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Stocker Wobbler An All Metal Trolling Rig Destined to Change the Sport of Game Fishing

Press Release

There’s an all-metal trolling rig, called The Stocker Wobbler, that may very well change the way America goes game fishing. We are told that once enhanced with real live or frozen baitfish, it is almost certain to wobble its way to a triumphal catch. The rig is designed for catching Salmon, Pike, Trout, Muskie, Striper or, for that matter, any other kind of game fish. According to Hans and Margot Kaempf, the owners of Stocker Wobbler USA, “Those game fish just can’t resist it”.

Hans loves to talk about fishing and how the aptly named Stocker Wobbler convinced several skeptical fishermen to use it on a regular basis. Just listen to this.

“About two decades ago I met up with a bunch of fishermen in Ontario, Canada. We were all after Pike and Walleye on Lake Esnagi. While I was baiting my trusty Wobbler, I detected several furtive smiles. The smiles ripened into good-natured laughter. From the sound of it, those seasoned anglers were thinking that a simple metal rig just wasn’t fancy or colorful enough to catch real game fish.

They didn’t realize that a Stocker Wobbler loaded with a baitfish was going to wobble irresistibly into the hearts and minds of every game fish that ever came near it. When they saw how many Pike and Walleye The Wobbler was able to catch, those suspicious anglers were sold on it, then and there. It also persuaded me, and my wife Margot, to start our present business distributing this deceptively simple but wonderfully effective trolling rig.”

Hans and Margot were both retired snowbirds in 1988 when they made the decision to go into the business of distributing these rigs. The Wobbler may be relatively new to the USA, but it is well known throughout Europe. As a matter of fact, they are still handcrafted by the same family that, way back in 1943, began producing them in Switzerland. Consequently, It is no surprise that Hans, originally Swiss and an avid fisherman himself, has been using this trolling rig for more than 35 years. During this time, he has developed a strong personal friendship with the manufacturing family. And this special relationship has reinforced his interest and knowledge in the sport of game fishing as well as in the use of The Stocker Wobbler.

Each rig is hand tooled to the highest standard and comes in an attractive see-through clamshell package allowing self-service bait and tackle shops to show the four different sizes to their best advantage. The rigs can be viewed on Hans’ site at as well as at www. CABELA’S is a top sports outfitter and distributor that since early 2001 has helped Hans and Margot to meet the growing demand for The Stocker Wobbler in America.

The Wobblers are made of a combination of first quality spring steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. The all-metal construction insures reliability during all trolling phases right through to the final contest between man and fish that Hans tells us invariably ends in a catch. The rigs are designed so the baitfish can easily be affixed. One simply lifts the metal point, slips it into the mouth of the bait, then slides it forward and the job is done. The interchangeable brass or plastic bill insures that the rig remains horizontal during trolling so that the bait moves and wobbles, as if it was naturally injured; and bending the bill forward or backward will vary the trolling depth.

As a point of interest, the first American to try the Stocker Wobbler was Rieger Lesiow. He was one of those skeptics that Hans met during his 1987 Canadian fishing trip. He caught a 20-pound Pike with the Stocker Wobbler. That was the biggest fish reeled in by anyone in the group. He has since become the CEO of Cello Foil Inc. but always has the time to read and respond to Emails from anyone who loves to fish. So feel free to contact Rieger at [email protected] to ask about his success with The Stocker Wobbler.

Although relatively new to this side of the Atlantic, The Stocker Wobbler is about to celebrate its 60th birthday in Europe. In the USA it is recognized by The Outfitter Association of America and has recently become a registered trademark. Hans Kaempf tells us that, in his view, its success is due to the fact that the attached bait has the look, scent and wobbling motion of the real thing. All orders are shipped on the day they are received. For more information, contact Margot or Hans any time by phone, fax or Email.


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