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Marryat Fly Reels

Product Spotlight

Angler Sport Group is proud to be the U.S. and Canadian distributor for Marryat. For over 20 years the Marryat Classic reel has proven itself as both beautiful and practical. We think the newer CMR is the best reel under $200.00 today! The latest in our growing line is the gorgeous Large Arbor reel. This reel brings new meaning to the word "smooth"! If you are looking for the world's most versatile vise ever... you found it! The MP-Vise does it all both on your bench or on the road. Enjoy browsing through our Marryat section and contact us with any questions you may have. Note: Please check the "Marryat dealers" box when searching for a dealer. If you need repair work or maintence done on your Marryat reel, please contact Bill Archuleta at

Marryat Classic Reel
The Marryat Classic Reel is an outstanding design that has proven itself over many years. Its smooth and powerful drag, lightweight, cold-forged body and rim control, all add up to make a reel that is indeed a classic. The Classic features quick-change spools and all models can be set for left or right-hand use with silent or audible operation. The Classic's unique combination of features make it the premier choice for trout, salmon and steelhead fishing. The five sizes of Classic reels can handle a multitude of fishing situations. Offered in gold, bronze, and black corrosion proof finishes.

Marryat CMR Reel
Built to Please. With its world-famous Marryat "disc-brake" system, the CMR lets you set exactly the amount of drag you want - from 0 to 25 ounces. "Quick-change" design lets you change spools and left/right hand retrieve with a mere flick of a finger. Exposed palming rims give added control. Choose between two modes of audible operation - click out/silent in, or completely silent. And the sealed drive cassette will never, ever, need maintenance. Built to Perform. We craft the CMR with the same machines and tolerances (.0003 ) used to manufacture Swiss watches. Every reel is made from the highest quality, bar-stock, aircraft aluminum, then anodized for durability. The CMR comes with a lifetime warranty. Built to Last. We not only make our reels for peak performance and minimum weight -we make them to endure. To make sure it would stand up to the most rigorous conditions, we put the CMR through a few rather demanding tests. First we pulled line off the reel at 8,210 RPM for 30 seconds straight -there was absolutely no wear visible on the shaft or the cassette. We left the cassette in saltwater for four days. We put it in river gravel and stirred 50 times. Then we did the same in lake sand. We left the cassette in the wet sand overnight, and stirred again. For good measure, we let it sit underwater for yet another night. After cleaning the cassette with a cloth and blowing it off with compressed air, we put in back in the reel - and it worked perfectly. Now that's durability! Priced to Sell. The best reel under $200.00 your customer can buy.

Marryat LAR Reel
The all new Large Arbor Reel from Marryat has the benefits of a large arbor design while keeping the lightweight and easy handling associated with classic style reels. Fast line wind-up and smooth drag-start inherent to large arbor designs are only part of the story. In addition, the body and spool have been trimmed of excess material to leave only the necessary structure of the reel for the lightest possible weight while maintaining strength. The Marryat Roller Clutch Brake System has been proven by over 2 decades of use in all conditions by fishermen around the globe. Already one of the smoothest, most adjustable and durable designs, this drag's positive qualities are amplified by the Large Arbor Reel design. The result is incredibly linear adjustments and minimum start-up resistance to allow you to fish fine tippets with confidence and still have big fish stopping power. The LAR adds a double housing around the drive mechanism for maximum protection of internal parts. The drag is easily reversible without tools or removal of any parts. The position of the reel's drive mechanism in the reel body places the center of gravity directly under the rod. The reel foot is slightly canted to align the center of gravity with the wrist and forearm. This feature considerably reduces fatigue. The drag is operated by an easily grasped knob that is streamlined in appearance but perfectly shaped to allow fine adjustments with no fiddling. Perfected design, incredibly smooth and linear drag, thoughtful ergonomics and a rugged, proven drive mechanism make the Marryat Large Arbor Reel the pinnacle of freshwater reel development.


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