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W.R. Case And Sons Cultery-For Those Who Think Mass Production Is A Four Letter Word

Manufacturer Spotlight

A machine can make a knife. It just can't make a Case knife. From assembly, to grinding the handles to feel true, to honing. each blade to razor sharpness, it takes the disconcerting eyes and careful hands of an American craftsmen to create each and every Case knife. That's why you can feel the quality of a Case knife in your hands. Because yours weren't the first to hold it.


Our goal is to go beyond your expectations with every knife we make. The Case name has always been synonymous with extraordinarily keen edges. Part of that reputation comes from careful heat treating at just the right temperature - a temperature determined from over a century of knifemaking. Another reason is that each and every Case blade is honed by hand. This extra step is performed with care by skillful and experienced American craftsmen.

But you can't hone a good blade out of a bad steel. That's why Case uses only premium quality steel, ordered and tested to fit our demanding specifications. These include:

Chrome Vanadium - a special formula of alloyed cutlery steel known for its user friendliness. A quick touch-up will bring back a chrome vanadium blade's original edge. This is the 'original Case steel' that we've used for years. (Tip: Extra care is needed with Chrome Vanadium. Keep a thin film of oil on the blade to maintain the finish of the steel)

Case Tru-Sharp surgical stainless steel - a special high-carbon stainless cutlery steel. Tru-Sarp surgical stainless steel blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel, offer extraordinary blade strength and resist corrosion.

The Finest Handle Material in the World One reason why the knife collectors - the people who know knives best - prefer Case knives is our use of natural handle materials, we often have to search the far corners of the globe. Our handle materials include:

Genuine Cattle Bone - imported from South America

Natural Hardwoods - hand-picked from all over the world for the proper density and texture

Genuine Mother-of-Pearl - removed from oyster shells and imported from the Far East

Polished Leather - genuine cowhide, handsome and rugged

Genuine Stag - naturally-shed antlers from the Indian Sambar deere, imported for the density and quality of the antlers. An embargo has made this impossible to obtain, but a few pieces still remain

High-impact Synthetics - made to our rigid specifications for maximum durability. A real value.

It's the knife your granddad carried all the time. The knife that was referred to simply as "A Case." The hand-crafted elegance of a Case has been the choice pocket cutlery of gentlemen since 1889. Just like they were in the beginning, W.R. Case & Sons' cutlery is made of premium quality steel, select brass, and superior nickel silver. Handles are of the finest materials in the world. Everything that goes into a Case knife is the very best. Especially the two most important components: craftsmanship and pride.

There are no shortcuts and no compromises ... there never has been. Making these flawless knives is a commitment and a matter of deep personal pride for each of the 125 master craftsmen whose skills and dedication go into every Case product.

A painstaking process of 160 steps starts with stamping, grinding, and heat treating chrome vanadium steel (the original Case steel) — or Case True-Sharp™ high-carbon stainless surgical steel — to a razor-sharp, easy-to-maintain edge.

Our latest patterns added to the Case line continue the tradition of building on our rich history and reintroducing patterns from our past. The Cheetah has been one of the our most collected knives. After more than 20 years, we are introducing the 2002 Cheetah. The Seahorse Whittler is also a knife with a long history for Case. The artistic curves lend a special look to this knife well-suited for heavy work duties. The Tuxedo has been a favorite gentleman's pocketknife since our earliest days. This diminutive pattern is again available in a selection of the finest handle materials any professional would be proud to carry. The tuxedo makes a fine groomsman or graduation gift.

Whether you're a busy professional who needs a convenient tool to open letters, boxes, or CDs, or an outdoors enthusiast in need of a hefty knife for canoeing, hiking, or hunting — there's a knife perfectly suited for you. The romance, the tradition, the quality of "A Case."

Natural bone, exotic Mother-of-Pearl, fine wood, or our rugged synthetic materials, are crafted into comfortable, perfectly balanced handles that are pinned — never glued — into place. Bolsters are welded for lifelong durability. Then bolsters are hand-shaped and pins hand-ground for a perfect flush fit and ideal feel.

The result is a knife with the dazzling beauty of fine jewelry and the functionality of a serious cutting tool. A knife whose maker's pride is evident in every detail, and a knife whose owner's pride will endure for generations ... it must be a Case!

Printed Catalogs are available from Case. Please send a check or money order for $5 to: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Owens Way, Bradford, PA 16701. Or, join the Case Collectors Club and receive a catalog free!

Case knives are available at the Bass Pro Shops. Click the link on the right to be taken directly to their site.


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