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Buck Stop Lure Company-First & Foremost in Scents-FAQ's

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Hunting scents, and big game scents, cover and food scents, accessories, dog breaking and training scents as well as a full line of trapping lures -- and we make them all. Buck Stop scents and lures are guaranteed the freshest, finest and most effective on the market. That's why for more than 40 years, hunters have asked for Buck Stop more than any other brand of hunting scents, lures and accessories.

Please visit the various departments of our website to view more information on our entire product line, place orders, and E-Mail us with questions, comments or to receive a copy of Buck Stop's full-color catalog!


We at Buck Stop are frequently asked how to use our scents for the best results. We have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions, then had our pro's answer that question and provide an added tip.

Q. When is the best time to use Mate-Triks Doe-In-Heat?

A. All of our research and testing shows that our estrus scents are the most effective the 2 weeks prior to the peak of the rut. During this chase phase the bucks are actively seeking any doe that are ready to breed. Brian Johansen, Field Staff Advisor

Q. How long do your scents last?

A. Depending on what type of scent or lure you use the time frame varies, our urine scents will last 4-6 hour per application. Our Time-Release scents will last 24-48 hours depending on the weather conditions. The Buck Stop food lures will last for 10-14 hours per application. Dan Phenix, General Manager

Q. If I have scent left over for last year, will it still be any good?

A. Yes, Buck Stop urine scents have a 2 year shelf life, food lures will store indefinitely. Dan Phenix, General Manager.

Q. What is the difference between Mate-Triks Doe-In-Heat and 200 Proof?

A. Both of these powerful estrus scents are collected from estrus whitetail does, however the 200 Proof is a superior grade collected during the very peak of the rut. Brian Johansen, Field Staff Advisor

Q. What is the best way to use your scents?

A. Food Lures like Apple, Acorn, are designed to be placed where a deer can detect them with out detecting you, place the lure exactly where you want the deer's nose to be. Such as the backside of a tree. Estrus Scents like 200 Proof are best used for laying scent trails leading to mock-scrapes, or in scrapes while rattling and using a grunt call. Hanging several film canisters around your stand is another favorite method. Buck Stop's Masking Scents are designed to be applied directly to the hunters clothing. Cover Scents like Red Fox, Pine, Earth should be applied around your stand 4-6 feet above ground to cover your scent. Buck Stop recommends that you only use Rack-Koon or Masking Scents at sitting height when hunting from a tree stand. Brian Johansen, Field Staff Advisor

Q. What is your best all-purpose scent?

A. We have 2 great all-purpose scents, Gland-U-Lure is non-estrus doe urine that can be used any time of the year. Supreme Buck urine is non-rutting buck urine collected from buck fawns and young 1 year old bucks. Dan Phenix, General Manager

Q. Where can I buy Buck Stop scents?

A. Buck Stop scents are available at most leading sporting goods stores, also Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. If you are unable to locate the scent you need at your local store, you may purchase them directly from this web site. We at Buck Stop recommend that you visit your local dealer first, they will know which hot scent is working in your area. Dan Phenix, General Manager

Buck Stop Lure Company
3600 Grow Road
PO Box 636
Stanton, MI
[email protected]


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