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The Technology behind Scent-Lok

Manufacturer-Website Spotlight

Why carbon?
Activated carbon is the most effective odor eliminating substance known to man. The American College Dictionary uses charcoal in their definition of the word adsorb: “to gather on a surface in a condensed layer, as when charcoal adsorbs gases (suck in)”. Militaries around the world use carbon in chemical warfare suits to protect soldiers. While these military suits are designed very different from a Scent-Lok hunting suit, their basic applications are the same. Carbon is also used in multitudes of filtration systems for filtering not only air but liquids as well. It should also be noted that Scent-Lok branded clothing use 100% coconut carbon, which is more porous and therefore more adsorbtive than charcoal.

The bonding process
In the Scent-Lok products the odor adsorbing linings are designed so that the human odors, gases, and moisture pass through the fabrics, make contact with the activated carbon, and are then expelled as “filtered” air. Once through the suit the air no longer contains human odor. The scientific name for this molecular attraction to carbon is called the VanDeraal’s bond.

How much carbon is enough? A very thin layer of activated carbon is all that is needed to adsorb the odors released on several hunts. Too much carbon is overkill and cuts down on the permeability and overall comfort of the garment. The ideal scenario is to have enough carbon for the suit to function as designed, but not so much that the suit is uncomfortable to wear during warm weather due to lack of airflow through the suit.

Scent-Lok spends a lot of time and money on research and development to assure that their odor adsorbing technology, along with comfort in the field, is the best in the industry.

How are odors released?
Temperature factor: It is common knowledge that heat makes molecules move more rapidly. Reactivation is only obtained by using a clothes dryer. Reactivation is achieved by placing the suit in a dryer for twenty to thirty minutes on a medium to high heat setting or according to the label instructions. The heat from the clothes dryer creates what is scientifically known as Brownian molecular motion, which causes the scent molecules to move rapidly. This movement breaks the molecules free from the surfaces of the activated carbon particles and interior pores of the carbon, and allow them to eventually exit out of the dryer vent.

When and how to wash: During warm weather when only a T-shirt is being worn as an undergarment and heavy perspiration is occurring, it is advised to wash your suit periodically. During cool weather when heavier undergarments or layers are worn, there is no need to wash the suit. Washing does not have anything to do with reactivation, but does get rid of unwanted body oils (caused by perspiration), blood, and dirt. Washing a Scent-Lok suit can be done 1-4 times per season without fear of losing carbon from the suit. The permanent ClimaFlex treatment, that is on all Scent-Lok branded suits made during and after 2001, aids in the extraction of unwanted body oils in high perspiration areas when washed. Use only non-scent liquid clothes wash or preferably carbon wash. Once a garment is washed per label instructions it should be put in the dryer on a no heat setting until dry. Once the garment is dry, follow the reactivation instructions. ClimaFlex treatment is also wicking agent, which adds to the overall comfort of the suit during warm weather.

Scent-Lok Testing
Our fabrics undergo thorough and extensive lab testing before ever entering the field. We continuously research existing products from the entire spectrum of scent-control options using state-of-the-art procedures.
We have established concrete standards that we know will guarantee success when used properly. Throughout our traditional field testing, we have found the minimum threshold needed to keep deer and other big game from detecting human scent. We’ve taken this minimum standard and engineered our fabrics to perform well above this standard in order to give hunters the most effective system. Our product testing ensures the most effective system for scent-eliminating performance for the life of the garment.
Customers are making a big financial investment in Scent-Lok. They are also investing their own time and effort to follow through on proper use and care of Scent-Lok. We want you to make sure that when they finally choose our product, they know that they will have no regrets and will experience consistently better success in the field.


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