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Nissan Marine Expands Their Four-Stroke Lines For 2004

Press Release

Carrollton, TX - Nissan Marine is expanding their 4-stroke line for 2004 with two new lightweight and compact models: the new 8 and 9.8 hp 4-strokes. Both models are the lightest in their class at a mere 81.5 lbs! The new 8 hp and 9.8 hp 4-strokes are ideal for a variety of small to medium-sized boats such as inflatables, dinghies, sailboats, aluminum fishing boats and small pontoon boats. Their light weight also makes them ideal for use as a trolling motor in conjunction with a large horsepower single outboard. Both models come with a choice of 15", 20" shafts, and a 25" shaft is available for the 9.8.

Nissan Marine's new 8 and 9.8 hp 4-stroked are compact 2-cylinder, SOHC engines that have been manufactured to comply with US EPA 2006 & CARB 2008 (3-star rating) emission regulations. They offer outstanding performance, a smooth, quiet ride, and remarkable fuel efficiency. Initial tests show the 8 consuming .85 US gallons per hour at WOT, and the 9.8, 1.0 gph.

The new 8 and 9.8 hp 4-stroke outboards offer a quiet ride thanks to a high-capacity air silencer. A dynamically balanced crankshaft and newly designed upper rubber mounts greatly reduce vibration to ensure a smooth ride through the entire rpm range. A fast-idle choke system on the carburetor eliminates the need for difficult choking techniques and enables simplistic staring. The digital CD ignition system is designed for immediate starting in all sea and weather conditions. The CDI also helps with quicker throttle response and smoother trolling.

A larger splash plate also minimizes water splash, especially at higher speeds. In addition, the gear case is equipped with a trim tab to stabilize steering torque in all sea conditions while also helping to protect the engine from electrolysis and corrosion. There is recoil starting on both electric start and remote control models and an optional 12v, 6amp alternator is available as well.

The existing line includes a 30, 25, 18, 15, 9.9, 6, 5 and 4 hp 4-stroke outboards. All 2002 and later Nissan Marine 4-stroke models come with a 3-year limited warranty.

The Nissan 8 hp 4-Stroke

Looking for an outboard that gives you great speed while not weighing you or your boat down? Look no further. Nissan Marine offers the all-new 8 hp 4-stroke for the 2004 model year! This little outboard gives you all that you need and more! It weighs just a little over 80 lbs and demonstrates exceptional performance. It meets all of the regulations for the EPA and has a coveted 3-star CARB rating. This little number is fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, compact, and zippy on the water!

The 8 hp 4-stroke comes standard with start-in-gear protection, stainless steel water pump housing, and a thermostatically controlled cooling system. A few additional features include a digital CD ignition system for faster starts and smoother trolling, a trim tab on the gear case to stabilize steering torque for any running condition while also protecting the engine from corrosion and electrolysis, a fast idle choke system that eliminates the need for choking and creates simplistic starting.

Each motor comes standard with an aluminum propeller, a 3.1 gallon (12 liter) fuel tank, fuel hose and fittings, and a tool kit. And with a 3-year limited warranty to boot, the 8 hp 4-stroke is sure to make mariners happy for years to come!

The Nissan 9.8 hp 4-Stroke

At long last, the premiere of 4-stroke outboard portability is here! The 9.8 hp 4-stroke is now available for the 2004 model year.

This environmentally friendly outboard has all of the power that you need for any small craft while making sure that it does it's part to keep Mother Nature happy! The minimum weight is only 81.5 lbs, making sure that you have the utmost ease while transporting your outboard and giving you a fabulous horsepower-to-weight ratio!

Nissan Marine has added several new features, along with our standard features, for your furthered benefit. This outboard has a larger splash plate that minimizes potential water splash. The fast-idle choke system eliminates the need for difficult choking techniques and enables simplistic starting. A large capacity air silencer greatly reduces induction noise creating a nice, quiet ride on the water. The dynamically balanced crankshaft and upper rubber mounts greatly reduce vibration to ensure smooth running throughout the entire RPM range.

This outboard comes in a variety of configurations. We have both short 15" and long 20" shafts available, electric start and remote control models alike. We even have an ultra long 25" shaft for you sailboaters!

Each motor comes standard with an aluminum propeller, a 3.1 gallon (12 liter) fuel tank, fuel hose and fittings, and a tool kit. If you purchase a remote control model, we even provide the side mount control box at no extra charge! All 9.8 hp 4-strokes meet EPA regulations for 2006 and have a 3-Star CARB rating. And our 3-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind for your time spent boating. The 9.8 hp 4-stroke is a definite winner!

Nissan Outboard Motors are sold at E-Angler. Click the E-Angler Great Deals banner at the top left of the page to be taken directly to the E-Angler site.


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