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Princeton Tec® Redefines the Power of L.E.D. With Four New Releases

Press Release

TRENTON, NJ. – Princeton Tec, leading manufacturer of innovative lighting products, is taking L.E.D. technology to the next level. For 2004 they will release four new LED lighting products to be released in October, 2003. IMPACT XL - Undoubtedly the new Impact XL is the finest 4 AA cell L.E.D. light to hit the market. Weighing in at approximately 5 ounces and offering waterproof integrity to 100 meters, the Impact XL utilizes a (1) watt L.E.D.- one of the most powerful L.E.D. sources in the world.

The light output of the Impact XL is greater than competing 1 watt Xenon and Halogen bulbs- producing a whiter light and a truer white than many other L.E.D. lights on the market. The innovative rubber over molded grip ensures you’ll be able to hold the light even under the most demanding circumstances. With a bulb life rating of 10,000 hours, up to 70 hours of useful light and its rugged impact resistant design, the Impact XL is sure to be there when you need it.

MATRIX2 – In 2000 Princeton Tec revolutionized the headlamp market with the introduction of Matrix™; the first headlamp to utilize incandescent and L.E.D. technology. For 2003 the revolutionary waterproof Matrix2 bursts onto the market, combining the attributes of an L.E.D. and Halogen bulb into one amazing state of the art (1) watt L.E.D., the technology offers outputs equal to or greater than Halogen and Xenon bulbs. The Matrix2 utilizes a compact 2 AA cell front mounted battery design which eliminates the need for wires and a rear mounted battery pack. With its impact resistant design, this headlamp is guaranteed to work when called to duty. Go ahead and light up the night, the 10,000 hour rated (1) watt L.E.D. provides 15 hours of useful light on fresh alkaline batteries guaranteeing you’ll never be left in the dark.

YUKON HL (Hybrid LED) – The Yukon HL L.E.D. is first of its kind- an all L.E.D. hybrid headlamp. This unique headlamp, utilizes the advanced technology of a state of the art (1) watt L.E.D. and (3) high output five millimeter L.E.D.s. When you need extreme brightness and distance, just flip on the 1 watt L.E.D., and the Yukon HL will provide you with a light which rivals the high output typical to incandescent Halogen & Xenon bulbs. And, during those times when you require a longer burn time, with the press of a button you can quickly switch the light to the (3) L.E.D.s. These L.E.D. s are configured in a unique triangular design, which focuses the light in an even and smooth beam for close up applications. Compared to incandescent bulb headlamps, the 1 watt L.E.D. mode of Yukon HL is brighter and offers whiter light which does not become yellow as the batteries wear down. The Yukon HL has a 10,000 hour bulb life and burn times ranging from (44) hours of useful light from the 1 watt L.E.D., to (120) hours of useful light from the (3) five millimeter L.E.D.s. Combined with it’s impact resistant design, the Yukon HL posses unmatched versatility.

ECLIPSE2 - The most technically advanced personal multi task light on the market just got better with the addition of a clip that allows you to attach the light to a ball cap. As with the original Eclipse, don’t let its size fool you- this tiny Eclipse2 is jam-packed with big features! Powered by two lithium coin cells the high powered L.E.D. bulb burns up to 36 hours and has 5 electronic switch settings ranging from low, medium & high beam to fast & slow strobe. With its quick release detachable clip and hat clip option and a range of translucent colors to choose from, you’ll want one for every keychain, backpack, ball cap & book bag in the house!

Princeton Tec ( is recognized worldwide as an industry leader for personal lighting products. Founded in 1975 by Bill Stephens, the company was built on Stephen’s vision to make the sport of scuba diving safer. Princeton Tec started in the back room of a dive retail facility in Princeton, New Jersey, where they developed their first product- the Bottom Timer, a fully automatic underwater timing device. After their successful launch, Princeton Tec began to firmly position itself as an industry leader for underwater instrumentation. Today, Princeton Tec is a diverse global company, committed to developing products which will continue to set the benchmark of the personal lighting industry. Manufactured in the USA, Princeton Tec products offer waterproof integrity, a lifetime warranty, and the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry.


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