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Winchester Model 94

Product Spotlight

Some changes move a product forward, some take it back. This year we’ve done both with the Winchester® Model 94. Look at a new 94 and you will see ... and you won’t. You will see the safety that has been relocated to the top tang. What you won’t see is the side receiver mounted safety from recent years ... Just the clean classic lines collectors love in the ‘94s of old. The appearance is the only thing we dare change in the Model 94. And that’s really something we are just changing back. That’s because some things should never change. The Winchester Model 94 is such a rifle.

Say the word “rifle” and chances are the first word out of a cowboy’s mouth will be “Winchester®.” These rifles are ready for cowboy or hunting action. Winchester was there when the West was still wild. Winchester was there when it was won. Through it all, Winchesters were the choice of cowboys across America because they worked. They’re still working just as hard today — for cowboy action shooting, just having fun at the range, or for the most serious deer hunting. This year “The Gun That Won the West®” can be your gun to win the match or bring home game. Shouldn’t you own a Winchester?

Look familiar? Of course it does. That's because The Model 94’s timeless design has made it a favorite among rifle enthusiasts for over a century. Why? Because it flat out works ... always has. It is also one of the most natural handling rifles you will find. The receiver is short so overall balance is centered between the hands. You can position your forward hand anywhere along the fore-end to achieve the ideal feel for you. The lever is placed well toward the rear (with no under-receiver protrusion), making one-handed carrying balanced and easy. There is no rifle that compares. There’s only one Winchester Model 94.
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