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Trophy Advantage Scent and Hunting System Story

Manufacturer Spotlight

The Trophy AdvantageTM Scent and Hunting Systems are patent pending and the most powerful and effective Scent Systems ever developed. They are extremely potent synthetic urines which the hunter mixes with his own 2-6 day old fresh urine allowing the hunter to put out 16 ounces of scent mixture for about 1/8th of the cost. Putting this much scent into the air at one time is the key to sucessful hunting. They are very effective straight out of the bottle, but mixing them with human urine turns them into a SUPER LURE.

I live here in central Ohio. I have been bow hunting for about 30 years. Ten years ago I dedicated myself to strictly Trophy Bow hunting. Trophy Bow hunting to me is taking any deer that will score both Pope and Young and Buckeye Big Bucks, (140 class deer). For years I passed on 18" - 20" eight and nine pointers because I knew they wouldn't score high enough.

I take off at least a month a year to bow hunt in Coshocton county. There is no problem locating shooters in this area. It ranks about 5th in the state as far as trophy deer (140 class), but the problem was always getting close enough to get a shot at them with a bow. I would usually see 3-4 shooters a year chasing does but couldn't get a shot.

After years of scouting, locating, and hunting these trophy deer but ending up empty handed, last year,(2001), I decided to rethink my whole strategy on hunting these beautiful animals. This meant changing when, where and how I hunted these deer. I knew that the traditional methods were just not working for me. I knew I needed to be much more aggressive and go after them instead of waiting for them to come to me.

For years and years I had tried literally every scent system on the market and I had never had much reaction from the deer from any of them. If a deer was coming down a trail I was on anyway, and if I had some scent canisters out they might smell them in passing. I can't honestly say that any of the scents I used ever actually brought a deer in just because of the scent I had out. In 1995 I quit using any attractant scents altogether and just concentrated on scent elimination products only. I went this route for about 4 years.

In 1999, while walking through the hunting section of a local sporting goods store I saw a scent on the rack that I had never seen before. Picking up the plastic bottle and reading it I found that it was a synthetic buck urine. I had never tried anything synthetic and it made a lot of sense to me. Here was a product that was extremely strong smelling, never would get old sitting on a shelf, and would reactivate itself when it got rained upon. Because the synthetic scents did not contain any natural deer, parts, feces, or urine, they would not help promote any of the diseases that were currently attacking our deer population. Here was an eight-ounce bottle at the same price as 2 or 4 ounces of the natural lures. I gave it a shot. That was my first introduction to synthetic products. I can honestly say without a doubt I was finally witnessing deer reacting to a deer attractant that I had put out. I had more deer react to synthetic products in the following two years than I had with all the scents, lures and attractants combined I had used in the previous 28 years. So synthetic products were for me.

In 2001 I finally decided to go all out and radical. I had been urinating in scrapes for 30 years and getting a real kick out of the reactions of the bucks. They would completely destroy the scrape and most of the time, destroy saplings around the scrape. Hey what the heck! I had tried everything else so I decided to start storing up my own URINE, THATS RIGHT, MY OWN URINE. I saved up about a gallon, bought me a brand new bottle of synthetic dominant buck urine, did a little modifying with it and the rest just fell into place. I would age the urine for 2-6 days. I started placing my tree stands as close to bedding areas as I could, without being seen getting to them, and placed them so the prevailing winds would be blowing from my stand right into the bedding areas. When I would go hunting I would pour 15 ounces of my own aged urine into a plastic 16 ounce pop bottle, add 1/2 oz to 1 oz of the synthetic dominant buck urine I had modified, shook it up real good, and I went hunting.

I would only hunt the bedding area stands when the wind was blowing from my stand into them, and only in the early afternoons until the end of legal hunting hours. My theory was, let the big boys go in there and lay down then try to lure them out. When I would get to my stand I would pour all 16 oz of the scent mixture on deadfalls, let it run down the side of the trees, and poured it into any scrapes that were present crosswind to widen the scent path. If there weren't any scrapes I made mock scrapes and saturated them with the urine mixture. I also used a forehead gland scent for the licking branches. I also had to be very scent conscience due to the wind blowing my scent into the bedding area as well as the urine scent. I used HAWGS VANISHING HUNTER TM, without a doubt the best scent eliminator on the market today. Mix this system with some light rattling and soft grunting about every half hour to 45 minutes and I had created a deadly Mature Trophy Buck System.

The field-testing of my new scent system in 2001 was phenomenal. The first 5 times the scent system was used there were 5 deer shot with bow and arrow. Four of the bucks were retrieved. The first buck shot was an 8 pointer with approximately a 26 inch spread. It would have definately made a Buckeye Big Bucks and Pope and Young. Unfortunately this deer was never retrieved. 3 friends and myself looked for the deer for 3 days and couldn't find it. The following Monday, November the 5th I returned back to Coshocton for another week of hunting. I went back to the same stand, put the scent out again and 2 hours later I shot another monster. Fearing a rerun of the week before, I left the area after sitting in the stand for a hour and made no effort to track the deer that night. It was the right decision. The next morning, laying about 200 yards away from my stand, was a beautiful 12 pointer with a 22-inch spread, and a 34 1/2 inch neck. The deer field dressed at 230 pounds. What a hog. The 12 pointer grossed 162 5/8's netted 149 7/8's and made Pope and Young and Buckeye Big Bucks.

The very next day one of my buddies, Matt Lehnhart, who is one of my Staff Hunting Advisors, decided to give my scent mixture a try. Matt was hunting actually in a bedding area. The first time he used the scent he nailed a beautiful 20-inch wide 9 pointer netting 123 just missing Pope and Young. It had a broken brow tine or it would have been 2 Pope and Young deer in 2 days with the scent mixture.

Fifteen hunting buddies and myself lease 541 acres in Wood County, West Virginia from MEADVACO, a paper pulp company. It is a beautiful piece of ground. Being tagged out in Ohio, my brother and I decided to go to our Lease in West Virginia for seven days of bow hunting leading into the first three days of gun season. On November 17th I moved to an area on our lease I had never hunted before. I just located the thickest, roughest area I could find figuring it would make a good bedding area. I placed my stand about 20 yards from the thicket, making sure the wind would blow the scent into the thicket, poured 16 ounces of the urine mixture all around my stand crosswind to widen the scent path, and started with a little rattling and grunting.

Forty- five minutes later a small 6 point came out and crossed the road in front of me. Looking and smelling in my direction every step of the way. Ten minutes later another one came out, turned toward me with his ears pinned back, his head cocked back, and was coming right at me. He came right to the scent and stuck his nose on a deadfall where I had last poured the mixture. This deer watched me stand up, turn in my stand, draw back, and shoot him. He would not leave the scent. It was unbelievable. The results were a 20-inch wide 8 pointer A phenomenal deer for West Virginia. The deer netted 119 Pope and Young points, just missing Pope and Young by 6 inches. If it would have had decent eye guards it would have made me my second Pope and Young in 12 days using the TROPHY ADVANTAGE TM scent mixture and system.

The 4th deer taken was a basket rack nine pointer. It was taken by my friend Ben Rachel. Ben used the mixture for the first time pouring 16 ounces all around him and on a deadfall. Ben hunts with a cross bow here in Ohio and the deer came into the scent, looking right at Ben when he shot it. It smelled the deadfall and would not leave. Ben was a first year hunter, and this was his first deer. Just imagine what he might have gotten if he would have just held off for a while.

"On the first five hunts using the mixture, five deer shot with bows, and four out of the five were retrieved. Out of the four deer, three of those deer are on the wall. The four deer retrieved were mature whitetail bucks ranging in age from three and a half to four years old. How is that for a success rate? 100 percent shot opportunities the first five times the scent mixture was used".


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