will snap back to their original shape. Also featured is G.Loomis’ unique reel seat with an offset-oval sculptured barrel and a stabilized ‘California Buckeye Burl’ wood insert.

The StreamDance Metolius rods feature blanks with a blend of G.Loomis’ proprietary graphite, Hopkins & Holloway stripper and hard chrome single-foot snake guides, and an offset-oval reel seat. On the traditional Presentation action rods, the reel seat insert has an engraving of a trout on it, while on the High Speed Line rods, the insert features G.Loomis’ ‘Fear No Fish’ logo.

All StreamDance fly rods have premium-grade Portuguese cork grips, and ‘Roman numeral-style’ bands on the butt section to easily identify the line weight of each rod.

With the StreamDance rods, “it’s more than just high performance materials, high-tech components and premium cork,” said Bruce Holt, executive director for G.Loomis. “It’s a new emphasis and a new expression of our understanding into the passion of fly-fishing for trout. And from this emphasis and understanding, and the all efforts put in by the entire G.Loomis team, we truly think that the StreamDance rods will make every day you spend on the water memorable.”

For more information on G.Loomis’ StreamDance GLX and Metolius fly rods, visit your local fly show – or contact G.Loomis at 800/Gloomis or on the web at
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