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Humminbird Smart Cast Wrist Mount Fish Finder - As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide.

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Just attach the Remote Sonar Sensor™ to your line and cast. Then watch as it wirelessly transmits real-time views of fish, bottom, and structure right to the convenient wrist mount display. The action is always easy to see, whether you're fishing or just scouting an area.

Plus, you can quickly switch from one fishing spot to the next since there's nothing to carry. It's time to see what you've been missing. Strap on a SMARTCAST wristmount display, and take your fishing where it's never gone before.

Impressive 75 ft. radius remote operating range.
• 100 ft. depth capability with ultra-wide 90 degree sonar beam
• Easy-to-see wristmount display
• One-touch menu navigation easily controls FishID, depth range, fish alarm, and sensitivity
• Lightweight, compact, and totally waterproof display
• Display uses a 2450CR replaceable battery
• Fully waterproof Remote Sonar Sensor typically lasts for 400 hours of in-the-water usage.
• Remote Sonar Sensor replacements available on this web site, at tackle dealers and outdoor retailers
• Wet Switch™ technology maximizes battery life by automatically shutting down when the Remote Sonar Sensor is out of water
• A/B Channel option allows use of two Remote Sonar Sensors in the same area at the same time. (Additional purchase required). Unit includes an "A" Sensor.
It's revolutionary. It's one-of-a-kind. It's SMARTCAST™. The go everywhere, fish anywhere wireless fishfinder.
SMARTCAST is the exciting new way to make fishing even more fun and the must-have companion on any outdoor excursion.
RF10 Mobile Station
RF20 Rod Mount
RF30 Wrist Mount
RF40 Remote Sonar Sensor
How SMARTCAST™ works:
• The Remote Sonar Sensor (RSS) attaches to a standard rod and reel.
• The angler casts the RSS into the water.
• The RSS transmits and receives a sonar signal.
• It wirelessly transmits the signals to the display unit.
• The images are displayed on the display unit like a conventional fishfinder.
With patent pending technologies, the SMARTCAST is the first of it's kind, revolutionizing a market that used to be just for boats.
The Smart Cast Fish Finder is available at the Bass Pro Shops for $89.99. Click the Bass Pro Shops banner ad on the right to be taken directly to their site.

Price as of 12/13/2003.


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