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Stealth® DC Charging System On Clearance At The Bass Pro Shops

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The STEALTH DC is 6.5 * 6.25 * 1.875 (W, L, H), weight is slightly over 3.5lb, weather proof, with LED indication of operation. Its design utilizes the latest technology available. STEALTH DC itself is all solid state, very compact with robust base, which serves as heatsink for semiconductors and The mounting base. The charger is truly “SMART”. The unit is monitoring input and output simultaneously.

In every circuit (12/24/36 VDC) the charger has one common feature. The input of the charger is connected in parallel to the “cranking” battery! When the engine (outboard, inboard) is started, the voltage of the cranking battery goes momentarily down due to the current necessary for starting. After comeback, above 13VDC the STEALTH DC steps in control. First, it recognizes that there is power available on its input from the engine’s alternator. Simultaneously it is monitoring output (the charge condition of the trolling batteries). If these are under maximum charged level, whatever energy is available from the alternator is transferred to those until they are fully charged. Then the current flow is reduce to a float charge to maintain the trolling batteries “action ready”. A green light from fiber optic cable emits from the center of one terminal indicating that power is available to charger, the red light from the other terminal indicates that there is power available to the output. Neither of the lights indicate, that charger is charging! It is strictly an indication that input / output voltage is present.

The STEALTH DC is versatile in covering a wide area of applications. The double output can be set for 12/24/36 VDC circuits.

STEALTH DC will charge the following systems.
OPTION 1: Two (2) 12 volt DC batteries, output 20A max. (24VDC trolling system)
OPTION 2: Three (3) 12 volt DC batteries, output 13A max. (36VDC trolling system)
OPTION 3: Two (2) 12 volt DC batteries, output 30A max. (2 independent 12VDC systems with CG*)
OPTION 4: Four (4) 12 volt DC batteries, output 20A max. (2 independent 24VDC systems with CG*)
OPTION 5: Six (6) 12 volt DC batteries, output 13A max. (2 independent 36VDC systems with CG*) * (CG = Common Ground)
For trolling applications 24/36 VDC is possible use “cranking” battery in series with one (1) trolling battery for 24VDC system, with two (2) trolling batteries for 36VDC. However, we strongly advice monitoring device for cranking battery. Due to running of trolling motor, this battery can be depleted under level necessary for starting engine. Also, all devices on the boat, which are in direct contact with water or outboard/inboard engine, MUST be powered from cranking battery. The diagram for this circuit is in section “MANUAL”.

Charger is supplied with all cables, breakers, main switch, and mounting hardware necessary for installation in bass boat. All cables are approved for salt water (tinned copper) gauge #10, o-ring terminals on cables (charger side) are gold plated. Terminal nuts on charger are silicon-bronze for better resistance to oxidation.

This article is mainly about trolling systems, because our technical staff is familiar with fishing industry. However, the STEALTH 1 has endless application possibilities on RVs, houseboats, yachts or golf carts utilizing solar energy and/or energy from engine’s alternator. Whenever you need charge quickly, efficiently and safely multiple numbers of batteries, regardless of the system voltage, the STEALTH 1 is the answer.

Available at the Bass Pro Shops on clearance now. Regular price $279.99 Clearance price $129.88. Click the Bass Pro Shops banner ad on the right to be taken directly to their site.

Price as of 12/20/2003


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