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Cape Fear Rod Company Technical Bass Rods

Product Spotlight

Extreme Technology for an Extreme Game Tournament bass fishing is quickly becoming one of the country’s hottest outdoor sports and nobody knows this better than Cape Fear Rod Company. Saltwater fishing’s leading rod company is bringing its Hextek II™ technology to the tournament bass angler in a series designed to meet the specific needs of the demanding new generation of tournament bass anglers.

Cape Fear’s Technical Bass™ Series consists of 6 rods built to fit bass fishing like a glove. The rods capitalize on Cape Fear’s ability to tailor their technology to create actions not possible in tubular graphite and their knowledge of extreme fishing techniques.

Cape Fear’s patented hexagonal technology and their dedication to quality and the angler bring rave reviews from anglers. “Tournament bass anglers are even more technology conscious than most saltwater anglers,” Trask says. “We expect that they will be quick to pick up on our technology’s advantage and make it their own competitive advantage.”

Technical Bass™ Series Design and Hextek II™ Performance Unilateral fiber alignment with the industries highest fiber content per laminate makes Technical Bass™ the most sensitive rod that you will ever fish.

An engineered spine allows for accurate lure presentation and a virtual lockdown on tough, structure bound fish. Superior power-to-weight ratio. Blank-through handles keep fishermen on point and in touch with every twitch of the bait. The Hextek II™ Technology, which allows us to build lower-modulus graphite on the rod’s compression plane, truly brings graphite to life, finding that ideal compromise between power and flexibility.

The TB145-63C is a 6’3” casting rod that covers a wide range of bass fishing demands, from finesse flipping light jigs, to burning spinnerbaits and steady retrieves on stickbaits. **Fuji Alconite Guides**

The TB145-66C is a 6’6” multi-purpose casting rod, built to have plenty of casting range and still perform in tight places. This rod is a dynamite stick for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, spoons, tubes and do-nothings. **Fuji Hardloy Guides**

The TB145-66S is a 6’6” spinning rod is the perfect rod for a drop-shotting. This rod has a light, sensitive tip for twitching baits, as well as a Hextek’s strong backbone for lifting power. You will be amazed by the sensitivity and power of this drop shot rod. **Fuji Hardloy Guides**

The TB158-70C is a seven-foot Carolina Rig rod, with just the right action to work plastics through heavy cover and generate powerful hooksets. **Fuji Hardloy Guides**

The TB168-68C is a medium-heavy six-foot eight Crankbait rod that has plenty of crisp casting and hookset power without ever feeling to stiff. Deep-diving big-lippers, shallow running Shad Raps, and any spinner blades fit this rod comfortably. **Fuji Alconite Guides**

The TB174-70C is an Advanced Pitching and Flipping rod, designed for a bass fishing technique that calls for a stiff, accurate, powerful weapon. Pitching puts jigs in tight places without any racket, and our Advanced Pitching rod is famous for calling the big one out of her logjam. **Fuji Alconite Guides**

Hextek Technology

Cape Fear Rod Company has revolutionized the fishing rod industry with the most significant advancement in rod design and performance since graphite was introduced in the 1970s. In 1994, company president Raiford Trask discovered the Hextek™ technology while on a fishing trip to Australia. Intrigued with its possibilities, Trask purchased the rights to Hextek™ in 1995 and has been fine-tuning it ever since.

Our patented Hextek™ technology is a manufacturing process in which the rod is constructed of six T-shaped graphite elements that create a hexagonal rod with three interior I-beams. Unlike any other rod on the market, our rods offer unparalleled strength, performance, sensitivity and durability. Cape Fear rods enable anglers to feel bites like never before, yet still provide the butt strength and power to lift heavy fish. With its advanced applications, Cape Fear Rod Company's Hextek™ technology is quickly taking sport fishing to an entirely new frontier.


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