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S.O.B. Fishing Products Mini Me's !!

Product Spotlight

We are very excited about this new spinnerbait!!!!! You may have already seen a picture of one in an article written by Triton Mike and posted here on the BFHP. The picture you saw there is one of the favorites of Pro Guide and S.O.B. Fishing Products Pro Staff member Ryan Coleman ( and the man most responsible for the development of the “Mini-Me”

Over a year ago, Ryan asked me if I could build a “compact sized spinnerbait”. Ryan had it in his mind that he could up his catch ratio with a smaller sized spinnerbait if we could keep the weight in the 3/8 to ½ ounce area. We continually discussed this bait until I saw a head in a trade magazine that looked similar to what Ryan was talking about.

I purchased several of the heads, hung some blades on them and sent them to Ryan to be field tested. His response was ecstatic to say the least. For the past year, we have been sending these baits back and forth with different modifications until he and I were both satisfied we had accomplished what we wanted. This was followed by sending them to the other S.O.B. Pro Staffers for their suggestions. Everybody loved them !! Ryan has reported fantastic results on spotted bass for he and several of his clients as he has reported on the Lake Lanier, Georgia page of the “Fishing Reports” board on the BFHP. Look under Lake Lanier by Ryan C ( He also has had super results on the SMALLIES and reports that one of his BA Special colored “Mini-Me’s” (PG02) has caught upwards of 35 smallies before becoming too worn out to re-tune again !!! The word has gotten out around Ga, Ala and the Carolinas about the Mini Me and e-mail orders have been coming in daily !!!

The “Mini-Me” is basically a smaller version of our other spinnerbaits… it is built in the same wire-form configuration, but with a different shaped head than our regular spinnerbaits. This will be changed in the near future and we are also working on a ¾ oz. model !!! . We use the same High Quality components and we still HAND-BUILD, HAND-BALANCE & HAND-TUNE each and every one, just like our other great spinnerbaits. We also use the same “Triple Deep” finish with “Gambler’s Magic Dust” in the finish !!! In fact, you can order them in any color and blade combo that all of our other spinnerbaits come in except the Standard Series. Currently, all of the MINI-ME spinnerbaits are priced at $5.99 regardless of what Series combo you choose.

In the pictures below, the two baits on the far left show a comparison between a regular 1/2oz “Gambler’s” spinnerbait and an identically colored 1/2oz “Mini-Me” below it. The others are just some of the colors we have produced them in.

The Model Nos. for the spinnerbaits Ryan has been using with great success are the PG01(Blue Glimmer) and PG02 (Gold Glimmer). He uses them with painted to match blades or Nickel DblWillow blades with blue “Gambler’s Magic Dust” on the PG01, and DblWillow Gold blades with gold “Gambler’s Magic Dust” on the PG02. Both are a 1/2oz Dbl Willowleaf model. They currently come with a #3.5 size front blade and a #4 size for the rear blade on the Dbl Willow configuration. They come in 3/8oz and 1/2oz and the cost is $5.99 ea. They can also be ordered with a Colorado blade as the front blade and a Willowleaf at the rear (we call that a Tandem set-up) or a 'Thumper' style with one single Colorado or Willowleaf blade.

How to Order

Regretfully, I do not have these on my website yet, but you can order them via E-Mail in any color and blade combination you see on the PRO SERIES, PRO GLIMMER or CUSTOM SERIES pages of my website by selecting the number from the website and then sending me an e-mail with your selections enclosed. Start with the quantity of each and then add the weight with 'MM' (Upper Case) after the weight of the bait. Next, let me know what color you want…ie: PS01= White Shad, PG01 = Blue Glimmer, C05 = FireTiger and so forth.... To signify what blade configuration use 'DW' for Dbl Willow, 'TA' for Tandem and 'THw' for Thumper Willow and 'THc' for Thumper Colorado.

You can select any of the skirts shown on the Pro Series, Pro Glimmer or Custom Series pages simply by using the 'SK' number in the description of that particular spinnerbait.

Lastly...currently, the Mini-Me only comes in the 'R' bend line tie...I have plans to include the twisted loop in the very near future.

A typical order for some Mini-Me spinnerbaits should read.......
3) 3/8ozMM PS01 DWg SK00
2) 1/2ozMM PG02 DWp SK28
This would indicate to me that you wanted three, 3/8oz Mini-Me spinnerbaits in the PS01 (White Shad) color scheme with Dbl Willowleaf gold blades and an SK00 skirt and two, 1/2oz Mini-Me spinnerbaits in the BA Special (Gold Glimmer) with Dbl Willowleaf painted blades and an SK28 skirt. Please use the same format and just replace the color choices, etc with your selections.

Make sure to include your name, shipping address and a phone number I can reach you at...I will call you to confirm the order, answer any questions you may have and get your credit card info.

If you have any not hesitate to call me at (830)772-4333 or e-mail me your name and phone number and I'll call you.

Bill “Gambler” Dee
S.O.B. Fishing Products


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