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TrailMac Digital Game Camera. What Makes The TrailMAC™ Digital Exceptional?

Product/Website Spotlight

The design of our digital version incorporates a special power saving technology that ensures this unit can last out in the woods for three months. New For Summer of 2003 the TrailMAC Digital uses the New Olympus D390. The D390 adds a larger viewing screen and the new xD picture card for image storage.

How are we Different from our competitors? Unfortunately there are too many ways to list. However, the largest and probably most important difference is in the way our unit interfaces with the Olympus camera. All of our competition basically "tricks" their digital camera into staying in the "on" position constantly.

They do this by fooling the camera's software into thinking it took a picture (even though it didn't) simply so that Olympus' auto power off feature does not engage and turn off the camera. This is a poor design! Since Olympus designs the camera to power off after several minutes of not being used, every electronic component (integrated circuits, microprocessors, etc.) used within the digital camera, bases its specifications on this fact.

Because digital cameras are not designed to work that way, it may not be long before the camera burns out. Therefore, we've developed our own technology which operates the camera COMPLETELY within the specification of Olympus. Click the link and go to the Digital camera section How do we do it? That's simple, Once motion is detected, we turn on the camera, take a picture, then turn it back off. Exactly within Olympus' specifications! In fact, if you use our digital constantly for one year and take 1000 pictures in that year, the total "on time" of the camera is only 6 days. You don't have to be an electronic genius to see that our unit will far outlast any of our competitors!

Additional features such as a "Day Only" mode of operation is included to make the TrailMAC Digital more than just a game scouting camera, it can also be used as a spy camera to catch that trespasser on your property. Simply turn off the flash mode of the camera, set the motion sensor to "Day Only" mode, and its ready to patrol your property lines. Finally, because its digital, you'll be able to zoom into the high resolution photographs to create your own "Mug Shots" of the violators.

In addition, to taking excellent 2 Mega pixel still images, this camera will also take high resolution 8-12 second videos of game which trip the motion senor - and yes, the videos will be time and date stamped too! All images whether individual pictures or 8-12 second videos are viewable in the field without any additional accessories!

Included with your order is everything you need to get started! We even send you your first set of batteries for the Digital Camera! You'll also get USB cables and software for connection of the camera to your PC, one 16MB xD Card, and complete Instruction guide. Basically everything required to go into the woodline!

In addition, our product support will cover everything you need to know regarding additional ways to import pictures to your PC's, transfer hardware, and much more! directly through Trail Sense Engineering, LLC.

Check Out These Standard Features The very heart of the TrailMAC™ Digital is a passive infrared motion sensor. We designed it to be the simplest, feature packed, and most reliable sensor on the market.

Check out these features:
1. Three sensitivity settings which allow detection out to 60 feet.
2. Three month battery life with 8AA size batteries.
3. Seven time delay settings from 1 minute up to 2 hours (1,4,8,15,30,60 and 120 minutes).
4. One aiming test light.
5. An external switch which switches between the camera function and LED function to allow each to operate independently. In other words, no LED's to cover up!
6. Operates Day Only or 24 hours a day - Your Choice.
7. External activation switch for camera.
8. Weatherproof, impact resistant, and UV resistant polypropylene housing.
9. Olympus Digital camera with time and date showing with both movies and individual picture mode.
10. Special Flash Enhancer for great Nigh time Photography out to 30-Feet.
11. Proprietary theft prevention system.
12. 1-year parts and labor warranty.
13. Available only in REALTREE HARDWOODS® HD™ camouflage.
14. Steel Locking Bracket Available separately.
New Camera - New Features

Rear Viewing monitor nearly twice as large.
Camera utilizes new xD card as storage media. This card is no larger than a postage stamp!
Ability to magnify your images to 4X resolution in the field.
Video Out port for direct hook-up to TV/VCR.
Great new price - You will not find a better digital game camera -Anywhere!!
Trail Sense Engineering, LLC will offer a Full Money Back Guarantee with no restocking fee for 30 days if you are anyway dissatisfied with your purchase. We are that certain you will agree it is the best scouting device you will have ever used!


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