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Winchester Super X 2

Product Spotlight

In a shootout featured in Front Sight magazine (Nov./Dec. 2001), the Winchester Super X2 fired five rounds in just over 1/2 of a second — .51 to be exact — making it the fastest shotgun in the world. While you may never need to pull the trigger that fast, you will certainly appreciate the other advantages of the award-winning Super X2 action.

The simple, gas-operated design reduces recoil for faster follow-up shots and more comfortable shooting. It’s reliable in all weather conditions, meaning a Super X2 will work when other guns won’t. All this, plus extreme load versatility — reliably firing from light to magnum loads — means the Super X2 never misses a beat. Versatility for the loads you shoot. 3 1/2" SX2 shotguns handle the full-range of factory field loads from 2 3/4" (1 1/8 oz.) field loads to massive 3 1/2" magnum loads. Plus you get the benefit of reduced recoil only possible with a gas-operated autoloader.

Super X2 shotguns feature an advanced, yet simple gas operation system to ensure reliability with any load, under any circumstance. A short, all-alloy receiver keeps weight to a minimum while maintaining exceptional balance. The back-bored barrel features the proven Invector-Plus™ choke system and is designed with a wide rib for better target acquisition. Both the 3" and 3 1/2" models are available with tough, weather-resistant composite stocks and forearms. All these features translate directly into the most rugged, most reliable autoloading shotguns available.

Building on the success of the Super X2 Greenhead, for 2003, we have added the rugged Dura-Touch™ armor coating finish to even more Super X2 shotguns. Dura-Touch is a unique surface treatment applied to the stock and forearm of the shotgun. When treated, the gun has a soft, almost velvety feel that is incredibly tactile without being sticky. With Dura-Touch, the grip and overall “feel” of the firearm is dramatically enhanced in all weather conditions and across a broad range of temperatures. Additionally, Dura-Touch is extremely durable to protect the finish of camo guns. Head down to your Winchester dealer and check out Dura-Touch for yourself and feel the difference it can make. Dura-Touch is on the new Super X2 Signature Red, Universal Hunter Turkey and Field models, NWTF Turkey, 3 1/2" Composite models (Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass™ and black versions), Practical MK II, 3 1/2" Greenhead and the Model 70 WSM in New Mossy Oak® Break-up™.

Muddy Swamps, iced-over lakes and dry, dusty deserts don’t seem like fun places. Game birds sure seem to enjoy them though. That means those are the locations you’re headed for and you need to take the best gear with you, gear you trust. And, arguably, the gun you choose to bring along is the most important decision you’ll make. Choose a Winchester Super X2. After all, they’re The Guns that Work. With a simple gas-operating system, you can count on a Super X2 to function wherever you hunt and, with extreme load versatility, you shoot the loads you want for the birds you’re after.

Thanks to the National Wild Turkey Foundation, the turkey population in the United States has grown dramatically. In our continued effort to support the NWTF, a portion of the proceeds of every “Team NWTF” Super X2 3 1/2" autoloader sold goes directly to the NWTF. Coincidentally, the “Team NWTF” models are the most popular Winchester turkey autoloaders ever. The foundation of the Super X2 is the proven gas-operated action designed for fast follow-up shots and to reduce recoil. The Super X2 also allows the freedom to shoot magnum hunting loads and light practice loads interchangeably. 24" ventilated rib barrels ensure that Super X2 turkey guns are lightning fast in heavy cover where turkey congregate. Three dot, TRUGLO® fiber optic sights get you on target fast in low light conditions. The Universal Hunter Turkey is the most versatile Super X2 ever with all the features necessary for practice, upland, waterfowl and turkey seasons.

Super X2’s are The Guns that Work, which means they are the perfect choice for competition shooting. Whether it’s sporting clays or three-gun practical competitions, shooting is a serious sporting event with a healthy financial and time investment from you. That’s why there is a reliable Super X2 designed for your specific need. The Super X2 Sporting Clays guns are specialized guns that are a natural progression into field-based shooting sports. SX2 Practical guns are the perfect choice for shooting competitions where hundredths of a second are the difference between victory and defeat.


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