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Ocean Waves Sunglasses - "Necessity is the mother of invention"

Manufacturer Spotlight

Nobody really knows who first made that statement, but odds are he was a fisherman. Fishermen will do whatever it takes to catch fish and enjoy their sport. Kevin Carlson is a serious fisherman. He is also an expert in optics with more than 33 years experience. So when he could not find suitable sunglasses for himself and the buddies he fished with in Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, his solution was simple - invent the perfect pair of sunglasses.

He knew he wanted key features:
- Polarizes lenses providing accurate image colors, depth perception, and 100% U.V. protection.
- Frames perfectly balanced and durable enough to take the abuse of an avid angler while looking great.

Finally, a factory was found in Japan that was able to manufacture a lens to Kevin's demanding specifications. Prototypes were made and top professionals conducted extensive field tests.

Ocean Waves Sunglasses were born.

The invention originally designed to win fishing tournaments, has now been refined so that all outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy unbeatable visual acuity and eye protection. Our sunglasses are proudly worn by leading professional fishermen boaters, marksmen, racecar drivers, surfers, volleyball players, golfers, snow skiers, and jet skiers. When they need performance, Ocean Waves delivers.

Our Passion remains as it was in the beginning - use the latest technology and materials to build an unbeatable pair of sunglasses.

Why Should All Sunglasses Be Polarized?
Polarized sunglasses not only reduce the amount of light that reaches the eye but also eliminate glare and harmful U.V. light.


Polarization is like a chemical Venetian blind that rearranges light and eliminates vertical glare.

Our sunglasses are 100% polarized:

The degree of polarization can vary from 15% to 100%. We offer you the best polarization available on the market.

What are the benefits?

Wearing polarized sunglasses can make driving a boat or a car safer and improve outdoor performances.

Our sunglasses offer a 100% U.V. protection:

The unique construction of our lens blocks all the U.V. light up to 420 manometers. We offer you the best U.V. protection on the market.

What are the benefits?

Wearing Ocean Waves sunglasses with 100% U.V. protection can prevent eye fatigue and squinting which results in crow’s feet as well as headache and macular degeneration.

Lens Construction
The Ocean Waves laminated lens is an engineering masterpiece to offer you the best in eye comfort and protection and the clearest distortion-free lens you can find

Our mirrors are vacuum coated – with 12 separate coatings – to produce the utmost in consistency and distortion-free visual clarity.

We use the strongest adhesive available in the world.
Our anti-reflective coatings are state-of-the-art. Seven coatings of magnesium hexafluoride are thermally applied by a unique vacuum process to the inside of the lens to ensure absolute consistency. They absorb the “bounce-back” of glare and U.V. light.

Distortion-free glass lenses: highly scratch resistant.
Ocean Waves polarization film is the best available on the market.

We also apply coatings to the back of the lens, making them even more scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Lens Materials

Product I. D. B-270 Superwhite Crown Glass Product features:

Purest optical lens material,
Most uniform quality,
Best transmission of visual light
Refractive index: 1.523
Specific gravity: 2.6
Product features:
Light weight, Shatter resistant.
Use: Ideal for outdoor sports and recreation
Available in our Blades and Beta-Ti styles.

Lens Options
All Ocean Waves glass lenses have the same polarization and U.V. protection.
Mirrored lenses

Our mirrored lenses come in Offshore Blue, Backwater Green, and Crown Royal Luminator. The advantage of the mirror is to block more glare when the light is intense.

Offshore Blue: Gray Base with Blue Mirror Best for:
Specially designed for trolling deep water fishing, and boating. The dark base lets you clearly see the fishing lines and baits behind the boat. You can detect objects or fish on the top of the water, even when traveling at high speed.

The grey base filters more light than the amber, which makes it more comfortable for sensitive eyes.

Backwater Green: Amber Base with Green Mirror
Best for:
Ideal for flats fishing and any type of boating that requires seeing the coral heads and sand bars to keep you from running aground. The amber base brightens the view into the water and shadows. Preferred by many top-fishing guides to achieve maximum reduction of glare, not light.

Better contrast and definition for snow skiing and all outdoor activities. Our best driving lens.

Crown Royal Luminator: Yellow Base with Purple Mirror
Best for: Conceived for low light conditions such as early morning, late evenings, and cloudy days. Tested and approved by many professional sportsmen and the Crown Royal Fishing Team. Also, the Luminator lenses are considered the best for motorcycle riding and golf because the yellow base lets you see fine detail in all light conditions and can enhance performance.
Why Ocean Waves are the Best Sunglasses!

100% polarization: Best elimination of harsh glare.
100% UVA/UVB/UVC blockage: Up to 420 nm. Maximum blockage of blue and infrared light.
Finest optical-quality glass polarized lenses.
Unequaled optic: Truer color perception without distortion.
Superior scratch resistance: Mirrors encased between 2 glass lenses.
Optical quality frames.
Superior all day comfort. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the lenses and frames.

Available at the E-Angler. Click the Fishing Center banner ad on the top left to be taken directly to their site.


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