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Humminbird Matrix Fish System- Introducing A Fishing System That Can Show You what A Fishfinder Can't

Product Spotlight

It's time to change the way you fish. Time to move beyond an ordinary fishfinder to technology so advanced we don't even call it a fishfinder, we call it a Fishing System. Introducing the Matrix™ Fishing System from Humminbird®. To create Matrix, we listened to you-the pro, the die-hard, the weekend angler. We asked what it would take to create the most advanced, most revolutionary fishfinder ever, then we went to work. You wanted something more than an ordinary fishfinder - you wanted new capabilities. So we made the entire system expandable and introduced accessories like the WeatherSense™ Fishing Condition Monitor and other plug and play options. You desired an easy way to find your fishing spots, so we made all Matrix units GPS capable. You wanted to see more from your sonar, so we developed DualBeam PLUS™ and QuadraBeam™ Side Structure Locating sonars with the highest degree of sensitivity. You longed for a better display, and we answered with larger, high-definition LCDs. You requested controls that were simple to use, so we designed an efficient X-Press™ Menu System. Built for the way you've always wanted to fish,the new Matrix Fishing System provides the most complete picture of your angling environment and offers totally new capabilities. So why settle for an ordinary fishfinder when you can have a Fishing System? Monitor Barometric Pressure from WeatherSense™

All Matrix Fishing Systems are ready to connect to WeatherSense™ Fishing Condition Monitor so you can adapt your tactics to changing weather that impacts fish. WeatherSense provides increasing or decreasing barometer trends on a full screen view (above left) or as a digital readout on your sonar screen if you choose. Plus, WeatherSense internal battery and smart monitoring system always logs the last 12 hours of the barometric pressure, so you'll start the day with an accurate, up-to-date trend information.

Pros know changing weather conditions impact fish behavior! It is a known fact that right before a major weather front, the barometer falls rapidly, causing most fish and game to become quite active, which generally enhances their feeding instincts. The opposite occurs behind the front. Fish turn dormant, often burying themselves into the densest cover. Catching fish under these conditions requires totally different techniques than under normal conditions. Anglers who understand these conditions will be the most successful.

DualBeam PLUS™ Provides Wider Coverage with Superior Bottom Definition

Select models in the Matrix Fishing System use a dual frequency 200/83kHz DualBeam PLUS sonar system with a wide 60 degree area of coverage. DualBeam PLUS is optimized to show the greatest bottom and structure definition using a narrow 20 degree beam, and show fish and structure from a wide 60 degree beam. Sonar from both beams is combined into one image on the display.

By combining the best characteristics from wide and narrow beams, DualBeam PLUS overcomes the limitations of single beam units that use only a wide or narrow beam. Wide single beam sonar units show great fish arches, but at the loss of good bottom and structure definition. Narrow single beam units show great bottom and structure definition, however do not have wide coverage or fish arching capability serious anglers desire. DualBeam PLUS combines the best of both systems.

DualBeam PLUS is ideal for a wide range of conditions - from shallow to very deep water in both fresh and salt water. The low frequency 83kHz sonar provides the capability to reach depths to 1200 feet, while the high frequency 200kHz provides the needed resolution for shallower depths.

QuadraBeam™ Side Structure Locating Sonar for Widest Coverage

The Matrix 35 uses QuadraBeam sonar with an extremely wide 90 degree area of coverage. QuadraBeam starts with two 45 degree 455kHz beams for a continuous 90 degrees of uninterrupted side to side coverage that reach depths to 160 feet. These Side Structure Locating beams reveal fish and structure to the left and right of your boat near the bottom.

For structure directly below your boat, Quadrabeam utilizes DualBeam PLUS technology with 20 degree 200kHz and 60 degree 83kHz downward looking beams. The DualBeamPLUS technology is optimized to show the greatest bottom definition with the narrow beam, and fish and structure over a wide area with the wide beam. DualBeamPLUS is ideal for a wide range of conditions - from shallow to very deep water in both fresh and saltwater. The low frequency 83kHz sonar provides the capability to reach depths to 1200 feet, while the high frequency 200kHz provides the needed resolution for shallower depths.

The MultiBeam View presents sonar information from both the left and right looking 455kHz beams and the 200kHz down looking beam in one view. The top portion of the display presents a historical log of sonar returns from the 200kHz down looking sonar. The bottom portion of the display presents a historical log of sonar returns from the 455kHz right and left looking sonar. New information appears at the top, and scrolls down the display. The sonar information from the side looking beams reveal bottom contour, structure and fish similar to the down looking beam, but the area covered is to the left and right of the area shown in the down looking portion so you actually see more of the bottom. The distance the side looking beams see is based on depth; on a flat bottom, you will see out a distance equal to the depth of the water detected in the down beam. Because QuadraBeam covers a wider area of the bottom with left, right and center beams, you'll know more about structure, fish location and bottom contour.

X-Press™ Menus Access the Most Important Controls with One Button

Pressing the MENU button on any Matrix Fishing System displays the X-Press™ Menu with the most frequently used adjustments - Sensitivity, Depth Range, Zoom Level and Chart Speed. Quick access to these features lets you spend time fishing, not searching through endless lists of menus.

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