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New Berkley Gulp! Fish Eat It.

Product Spotlight

You're about to get a taste of the biggest breakthrough in bait technology since the invention of the plastic worm. Introducing Berkley Gulp! – a revolutionary new bait that is 100% biodegradable and made of 100% natural ingredients. It releases scent 400 times more than plastic baits, has a scent trail that attracts fish and triggers them to feed, and outfishes live bait in head-to-head field tests!

It's been nearly 20 years in the making by the best fish heads in the business. Chemical engineers. Fish behavior specialists. Bio experts. There were tens of thousands of lab tests. Field tests. Testing with top pros and grassroots anglers. The results speak for themselves. On average, Gulp! caught significantly more fish than plastics and live bait! That's because Gulp! appears completely natural to fish, and releases over 400 times more scent than plastic baits. This scent trail is so intense, fish sense it from much farther away - even farther than live bait. That means more bites. And more fish.

The Gulp Story

For years, Berkley scientists have been working to isolate the natural chemical compounds that tell fish, "This is food", and stimulate them to feed. The challenge then is to reproduce those scent and flavor compounds in an artificial bait which fish believe is actual prey, and thus attracts more fish and prompts them to bite.

These goals were realized in the early 1980s with the introduction of the highly successful line of Power Bait® products. Now, after nearly two decades of further testing and refinement, Berkley has developed a much more powerful scent formula, combined with an all-natural compound that fish perceive as food in every sense. New Berkley Gulp!

Gulp! looks, swims, smells, feels and tastes more natural to game fish than any plastic bait ever could. In fact, it's so close to the real thing, fish actually eat it! It's even 100% biodegradable, so no harm the fish, or the ecosystem.

You fish Gulp! using the same techniques you've used with plastic and live baits. Same rigs. Same techniques. And Gulp! is more durable than live bait. Lasts longer. Never dies. You just catch more fish. Science is good.

Technical Notes

It took awhile, nearly two decades of intense laboratory analysis and field testing. But the wait is over. Berkley scientists have discovered how to unlock the mystery of attracting and catching more fish. And the key is the new Gulp! baits.

"All other plastic baits are oil based", said John Prochnow, Berkley Chemical Engineer. "As such, these oil based worms mask many of the very scents fish detect as food. But with Gulp!, we use only water-soluble natural ingredients and more of the scents and flavors we've found in our research that are favored by game fish. These are included in the formula when we make Gulp! products."

"Since Gulp! is water soluble, these scents and flavors are released into the water 412 times faster than oil based plastic baits. This generates a much broader zone of influence for the bait and we've proven that more fish are caught using Gulp! than the other plastic baits on the market."

And because Gulp! is made from all natural ingredients the bait is 100 percent biodegradable. Anglers get the shape, action and color advantages of plastic baits with the super intense scent of the chemicals fish desire in a bait that totally dissolves in just 9 months or less if left in the water. "But don't let the biodegradable feature be misleading", added Prochnow. "Gulp! baits are extremely durable and last fish after fish.

While it took Berkley years to discover the secrets of creating Gulp!, the manufacturing process takes time too. By the time a Gulp! bait is placed into packaging the all-natural materials have completed 36 hours of processing to become a molded or extruded Gulp! bait.

Bait development was also extensive in scope with input and consultation from the world's greatest anglers. The Berkley Power Bait Pro Staff includes such bass fishing notables as Jay Yelas, Ken Cook, Larry Nixon and Gary Klein and walleye experts Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz and Al Lindner. First they contributed to the physical principles of Gulp! such as shape, size, color and action.

Then the pros took Gulp! to waters across North America for some of the most extensive field testing a new bait has ever experienced. "Our pro team of fishermen found that game fish just can't resist Gulp!" said Prochnow. "Catch rates for Gulp! were better than live bait, better than plain plastic baits, better than the leading competitors' plastic baits."

"Fish can't resist Gulp! baits. They even outfish live bait," said Dr. Keith Jones, Director of Fish Research at Berkley. "Their look, shape and size is very natural. And like the real thing, anglers can rig these Gulp! baits one at a time or thread multiple baits on the hook."

Pro Endorsements

"Gulp! changes everything! I fish plastic trailers a lot. Gulp! puts hundreds of times more scent in the water, so you cover a larger zone with every cast. And on slow techniques, like pitching a jig, fish strike more aggressively." - Jay Yelas

"Fished head-to-head against live bait, I got just as many bites with Gulp! in active fish, and Gulp! actually outfished when the bite slowed down. And Gulp! is a lot more durable, so you don't have to re-bait as often. This stuff is incredible." -Al Lindner

I am as sold on the new Berkley Gulp! as Al is. Fish eat it. I've had days on the water where I have fished the new Gulp! alongside live bait and caught twice as many fish. That's twice as many. I like those numbers." - Gary Klein


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