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LVE Custom Designs - Take Your Trophy With You !

Special Feature- Website Spotlight

Here’s a website I ran across a while back one night and finally got around to taking a good look at just the other day. They offer excellent decals of all sorts from standard wildlife to dog decals and more. What I liked most about them is their custom trophy designs. The custom trophy design program allows you to send them a picture of a buck and they will create an exact decal replica of it.

Included in the package are one 12 inch decal and two 6 inch decals. The decals can be applied to any smooth surface including truck windows. The Custom trophy design only costs $59.95 which is a bargain when compared to the price of a shoulder mount. Apply the decals to your truck and show the whole world your hunting success. Their website has pictures of some of the excellent work they’ve done including the Beatty Buck.

The following are some features from their website.

You say you didn't have the extra $bucks to mount that huge trophy buck or bull at harvest time, and you've regretted it ever since, no problem, we're going to give you another chance, plus save you a couple hundred green backs in the process. Start digging through your drawers or photo albums and simply send us a photo of your buck or bull at the time of harvest, even though you didn't have your trophy mounted. We'll bring that trophy animal back to life in decal form.

All you need to do is email a digital photo or snail mail a photo of your antlered trophy showing the best angle of your animal. We will draw a near replica of your trophy from your photo and turn it into a super detailed vinyl likeness that you will be proud to display. Photos of your mounted trophy, are the very best to work from considering you can choose to snap the shots that best reveal your buck or bulls antlers.

Have you ever harvested an antlered trophy that's too great to just leave in the house? Wouldn't you like to show the world what a super trophy you harvested without inviting the whole country over to your home for burgers and chips?

Well here's your chance. At LVE Custom Designs, LLC, we will take your antlered trophy and turn it into decal art that you can proudly display on your hunting rig, store front window, safe, gun case glass or just any smooth surface.

Sportsmen and women, keep in mind, these aren't standard buck or bull decals. These are decal images that are hand drawn to depict your trophy animals' likeness. Our art staff is lead by Wyoming artist, Mr. Kevin Hoover and myself.

If you appreciate unique art styles and would like your hunting rig to stand out from the rest, then these superb artistic decals are for you. Your rig will be all the talk around hunting camp with your one of kind trophy decals!As great as our standard decals are, they are only representatives of their species. We're offering you the chance to place a Buck or Bull decal on your hunting rig or place of choosing that is "unique" to you and you alone.

You were fortunate enough to harvest your great trophy animal, now you can really show it off. No one else in the world will have a Trophy decal just like yours.

You say which arm is this going to cost me? Well, a standard Deer or Antelope shoulder mount runs on the average of $250 to $400 through your taxidermist. A standard Elk shoulder mount can run from $500 to $700. You'll have some beautiful mounts for you and your close friends to admire as I do in my home, but you really want the whole world to see what you've harvested without running an open house display.

Our Personal Trophy Decal Pack, which includes one large 12" trophy decal and 2 standard size decals approximately 6" in size depending on the animal, can be yours for the Unique Trophy Decal Art price of $59.95 plus $5.95 shipping in continental U.S. only.

We will add your B & C or P & Y score to your Trophy Decal plus the harvest year, if desired!

We accept Visa, MC or Paypal. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery for your personal trophy decals!

What if after the purchase of my Trophy Decal package I decide that I would like additional trophy decals for my family and friends. No problem, your trophy decal image will remain on file with us.

You may order your additional trophy decals at a reduced price and we can custom size your decals to your specific needs.

We also have quantity pricing in case you display your buck in various shows. What better way to bring in revenue with your fantastic trophy animal than by selling personal trophy decals of your harvest?

My wife Vicki, our dedicated employees, and I at LVE Custom Designs, LLC produce a great detailed line of hunting decals which are available all across the country through our great Dealers and Distributors.

About LVE Custom Designs My wife & I come from the back woods of Kentucky; hunting has always been a way of life for our families. The hunting decals that we design are born out of all those years of experience in the woods & fields.

Our goal is to manufacture the very best decals on the market. We take great pains in creating very detailed designs by which hunters or animal lovers can express themselves.

We keep our prices lower than most because we believe in giving value for your hard earned dollars. We realize that in today's economy we all could use a little break.

Thank you for stopping by our site. We look forward to adding your name to our long list of satisfied customer's. Our Philosophy

"Produce a quality product for quality people and the rest will take care of itself."


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